Esta es una aplicacion nativa para BlackBerry 10 que le permite buscar aplicaciones de Google Play con a posibilidad de instalar, extraer y guardar los archivos apk para su instalacion en el dispositivo. Soporta descarga solo para aplicaciones y juegos gratis, velocidad de descarga, le permite instalarlo directamente en su dispositivo, cambio de tema oscuro o claro, buscar y actualizar. Usted puede ver el tamano de la aplicacion, ratings, descripcion, icono en pantalla completa, comprueba si es de pago o gratuito.
Much like discovering new apps, discovering new music to listen to can often be a hard task. No, you can't upload your own music yet or view or add comments but again, the developer is looking to add those things into the app eventually and for now, it remains a great way to listen to SoundCloud content on the go.

Se conecta con facebook, tiene una versiA?n Free por un aA±o y la cuenta premium sale 5$ al mes. Industria paraguaya, con mA?sica de todo tipo, muy buena opciA?n y sin necesidad de registro. Seguramente hay muchas opciones mA?s, estas son las que te sugiero hoy A?y vos que otras recomendA?s? Sure, there are a lot of services out there to help you like, Pandora, Rdio and much more but one of my personal favorites is SoundCloud. Despite the beta status of the app, it's fairly stable and has a few features built into it with many more on their way.

So, if your music collection is getting a little stale and you're tired of listening to the same songs over and over then give SoundNine a go. You get to discover artists you may never heard of and enjoy their music as they create it. Helps if you already have a SoundCloud account already as well as the Facebook login is kinda janky.

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