Another reason why you’d want to delete an old iPhone backup from iCloud is if you know it contains a corrupted file. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving a note in the comment section below. This works, how ever, I belive and I’ve only seen it show the last back up as in one made since a big change. Some people might not know how to do the backup thing especially if they are visually impaired like myself. That’s a great guide if you want to delete an iCloud backup, but make sure you have an iTunes backup at hand for restoring, you never know when you might need it! Press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time for 10 seconds or until the device turns off, after that let go of the home button and keep hold of the power button until it turns on and you see the apple logo. I can not delete the data in iCloud it show the message like below then i try to turn off and delete it from my PC it still impossible please help thanks! This backup cannot be deleted because it is being used to restore another device, or a backup is currently in progress. What do you do if the phone tells you that by removing iClod (not a typo) you wil be also removing all your photos.. I deleted my iCloud account and everything, but all the music is still there with a cloud next to it for download?
A tech at the iPhone store deleted an old backup because I needed more storage (even though I had bought more) an all my appts that were created on the old phone (4) were wiped out of my calendar. Hi, i wan’t to ask when you delete a backup from icloud then you delete the account, do you delete it permanently or not ? This is great information but what I have been unsuccessfully trying to find out is if you agree to delete *AND TURN OFF* your account – how do you then turn it back on?
I have done these step both on my laptop and on my iphone but all i get is can not delete at this time …Try again or cancel .
You probably heard by now about the nude celebrity photos circulating the internet, with the hacker allegedly responsible saying he got the photos from Apple’s iCloud. When it comes to photos, iCloud is notoriously hard to use and you may not even know you’ve got pictures stored on it.
So here are step-by-step directions on how to tell if your photos are on iCloud, how to delete photos, and then how to check to make sure they are really deleted.
If you have more than one photo you want to delete from iCloud, click on Select, then on all the photos you want to delete.
To check if the photos are really gone, fire up another Apple device and look at your Photo Stream in your Photos app.
If the photo is still there, or if you find other naked selfies you want gone, you can delete them from iCloud via iPhoto, too.
Well this, obviously, requires access to the password associated with that Apple ID of the device.

Further details and step-by-step guide to delete the iCloud account without password can be found below.
Greetings friends, I slide the {Find My iPhone) button to the left while I pressed the (Delete Account) option, but always, ask me for the password.
I recently had my iPhone replaced due to a sticky power button but had a few problems when restoring from my iCloud backup. The second problem was a little more fiddly, and I still don’t really understand what the problem is.
The result was that my apps would start downloading and as soon as the progress bar filled, the app icons would flash white and the app would disappear.
Some data was not restored, for instance, apps that were removed from the App Store for legal reasons. I tried the suggested, syncing the iTunes, but that just gave me a new copy of the apps with all my app data missing. Thanks great tip, I had to replace my iPhone 5 (volume up broke) and the iCloud restore gave me the incomplete error.
To delete photos from your iCloud stream, you can choose among two different methods, depending on whether you want to delete all the content of your stream or just individual items contained in it. The first method will let you delete all your photos by resetting your whole iCloud stream. Be aware that, even if you reset your stream, photos stored in your device will not be deleted as well, unless you turn the Photo Stream option off from Settings in your device (Settings->iCloud->Photo Stream). You can both delete individual photos or multiple photos at the same time from your iCloud stream.
As you can see, this works exactly in the same manner as with deleting photos from your iPhone albums that we described in depth in a previous post. You no longer need a desktop machine to manage your data as everything can be done directly from the device.
Even if the first 5GB are free, you probably will go over this allocated storage, especially if you have several iOS devices, and you will be required to pay a monthly fee for increased storage. You will now see all your latest backups for all your devices that are connected to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
How then can you show older back ups let’s say from ewhen I first got my phone last year.
I am doing this to try and recover some lost notes, but i accidentally backed my iphone up again. However, now when I try to backup my iphone it says I have too little storage and need to purchase more.
Because i am trying to delete my account and make a fresh Backup but i get always the old one specialy with my notes app it doss not back it up at all,and it is turn on.
I removded my phone from icloud backup; however, how do I remove the contacts from her device?

I am doing it for more space, so I want to be sure I can still use iCloud easily on my phone after. Notice how there are fewer photos in my Camera Roll (155 photos) than in my Photo Stream (169)? Now tap on the Delete Account it will ask you to delete the iCloud account again twice, tap on Delete each time. I managed to solve them all so I thought it might help a few others if I described my findings here. Wait a few minutes and then attempt the restore again while connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Note that this second method was added more recently and thus it is only available to those users that have updated their iOS to version 5.1 or later.
But how do I create an album that is not the camera roll or the photo stream on the iPhone?
As you can see on the image below, it is taking a big chunk of my iCloud storage, with a size of 6.7 GB. I sign in to icloud site try to manage from there but you don’t have many choice, can some one help with that? In the end only about half of my apps were restored – the rest appeared to be deleted.
If the data that was not restored also exists in your iTunes library, you can sync it back to your iOS device via USB cable sync as a work around. Once the homescreen appeared again, I immediately tapped on one of the apps that previously failed to restore. If what you want is just to delete specific items, there is another route you can take that allows to choose which images in the stream to delete while keeping all the rest. Problem is nothing is happening when I press any button or icon and this display is on the main screen since yesterday. To prevent this make sure you have a passcode on your device, something like this could be done to your device in matter of 5 minutes by anyone.
I am a certified MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) with over 10 years of experience.
I love to address tech issues, and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone. Once the first app had succeeded all the other apps followed without me needing to tap on them individually.

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