It’s a collection of SharePoint sites sharing common features like Content types, Templates, Site columns, permissions, Web Parts, etc. Step 1Open your browser and navigate to Central Administration site or select “SharePoint 2013 Central Administration” from start menu. Step 2Next below on the same page, you need to specify the template for your Site Collection.
Simply choose the experience version as 2013 and “Team Site” template under Collaboration Tab as shown below:Step 3Finally, you need to specify your primary site collection admin here who has to be a specific person or service account.

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SharePoint supports a number of templates including Team Site, Business Intelligence, Blog and much more to fulfill different business needs. Once you specify all the above information, Just click “OK” button on the same page and it’s all done. For better administration, company can create a SharePoint Site collection for each department containing all of its websites.

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