Let’s explore the pros and cons of operating on a cloud data center and system for your small business.
Fortunately, research and data points to the growing use and need for mobile access to relevant business information for working professionals. There’s a huge need for enterprise mobile application development as business quickly recognize the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment and the substantial use of smartphones by working professionals.
Small business owners should recognize and start to follow the mobile trend by adapting their business to the average mobile user. This upgrade enables you to make calls over a solid, secured, and uninterrupted internet connection that’s able to handle your business workload.
When considering various major cloud providers, it’s essential to think about these key points.
Router: The Enterprise Router is basically a Layer-3 Network device that connects disparate networks.
IP Telephony Server: The IP Telephony Server provides the call control functions (voice switching) for the telephony operations in an enterprise network. Distribution Switches: Distribution Switches provide an aggregation layer for network switching. Wireless Access Points: The Wireless Access Points contain built-in radios which provide wireless signals for connecting certain network devices that has an in-built wireless adapter. Related Article: A basic Block Diagram of Active and Passive Components (Structured Cabling) used in a Local Area Network (LAN) with explanation. You can buy many computer networking products (switches, routers, wireless access points, cables, etc.) on Amazon, if you live in the US.
Quickly draw network topology diagrams, CISCO diagrams, data center diagrams and many other network diagrams with easy to use drag and drop interface. Share your network diagrams with your team mates and draw network diagrams together with our real time collaboration. CARFAX, the online vehicle tracking and valuation website, built its first database in 1984 based on technology named OpenVMS.
SOS can provide a fixed cost IT support or service level agreement tailored to meet your specific needs for a monthly fee. Frustrated with your current IT support provider sending someone new who has no idea about your network, costing you valuable time and money?
At SOS we know that our employees are one of our most important assets and we have an extremely high retention rate of staff. This means you will receive a consistently high level of service and efficient problem resolution from support staff that have a thorough understanding of your network. Not happy about doing another round of interviews to replace your internal IT support person? As a team we will always have someone available to support your network, no more worrying about annual leave or sick leave.
All of our agreements include monthly reporting and regular meetings to ensure you are aware of, not only the current state of your entire network, but also what’s in store for the future. Microsoft's cloud-based version of its productivity suite is a good for companies of all sizes. Microsoft's Office 365 has freed the company's iconic productivity suite and released it to the cloud, allowing for continuous updates and access from anywhere at anytime. Functioning on the cloud will revolutionize the way you operate your business and position you for success, especially against competitors that have or failed to grasp the new wave of technology. Functioning on a cloud system enables the average worker to gain ahold of any type of information from their mobile device.
Entrepreneurs can select a cloud system that’s adaptable to their business plan and it’s often flexible enough to grow with your expansive business plan. Finding a good VoIP proves very beneficial to operating a successful business with new technology.
The above diagram shows you the connectivity architecture of the major components that form an enterprise network.
The UTM Devices provide the following network security options: Firewall, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Content Filtering, URL Filtering, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Protection from Internet threats like Phishing etc. They generally also connect to the computer servers (ERP, Web Server, Mail Server, Database Server, Application Servers, etc). These appliances are mostly disk based and can be connected anywhere on the network (preferably to a core switch).
The distribution switches connect to both copper UTP cable network as well as optical fiber networks.
Have a look at the networking products available in Amazon from the following link – Computer Networking Products on Amazon (US).
With Creately's online network diagram software you can draw a simple network diagram to a complex network topology diagram without much effort. Which means you can simple drag and drop images from the web without having to download and import them first.
At the time, it was cutting edge for its ability to handle millions of records.But the company grew.
This can include regular onsite service, deployments, installations and even whole network upgrades for a flat monthly fee, no more budget blowouts.

Some organisations have found they only need our onsite support for two or three days a week after replacing a fulltime internal IT person. This allows you to accurately budget for IT expenditure and address potential issues before they occur. SOS is renowned for its professional technical experience, reliable services and first-class support.
Because it doesn't rely on compact discs installing applications on an end-user's device to upgrade or run on other devices, cloud-based software can iterate infinitely in a much more frictionless way than disc-based software of the past. Clients and customers want immediate important information regarding your services and data tracking improvements whenever they contact you.
The cloud allows employees that constant access that gives them the upper hand to finish projects after work hours or handle a customer or client concern immediately while out of the office. When combined with a good Cloud system, your business communication and customer service reaps the benefits. Instead of spending money on physical storage and IT support to manage everything, the Cloud does this for you.
Some Routers support additional modules for secure connectivity to other branches through VPN, Intrusion Prevention and Content Filtering etc. The core switch is in the center of an enterprise network and it also provides Inter-VLAN routing. Basically a wireless controller provides centralized authentication, encryption, network policies, radio frequency management, failover, load balancing, wireless intrusion scanning and other functionalities required for the wireless users across the network.
The distribution switches are connected to the core switch on one end and to the edge switches on the other.
Their job is just to collect these signals, convert them in to wired signals and send it over the LAN network for the wireless controller to interpret them and take appropriate action.
There are also network based accessories like network printers, MFP’s (Multi-Function Printers), Scanners etc. Shown above are some network diagram templates available to our users, including network topology diagram templates.
Creately easy sharing allows you to take your diagrams to the world while protecting the privacy of your diagrams.
We pride ourselves on utilising our extensive technical knowledge to constantly improve the level of service provided to our clients.
Microsoft put together an infographic showing how Office 365 can fit into the workflows of education, small business and the enterprise. Working professionals are constantly trying to work from home, on-the-go, or in any capacity that requires consistent access to business information.
With this new type of business interaction, employees can communicate and share information easily, instantly, and efficiently.
In order to be an efficient small business capable of handling growth, you also need to consider choosing Voice over Internet Protocol that creates more efficient business phone systems to receive and communicate with clients and customers.
As mentioned before, this data on the cloud is easily open for employees to view wherever they are located. Cloud systems are often very easy to use, even for technology deficient individuals, and they automatically backup important and sensitive data. They generally have a coverage range of 20-30 meters indoor and 80-100 meters outdoor and each device can connect to more than 15 wireless devices within their coverage area. Other than the templates we have a huge collection of network diagram objects in our libraries. We go beyond the traditional network diagram software and provide our users with an amazing drawing experience. The company needed a new database.For years the default enterprise databases have been based on SQL, a programming language that databases from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and many other companies predominantly use. If your business relies on physical storage that’s inaccessible except when in-office, then your business productivity and customer service suffers.
Remember that despite the innumerable benefits of operating on the Cloud, that your business information is being handled and protected in a remote location by another company. Creately network diagram software offers amazing flexibility to draw professional network diagrams. And don’t worry, the Cloud updates itself automatically to fight any possible security lapses or meltdowns. Despite that fact, running your business on the Cloud will certainly propel your business forward for growth and success, especially in the areas of customer service and enhanced work productivity. It doesn’t matter if you are a starter or a pro, you can make use of our resources to learn more about drawing network diagrams with Creately. Our current IT support system is definitely meeting our needs, and we would recommend SOS March 2016Medical Services, Newcastle NSWOur client manager is brilliant and very likeable. All your network diagrams will be applicable to real world scenarios with real-world rules applied. A column-based system would have required thousands of columns and tabs, but for any given vehicle maybe only a dozen of them would be populated. For an example you will not be able to make incorrect connections with the network devices.
NoSQL is a small but growing segment of the database market, according to 451 Researcha€™s Matt Aslett, who predicts it at about 2% of the size of the SQL market.

While nascent, ita€™s an important segment, especially for companies with big data needs that dona€™t fit well into traditional SQL databases.CARFAX is now running a 108-server deployment of MongoDB, one of the leading document NoSQL databases.
The new database processes five times as many records per second as CARFAXa€™s legacy system. Aslett says NoSQL databases are generally used for new projects and for handling data sets that can strain SQL systems. NoSQL databases have less rigid schemes, allowing more flexibility in how databases are created, used and managed. Theya€™re stable, proven and well-known amongst database administrators and theya€™re still very good at transactional data that many legacy systems heavily rely on. Having a database thata€™s more flexible, can be configured multiple different ways and changed on the fly (NoSQL systems shine at this) can be an advantage in these faster-paced development environments. Remote Desktop Services for SMBs HOMEWHO WE ARETESTIMONIALSBLOGINDUSTRIES CloseSERVICESMANAGED CLOUDMANAGED ITIT CONSULTING CloseGET IN TOUCH Blog Virtual Desktop vs.
Remote Desktop Services for SMBs Does your small business require secure remote network access for contractors, partners, satellite offices or remote employees? Remote Desktop Services, formerly known as terminal services, is a Microsoft thin client solution that comes with Windows 2008 R2. A virtual desktop is an interface in a virtualized environment hosted on a server rather than the local desktop. Centralized Backup: As the remote desktop is hosted on the server, the virtual desktop can easily be backed up and restored using snap-shots. 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager's product knowledge is unreal and he is very clever. Enhanced and Easy Deployment: With the capability to clone and create templates a virtual machines can be deployed in a few minutes. 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Maitland NSWOur Client Manager is knowledgeable and very patient with me. We serve small to medium sized businesses in Vancouver and Toronto with IT consulting, and business IT support. Our staff consists of professional certified technicians and engineers that strive to help you maximize your IT investment, while streamlining your business. Our clients benefit from having a trusted team of IT experts working for them full time at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.
Our specialists offer tech support and computer technical support to company's throughout Vancouver and Toronto. We feel we are receiving value for money with the great service and we go through our Client Manager for everything we need. We deal with our Client Manager for everything and he always offers a resolution for anything that comes up. August 2015Fire & Rescue Equipment Supplier, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is a fantastic representative for SOS!
The most important thing is response time and we are definitely getting a great response whenever we need it from him. August 2015Manufacturing Industry, Cardiff NSWOur Client Manager is great and very helpful. He fixes any issues straight away, has really good knowledge and calls out to see us regularly.
The monthly reports are great and we are receiving value for money, especially if something breaks down. August 2015Community Transport Provider, Northmead NSWOur Client Manager is excellent with his service, he is on the ball, listens to our needs and is quick to resolve any problems. SOS did a great job when we were expanding and needed additional equipment and the system works very well. May 2015Transport Industry, Heatherbrae NSWWe are very happy with the service and our Client Manager always responds quickly to any problems we might encounter; we wouldn't have anyone else! Our Client Manager makes sure we have the right equipment for our needs and he understands our requirements. May 2015Renewable Energy Industry, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is by far the best person we have worked with from SOS. We have total trust in our Client Manager to make sure we have everything we need for the business and we are receiving value for money from the service. April 2015Mechanical Contractor, Hunter Valley NSWOur Client Manager’s service and support is wonderful and he's slowly but surely teaching me some tricks. The system is great and everything works as it should.  SOS are one of the companies I have no issues with, I don't know what I'd do without you! February 2015Electrical Contractor, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is wonderful with his support, product knowledge and problem resolution skills.

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