The past week has seen a host of popular iOS apps spread their wings to include Apple Watch support. Having seen some of the comments since the Apple Watch arrived, the consensus seems to be one of dismay that a separate pair of headphones must be purchased in order to listen to music.
In essence, it simply reduces the need for you to continue reaching into your pocket to change songs, operating as a remote. In June last year, the SoundCloud app was updated with a cleaner and simpler design for iPhone that features streamlined controls for playing, pausing, skipping, and exploring sounds on the go. Indeed, in the long run, it would be wise for SoundCloud to concentrate on offering an unadulterated listening experience especially given the increasingly competitive music streaming landscape, which has recently seen significant moves from Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio.

But perhaps no move is more highly anticipated than Apple’s rumored relaunch of Beats Music, which is expected to include a lower subscription fee, deep integration with iOS and iTunes, and analytics powered by Apple’s recently acquired Musicmetric tool.
See also: Rdio partners with Digicel, as the streaming music service expands to 85 countries, Tidal’s lossless hi-fi quality streaming music service arrives in more countries, and Don’t have CarPlay for audio? Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. The smartphone apps feature a brand new waveform design, and make it easier to post and view comments.
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