Step 3: Upon tapping, the device will show you whether you are logged in with an iCloud account or not. Step 4: The first screen in the account creation process would ask you for your birth date.
Step 6: The next screen would show you whether you want to use your existing email address for iCloud, or you want a new email address.
Conclusion: Following the steps mentioned above will help you create a free iCloud account. This can be helpful if you have changed the Apple ID on a Mac or on an iPhone or iPad, and want to create a new email address specifically for it. Assuming you use the same Apple ID on multiple devices, as most users do, you only need to create the address once and then simply enable it on the others through the Mail settings. Given this is an article about iCloud email, I am a little surprised we don’t yet have a commenter ranting about Obama yet. And once you’ve choosen for a non-iCloud e-mailaddress for iCloud mail, you can’t change it anymore. In the mail preferences iCloud platform you can add and delete or disable email aliases as many times as you wish I think, but you can’t change your main account ID. To a regular iOS idevice user from earlier versions, iCloud will present some initial confusion especially on its purpose and setup. Now the bigger question is, the original Apple ID is largely tied to iTunes Store purchases such as music, books and apps. Now with the introduction of the new iCloud ID, it attempts to harmonize Apple ID & mobileMe ID into one. Fortunately, Apple did not enforce the iTunes Store account and iCloud ID to use the same Apple ID.

But there are some dependencies which you need to be aware before you setup your iCloud account.
One recommendation is to use the same email address which you wish to assign to FaceTime or iMessage.
The first 5GB will be free and thereafter you can pay for the additional space required under storage management. Interestingly, Apple has introduced Photo Stream similar to Google Plus which will push newly snapped photos in each iDevices into your iCloud account. With such neat flexibility setting up your accounts, you should now have better control on how you wish to have a central management of data in the cloud and the rest in your local devices. Crocs stock price plunged on unexpected profit warning – opportunity or more bad news? Anyone can create an iCloud account for free using their Apple devices, and there’s no complicated step in the whole process.
The first screen would ask you to type your password twice, and the second screen would ask for three security questions. Once it has been created and attached to the Apple ID, it is easy to enable and use on any other associated device.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Commenters on the internet generally take two forms: trolls who want to rant about something off topic and derail the subject matter, or ranters who rant about the topic in a largely incoherent manner. You may therefore wish to create an entirely separate Apple ID account, just for email, because you will never, ever, ever again be able to disassociate that iCloud address from your Apple ID. Among other new features in iOS, iCloud one of the anticipated creations by Apple in attempt to dominate the cloud offerings against the long time big boys e.g.

Basically, you can view an iCloud account to be a virtual storage offered by Apple to consolidate all your data (documents, mails, photos, backups, calendar, mails) which can then be sync across all Apple devices using one common iCloud account.
For the first time, you will be prompted to create a MobileMe account which will be tied to this iCloud account permanently. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The workaround is pretty easy, an Apple user should not need more than 10 minutes to set up a new iCloud account.
All of these you have to remember for logging into your account, or recover your account in case you lose access to them. Lots of data on the web site which is great for Mavericks Mac and Windows and Android users! Your Apple ID will then forever primarily be recognised by its iCloud address (but also by its other registered email address). For some personal reasons, several iDevices within the family could be loaded with apps purchased with one same Apple ID (which I will now refer to iTunes Store account).
You should be able to select which type of information to synchronize into your cloud account. Within the Mac, you can easily access all the new photos from Photo Stream using the iPhoto application.

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