On the downside, however, there's no longer an option to record and upload audio files directly through the app. If you have any sounds stored in the app, you'll want to either upload them to SoundCloud or download them to your computer before installing the update. Meanwhile, the revamped app features a "one thumb" interface, which, as its name suggests, lets you control everything with just your thumb.
SoundCloud’s online streaming platform has been accessible from iOS devices for some time now, and earlier this year it got an update designed to get users to listen to more music. Today, it’s getting another update with the same goal in mind: playlist creation on iPhone, with the feature to follow on iPad next year. Just like on desktop, adding a song to a new or existing playlist is simple – just tap the + button and select which playlist in your Collection you want to use. Ben is European Editor of The Next Web with a focus on startups, gadgets and lifestyle tech. Songs can be streamed, scratched and stored as samples up to five seconds in length for use in a set.

Lead: Radiohead created a chatbot 15 years ago, but in recent months these conversing machines have roared back into life.
Music Ally reported on the launch of the Open Music Initiative earlier this year, but now the body has provided an update on its early progress. SoundCloud on Thursday rolled out a totally redesigned version of its iPhone app complete with a cleaner look and simpler controls that put the focus on listening. Instead, SoundCloud recommended that users download Retronym's free AudioCopy app to record and post audio from a mobile phone.
Any previously recorded sounds will no longer be available after installing the 3.0 update.
You can tap anywhere on the screen to play and pause, swipe to skip tracks, and slide along the waveform to explore a track and its artwork. Likes, playlists, and posts will show up right on your profile instead of being hidden away behind tabs. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a reporter for SC Magazine, covering everything related to hackers and computer security.

By default, created playlists are marked as private, but if you want them to be visible to friends, you can set them to public. Now a technology journalist with a specialism in mobile devices and a geeky love of mobile spectrum issues.
Cloud DJ is the work of developer Satoshi Takano, and has been released as a ?1.49 iPhone app. Angela has also written for The Northern Valley Suburbanite in New Jersey, The Dominion Post in West Virginia, and the Uniontown-Herald Standard in Pennsylvania.
It’s not going to change the world, but it is likely to encourage more repeat listening on SoundCloud.

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