You called up one of the big server manufacturers (HP, IBM, Dell, etc.) and ordered a server. You could rent a server from a managed service provider (Savvis, Rackspace, Terremark, etc.). In the simplest sense, cloud computing is merely a refinement of the own-nothing model, with shorter timescales for resource rental, and greater flexibility for the customer as a result. On-demand self-service — Resources can be provided by the customer in a fully-automated fashion, without requiring human interaction at the service provider.
Resource pooling — The service provider is expected to construct the physical infrastructure such that all resources are located in one or more common pools.
Rapid elasticity — Users should be able to rapidly allocate and release capacity as required by applications. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) — These are high level applications delivered over the network as a complete service. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) — Platforms represent mid-level application functionality that can be used by programmers to build new applications.
Public cloud — Public clouds are owned and operated by large external providers and deliver service to all comers.
Most larger enterprises will create a hybrid cloud environment of some sort, with multiple public and private clouds, and possibly a community cloud thrown into the mix. But just as with those first tentative steps, we need to consider security in the initial planning phase– virtual-aware security should be tightly integrated into the next generation of data center technologies.
The true software defined data center is one in which all infrastructure elements have been virtualized. Modern data centers need new tools and platforms like VMware’s NSX, which abstracts networks from the networking hardware, doing for data center networks what ESX did for servers several years ago.
Cost and time savings: Automates what was once a manual configuration process, simplifying the networks and reducing to seconds the time taken to provision custom network topologies and enterprise-grade security services.
Scalability:  Uncoupled from underlying hardware, which limited scalability and mobility in the past.
Trend Micro is a longstanding partner of VMware with a remarkable history of joint development and innovation. Continuing this remarkable partnership, at VMworld 2014, we will demonstrate Deep Security integration with NSX, pushing our agentless security out across network and file-based security controls for NSX. Forthcoming capabilities include Deep Security integration through NSX Service Composer to streamline provisioning and deployment; automated workflows for real-time remediation and incident response, and optimized deployment of elastic workloads.
Don’t take our word for it though – come down to VMworld (visit us at booth #1505) and see first-hand how Trend Micro is teaming up with VMware to deliver and secure the 21st century software defined data center.
Raimund Genes (Chief Technology Officer)Is “Next Gen” patternless security really patternless? The modular architecture simplifies deployments of all sizes, standardizes high availability and load balancing, and improves cross-version interoperability. We have installed, configured, and supported all versions of Microsoft Exchange since the initial release.  We’ve upgraded and migrated from and to all versions and have the experience and expertise to help you get the most from Microsoft Exchange.

As a Microsoft Partner for more than 20 years, we are intimately familiar with Microsoft Exchange including migrations to Office 365.  We know the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
Click Here to Contact Us now!Free DownloadDownload your copy of Guide to Selecting an IT Consultant by Brian Lee, CTO & Principal Nerd. Submit the easy form below and we'll respond in less than 15 minutes during business hours! This example is created using ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software enhanced with Computer and Networks solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park. Usage of them is covered by Creative Commons “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives” License. When it arrived, you could either install it in your own data center or in colocation space that you had rented from somebody like Switch or Equinix.
The MSP would allocate you a server from their own internal stock, deploy it for you in their data center, and then turn over the keys for you to operate it. If you bought the equipment, you typically owned it through the full depreciation cycle of three to five years. In the middle, we have a wide variety of models where some things are owned and others not.
Generally, customers are not able to specify or even know the exact physical location of the resources that are assigned to them from the pool. Typically, they are built and operated by that organization as well, but that need not be the case. Each piece of a hybrid cloud can be owned and operated by a different entity with management software providing integration across the environment. Hybrid clouds are shown in the matrix, but they really are a mix of the various public, private, and community cloud types. Better still put this in an e-book (the part above already written) and the examples and I would buy this REGARDLESS OF THE PRICE!
No longer controlled primarily by hardware and devices, any configurations are now controlled by automated software solutions.
Well, it’s simply not capable of delivering the agility and resource efficiency modern organizations need to stay competitive. Also operates on any hypervisor, any network hardware and with any cloud management platform. Deep Security extends the micro-segmentation in NSX by ensuring security policies and capabilities follow each Virtual Machine. Fra le novita non manca una maggiore propensione verso le soluzioni di cloud computing e una mano ben tesa verso le macchine virtuali LinuxE’ passato appena un anno da quando Windows Server 2012 e stato lanciato da Microsoft con lo scopo di migliorare la facilita d’uso del noto sistema operativo per server, cercando di costruire un chiaro compromesso fra le necessita dei clienti che gestiscono i grandi datacenter e le piccole e medie imprese che si trovano a gestire in economia un numero ridottissimo di macchine. ConceptDraw PRO provides export of vector graphic multipage documents into multiple file formats: vector graphics (SVG, EMF, EPS), bitmap graphics (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), web documents (HTML, PDF), PowerPoint presentations (PPT), Adobe Flash (SWF). And most importantly, how can I use it to make my business more competitive and better serve my customers?
Then, just as if you had purchased it yourself, you had the responsibility of installing and configuring it in your data center or colo facility.

The line between the service provider responsibilities and your responsibilities was flexible. In practice, most providers offer some high-level location choices, such as a geographical region or data center (USA east coast vs.
The underlying physical reality prevents this (it still takes time to receive and configure new hardware), but with a large enough common resource pool serving numerous customers, the service can deliver this in practice for reasonable elastic requests. Enterprises will then deploy application workloads within a suitable cloud to create an optimized outcome.
Then server virtualization came along, effectively abstracting the servers from the hardware, and we’ve never looked back. With virtualization vendors like VMware leading the charge, that push towards greater agility, efficiency and cost savings is seriously accelerating.
Decades of piecemeal investment over the years has left many cobbled together from numerous disparate systems, with security gaps forming in between.
Major global players including AT&T, NTT, Rackspace, eBay and Paypal are already benefitting. This means a customer can run workloads with different security requirements right next to each other with no danger of an inter-VM attack. You gained some long-term flexibility when you leased the equipment, but you paid more in trade and you still had all the operations costs. Examples are Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Savvis, Terremark, and your VMware-based private cloud.
Management software will help match application workloads to the right clouds given optimization goals and risk and compliance restrictions. Now new virtualization technologies are appearing to transform other elements of the ICT infrastructure, including storage and networking, as we look to take that next leap forwards to the software defined data center (SDDC). L’obiettivo di questo corposo ammodernamento e di abbattere i confini fra i server locali e il cloud pubblico e privato, per costruire un’unica infrastruttura operativa. Typically, you wouldn’t lease equipment for less than a 3 month time horizon, and probably at least a year, otherwise the overhead cost of receiving, configuring, and then returning the equipment would be too high.
It’s time consuming, costly, error prone and completely inadequate considering the dynamic, agile nature of virtual environments. Finally, if you rented the server, you could get something with granular, monthly terms, but you were far more limited in the hardware choices and you couldn’t deploy it in your own data center.
The upside was you might be able to have it up and running in as few as 24 hours from the time you placed the order. Cosi, ad esempio, la replica tra server e diventata molto piu veloce ed e stata migliorata soprattutto sotto il punto di vista delle opzioni di disaster recovery.
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