The company was started by their own seed capital of 400,000 INR at that time their store only sold books online.
Do you want a piece of the profit generated by promoting flipkart products on your website?
Your affiliate commissions will be credited to your online flipkart affiliate program account.You can receive payments by cheque or bank transfer, however you may alternately use the money in your online account to purchase products for yourself. Once you are signed in to the flipkart affiliate account you have multiple ways to en-cash commissions by promoting flipkart products on your blog or website. You can insert links of products or pages by using flipkart’s custom affiliate id provided in your account, as shown below by adding affiliate id you can create a link to any page you want, when ever a person clicks through the link they will be diverted to flipkart and when they purchase a product you earn your commission.
The affiliate link url is too large and adding your affiliate id at the end of the link may cause suspicion in some people, so you can mask the link by using tinyurl, This site helps you to create a small url which is different from the original link however, when the person clicks on it, they are diverted to the product page with your referral in it. Note: Do ensure that the tinyurl directs a person to the product page with your affiliate id in the link or else you will not be entitled for commission even if a person buys the product from your link.
Use this link to promote the book on your facebook wall and when your friends buy the book you make hard cash.
You can copy this code below and past it in the HTML coding area on your website or blog so that it will appear in your blog post. You can add links and banners available on flipkart’s affiliate program like the ones given below to promote products on your site. Additionally you can promote the daily offers which are optimally priced to earn you more commissions which entice the visitors to purchase products which fall under best buy deals.
2nd is do I have to generate the particular product link or particular section of product link will also work.
By using this link the visitor is directed to flipkart and any purchase made will earn you a commission. Yes it is possible to promote the flipkart affiliate program on social networks you may use facebook advertising or you can create a facebook page for flipkart.
Can you let me know if I can create any sub ids as I already have a affiliate id with them or Can I add a SID pixel and know which of my site links are giving me hits on flipkart.
Dear adisen412, It’s possible they are asking you for a cancelled cheque to get the IFSC code and account number of you bank account, to process Affiliate commissions, I had sent a scanned copy of a cheque to the affiliate manager at flipkart while opening my affiliate account. Can you advise, how and where to promote a blog or a website having Flipkart affiliate links using banner advertising and link advertising ?
I appreciate your ambition to add an additional income through affiliate marketing, there are different ways to set up your blog or website. Professional Website: You can invest money in web hosting and create a professional looking website like this. If the sequential order numbers of Myntra is anything to go by, the order id increased by over 1L  in the first 2 hours of the sale.
This entry was posted in e-commerce, marketing and tagged app, big billion day, brands, buzz, crash, discounts, end of reason, end of season, flipkart, jabong, load, marketing, myntra, offers, snapdeal on January 4, 2015 by mayank. Last year, around the same I time I posted a quick analysis of my spends across various e-comm sites. 35% of money I spent shopping online last year, was spent on buying Electronics (mostly mobiles) & related Accessories. 2) Online mega sales trigger my purchases (super surprised to find out, I ordered on Myntra this GOSF after a break of 1 year from last GOSF). 3) While I preferred purchasing on desktop (ease of selection, multiple tables, price comparison etc). 8) Newly caught trend of using wallets to pay on various sites to get discounts and cashbacks is a good incentive to use them. This entry was posted in business, customer service, e-commerce, health & wellness, marketing and tagged e-commerce, flipkart, india, jabong, mind, mobile, myntra, paytm, sale, shopping, wallet on January 3, 2015 by mayank. Just had this idea of checking and analyzing how much money I spent on various e-commerce sites and doing what. 1) Convenience very important but not more important than discounts. Moved my bill payments online. This entry was posted in analytics, e-commerce and tagged 2013, discounting, ecommerce, flipkart, indian, jabong, myntra, paytm, purchase-habits on December 31, 2013 by mayank. This entry was posted in design, start-up, usability, websites and tagged design, e-commerce, flipkart, india, registration, signup, snapdeal, usability, verification emails, workflow on April 27, 2013 by mayank.
In Sep 2012 Assocham together with Comscore came out with a report on the Indian ecommerce Scene.
This entry was posted in e-commerce and tagged amazon, assocham, comscore, ecommerce, flipkart, india, irctc, makemytrip, report, retail, travel on April 23, 2013 by mayank. Recently, India’s biggest online retailer (Flipkart) made their first move as a part of shift towards the marketplace set up.
To start with, Flipkart has on-board 50 sellers that will sell books, media, and consumer electronics.
Other Indian online retailers on scaled up marketplace model are Snapdeal(which recently raised $ 50 mn from ebay and others), Tradus, Infibeam and Shopclues. Based on one’s expertise and priorities there are various ways of building the e-commerce store set up. Customer Acquisition,Technology,Payment Processing and Customer Support are done by the e-commerce company. Here’s how various models are implemented in some of the biggest Indian e-commerce companies.
On doing some rough calculations based on the information available Flipkart, Infibeam, Snapdeal, Jabong, Bookadda and Homeshop together would be doing around 1,15,000 orders a day (Flipkart and Snapdeal contributing about 60-70 %). As per my guesstimate all independent smaller e-commerce websites and platform powered online shops selling long tail products would be doing not more than 5-10,000 orders a day.These numbers could be significantly different from the mark for all we know but based on these numbers before marketplace became the buzzword, top 5-6 established players were doing about 90,000-95,000 orders a day in total while the others in long tail were about 5-10% of their size. The sooner we get to see the above mentioned things rolling the faster we’ll get to the long tail moving online. This entry was posted in e-commerce, organisations, start-up, Strategy and tagged amazon, business, e-commerce, ebay, flipkart, funding, india, jabong, long tail, marketplace, snapdeal on April 11, 2013 by mayank.
This entry was posted in daily links and tagged competition, flipkart, jobs, sethgodin, startup, zenhabits on July 17, 2012 by mayank. This entry was posted in daily links and tagged Apple, doctors, flipkart, forbes, heealth, opportunity cost, retail, seth godin, woes on June 25, 2012 by mayank. There was a lot of speculation particularly for the last six months about Amazon’s entry to India.
For the uninitiated Junglee is like a Huge Brochure which lists  millions of products from thousands of vendors.
Just one book, also I am not sure why am I being shown featured jeans when I categorically chose books.
Junglee let’s online and offline retailers to list themselves and their catalogues for free and without any ongoing commission. What it means for suppliers (especially small time indies) is that they get a chance to  drive traffic and sales from Junglee’s visitors and will convert some customers to direct.

Within a span of months you’ll find dozens of people selling Pet Supplies and the likes on Junglee. To begin their tryst with India  Amazon is trying to be the front end(influencer) of the purchase funnel in stead of starting being a back end service provider. User Data: Millions of people could potentially sign up and start using Junglee to discover new products and vendors. Having said all of that, Junglee is an interesting piece in the Indian e-commerce puzzle and it will definitely have an impact on the existing market leaders. COD or Cash on Delivery as we now know it wasn’t no where near its popularity today a few years back.
While COD as a concept has been there for ages under the name VPP (Value Payable Post) by India Post. The value payable system is designed to meet the requirements of persons who wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt of the articles or of the bills or railway receipts relating to them, and also to meet the requirements of traders and others who wish to recover, through the agency of the Post Office the value of article supplied by them. Not just VPP, some courier companies in India have been supporting COD since March 2009 at least. Going by the stats in India, as much as 60% customers of top 5 e-commerce sites in India use the option of paying by cash on delivery (COD) and many of these sites have credited COD  for fueling their rapid growth. Delay in payment: Unlike credit card transactions, COD payment generally takes 1-2 weeks or more to be transferred to your account.
Delay in deliveries: On an average COD deliveries are delayed by 12-36 hours when compared to normal deliveries. With time as the e-commerce market in India matures, there *might* be more trust in established mechanisms of swiping cards for paying and some people will get over the liking for COD and prefer pre-payments. While COD is a good option to have in some cases its double edged sword which should be used with a lot of caution and foresight. This entry was posted in business, start-up and tagged brazil, business, cash on delivery, china, cod, courier, dialabook, e-commerce, flipkart, india, indiaplaza, infibeam, payments, russia, startups, vpp on December 18, 2011 by mayank. The first page that opens up on your app is the home screen where you’ll see the latest offers, the biggest deals, recommendations and popular products from various departments. Once you find a product you like, give yourself a chance to really make up your mind by seeing all the other similar products to make a smart purchase decision. Flipkart has recently introduced a new section on their site called Flipkart Offer Zone where daily you will get tons of products on sale. School Supplies – Buy 2 get extra 10% off, Buy 3 get extra 15% off on select items on your purchase.
In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us to ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism. In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism. Priyanka SahayFlipkart in addition to enabling sellers is extending the service to freelance wedding and party photographers who can also register with Flipkart as cataloguing partners.
Under the pan-India initiatives called Amazon Tatkal and Spotlist (for Flipkart), their representatives will engage with local businesses, register merchants on the spot, prepare product catalogues and give them basic training to operate on its platform.
He, however, declined to share any specific target in terms of number of merchants the company plans to rope in. Amazon has done pilots in two cities, Ambala and Jalandhar and was able to rope in hundreds of sellers on board. Flipkart on the other hand launched the service in November last year across five key metros—Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Last year, rival Snapdeal too launched a segment exclusively for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals called Shopo. Currently, a few other start-ups such as like Kraftly, Shopsity and Zakoopi also offer services ranging from either just product discovery to transactions for offline stores. Earlier this month, Amazon launched a seller lending programme in India to help small and medium businesses on get easy access to working capital.
Flipkart was started in Bangalore by Sachin and Binny Bansal, These two IIT graduates had prior work experience with amazon and adapted the amazon business model by tweaking it for the Indian consumer. Sensing the market potential they ventured out to include more products on their store, they brought in venture capital enabling the concept to not only sustain but thrive. Flipkart has been steadily growing over the years to become a phenomenal success with an online revenue of 5 billion INR in 2011-12 and at a present rate of selling 20 products each minute, the company projects to generate revenues of over 50 billion INR by 2015. Similar to the static banners, you can copy and past the HTML code on your website which will enable you to create links and buttons given below.
Thanks for stopping by, I work full time as an Engineer and in my spare time I am passionately building an internet income.
However, in order to promote affiliate links, one should have permission from the vendor of that affiliate link.
Alternately you can post blog links on your wall which will divert interested people to the blog post which has your affiliate links. However, I have created a screen video showing step-by-step procedure for creating banners and adding buttons links and static banners containing flipkart affiliate links. I have used affilorama for this website, their service provides complete training on affiliate marketing in addition to complete website solution. We recommend you download and use one of the following modern browser for a more enjoyable and secure web experience.
While last year I spend considerable chunk of money (spent online) buying books, this year books formed a very small piece.
So here’s a quick post sharing the same with the hope that it might be of interest of people running various e-commerce sites or thinking of doing so in future.
Neither did I. Since I am not quite comfortable signing up with Social Logins I chose to create an account. In the context of this discussion, an e-commerce website instead of sourcing and fulfilling the orders just manages the listing of products and passes on the order details to the sellers who then handles them. For eg: while someone will prefer to control the last mile delivery experience, someone would rather let logistics companies take care of that. With the Govt of India dillydallying around the FDI regulations for e-commerce, apparently Marketplace is the only way to get external funding needed to sustain the business. Amazon as countless sources have shared, already have development centers in India and had started looking for talent for their fulfillment capabilities.
Over a period of time as in an online marketplace set up their ratings and reviews will determine how they fare in the long run. Most Indians from what I understand would give an arm(or probably) a leg to switch to another cheaper vendor especially if it has Made in America tag on it. Today quite a few people (who call us at dialabook and otherwise) know and talk about Cash upon Delivery as a concept (books milne ke baad paise de sakte hain?) if not the exact term.
Fast forward it to today and almost all e-commerce sites(and a few others like the one below) accept(or rather promote) COD to lure more customers. While COD for obvious reasons makes a lot of sense for Indian customers and definitely opens a new market (students etc) to e-commerce it isn’t exactly what the doc prescribed or should prescribe.

The reasons for the same are mostly non-availability of customer or cash and many a times both. Small startups are the ones that should be really concerned about these issues instead of blindly aping others and starting COD. If you have an Android phone, use the Google Play Store, if you have an Apple use the IOS App Store and if you have a Windows phone access the Windows Phone Store.
You can use your email or your Facebook registration for this purpose so that all your information goes to the right place. Scroll down and see sections like Offer Zone (which gives you the best discounts), Deals of the Day (discounts valid only for 24 hours) and others like Fashion and Lifestyle, Home & Furniture, One Stop Auto Shop, etc.
That’s the menu with all the sections loaded in case you want to browse by section such as Laptops, Small Home Appliances, Wearable Smart Devices, Personal Care Appliances etc. All you need to do is tap the cart icon that saves your choice in the cart until you’re done browsing. It takes only two minutes to familiarize yourself with this intuitive shopping app, and with the amount of benefits it offers, it’s totally worth it. This ongoing Diwali sale at flipkart will start from 15th October 2013 and will go live till 19th Otctober. From our end, we will aim to show clean and unobtrusive ads to provide you with a great browsing experience. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. So far, over 1,000 sellers across categories have availed of this service and close to 10,000 products have been catalogued, claimed the company. It is a commission-free shopping app offering products from merchants who want to sell stuff online on small-scale and unorganized retail stores. The initiative was launched in partnership with Mumbai-based non-banking financial company, Capital First Ltd. Click on the register button and provide details of yourself and your website requested in the sign up page. Once that happens the customers will make the switch to Amazon (in place of a retailer they found a few months back) with the blink of an eye. It will be helpful in finding alternative vendors for particular categories and helpful in finding product categories that have been literally out of the online sphere, stuff like Pet Supplies.
Download the Flipkart app directly from your phone—it takes less than a minute—and you’ve crossed the first line.
This will not only help you when you’re making a purchase, so your delivery details are already listed, but also helps the app remember what you’re looking for, identify your areas of interest and give you personalized suggestions.
When you come to section like this, scroll right on your smartphone screen and see a panel of products. When you want to make the payment and check out, just tap the cart icon on the top right and you’ll be taken to the billing page.
Already promotion of this sale is in full swing and you can see this from the recent television commercial of Flipkart ( see below Flipkart Diwali sale – TV ad).
This initiative will help sellers overcome these constraints, get them on board and start selling on the Amazon platform,” said Gopal Pillai, director and general manager, seller services, Amazon India. The programme will also introduce sellers to the specialised seller services offered by Amazon, including Easy Ship, Fulfilment by Amazon as well as Global Selling. It is better to checkout the terms and conditions of the vendor before advertising the affiliate link on google. So can I put generated link in my post so people will click and will go the product directly ..
Amazon however displays their products and collects the payment from customers (Think Ebay). Tap it and you’ll see a way to Track your Order, access the Help Centre and other useful functions. You can browse through products using filters to specify style, colour, size, brand and more. Still it is not clear what kind of discount Flipkart will offer on this diwali season but expert predicts that they are planning to give upto 50% off on most of their electronic products. But you gotta be very careful when you do it, because it can eat up your money if you are not prepared well for the right product and the right keyword. Most apps are built with intuitive design in mind, meant to be as easy and convenient for you as possible.
Don’t worry; just send a missed call to 1800-266-1001 and receive an SMS with the download link!
Click on it and you’ll see the product description, seller rating, reviews, price and more. The bell shaped icon notifies you with relevant offers, price drops or updates regarding your order while the magnifying glass helps you search for products.
You can also sort the products by relevance, price range and popularity, which make it a lot easier to hone in on the perfect product. Once you do that, you’ll be asked to log in if you haven’t already, and then be asked for your delivery address, where you can choose from your saved addresses or create a new address. Get notified for all the limited period Offers & Free products just by subscribing to our notification service.
However you can use facebook and google plus to build a fan base for promoting your website.
The Flipkart mobile app is designed to optimize your experience. Not only does it allow you to browse an expansive selection of products, it also helps you zone in on that perfect thing you’ve always wanted. Click on it and you can type your query, use the voice function, take a picture of a bar code or even use Image Search to find your heart’s desire.
Now you’ll be taken to the payment page where you can choose to pay by Cash on Delivery, debit or credit card, netbanking or even RuPay.
From special app-only discounts to features like Ping and Image Search, there’s a lot to discover. Simply tap the arrow on the top left corner of your app and you’ll be back to the home screen. Make sure you check the user reviews, seller ratings and read the description before making your final decision.
Choose whichever payment option you like; you can even choose to store your card details on the secure payment page so that you can shop safely on the go. You can also type in what you’re looking for in the ‘What’s your wish today?’ section on the top of the app, which will give you numerous choices of your chosen product.

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