Playlist-Creator Lite turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a quick and easy music organizer. You have a lot of good songs on your device and of course, you can sync if you have your computer at Grandma's, which of course, you don't. Playlist-Creator has a user-friendly interface that makes list compilation so quick and easy that you'll wonder how you managed your music without it. The clickable control pad on the front of iPod shuffle makes it easy to control your music.

Press the VoiceOver button and iPod shuffle speaks the song title, playlist or artist name, or battery status. The f38 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones by Incipio are a new standard in the world of high fidelity audio. You can now compile all your favorite songs into playlists with only a few taps and without an internet connection.
It lets you name and rename a new playlist, you can add songs to playlists and change the order of songs as often as you like.

You can even delete songs or entire playlists, which is fantastic if you tire of one or your tastes change.

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