If you choose to purchase Amazon Coins in the future you can save up to 10% off the purchase or apps and games as well.
This is an amazing offer because the 6-month plan is already 34% OFF the monthly rate of $29. If you want to see more photos and get some info about BarkBox, checkout our recent posts in the Mystery Box section of our blog.
If you don’t already have it, you better get to it.  They give points for free all the time and you use redeem them for prizes and gift cards!  You also can get codes on products for points which you are buying already most likely!
I mostly just click the emails and save the points up, however, there are other ways to earn points.
One time I signed up for DirectTV and received 5,000 points and that was a $25 gift card of my choice from redeemable MyPoints points. I received this email in 2012, but I have since earned more gift cards, including the Groupon (From above picture). CheckPoints is a fun app that you accumulate points for gift cards, which is basically like money right!?
If I’ve helped you in any way by discovering this website, I would appreciate a click through when you sign up for the site. Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and sign up, I will receive an affiliate credit. UPDATE JAN 2015 This company has collected all the data they needed so they have stopped and removed the app from the APP store.

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Today only, August 21st, Amazon is taking 50% off all Kids’ Character Must-Haves on their site!
They are rolling out a new program called Amazon Coins, and there is a very good chance that you received 500 FREE coins today, which is like $5 to spend on apps and games, as well as in-game purchases. Well, if you’ve been thinking about signing up, we’ve got an incredible deal for you!
Be sure you order by June 4th to take advantage of the deal AND to order in time for your dog to receive the June box! Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I have several things to make for a party and this is by far the easiest so I was wondering if I could make it like a week in advance and it still be good. I use all the 7 main ingredients, then also add flavor blasted goldfish, marshmallows, and Golden Grahams cereal; everyone who has tasted mine says they love the Golden Grahams in it! Short excerpts (less than 3 sentences) and one image may be used provided clear credit is given along with the appropriate link to the original page on this website. You can get Amazon Prime if you sign for Amazon Mom, or by signing up for the Amazon Student Program.

You can get Amazon Prime if you sign for Amazon Mom (It’s a FREE 30 day trial!), or by signing up for the Amazon Student Program. As a special bonus for our readers and fans, BarkBox is offering $15 OFF a 6-month plan when you use promo code 15OFF6 at checkout. You can customize a subscription for your dog based on their size and remember to use BarkBox Promo Code 15OFF6 to take $15 OFF a 6-Month plan!
Every time you go shopping to any store, you should receive a pop up for a survey on how your trip went.
You have to take the survey pretty quickly, within 6 hours, or it could no longer be available. The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete and is 99% of the time the same exact questions as the survey before. You can hide your location for 2 hours inside the app if you do not want to receive a survey. Their gift card redemption points are at the 500 ($5), 1,000 ($10), 15,000 ($15) and the 3,000 ($30) mark.

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