Add a stoneware crock to the center of your dining room table and fill it with fresh flowers. A wood crate with galvanized edges is a great way to not only organize a space but also to hide toys, DVD’s, and remote controls.
Place a galvanized tray in the center of a table or island and fill it with a few favorite dishes, a bouquet of flowers, or a fun collection to create a great centerpiece.
Drape a favorite throw or vintage quilt over a barnwood ladder in the family room or a bedroom.

Place metal barstools along the kitchen island for extra seating that can be wiped down with ease.
Get rid of dated light fixtures and incorporate hanging glass pendant lights into your decor.
Throw fresh flowers into a decorative glass jug and place it on the mantel for quick and easy decor. Get the latest DIY projects, unique crafts, and delicious recipes delivered straight to your inbox!

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