StorageCrafta?? ShadowProtect Desktop Edition creates an automatic online backup of your entire system including the operating system, applications, personal settings and data.
ShadowProtect allows you to create an exact backup of your system and data at any point in time.
ShadowProtect provides an easy to use scheduler so that point-in-time backups can be taken automatically while you work. ShadowProtect backup can be saved to USB, FireWire, an attached storage device or network location.
ShadowProtect online backups can be assigned a drive letter as a read-write or read-only volume. Attend HRM : Attendance, Payroll, HR - HR Software with integrated Time Attendance, Leave and Payroll. AKick PC Booster - Akick PC Booster provide you the best facility to boost up your internet speed up 100%, clean millions of useless files from system, fixes registry error.
Apex WAV Merger - WAV Merger tool enable to combine number of diminutive WAV documents into single resultant file.
Apex Split PDF File - Split PDF file application split large PDF document and make single PDF or individual so you can easily send as e- mail or carry to work place.
Apex PDF Security Remover - PDF security remover application allows adding PDF password and page restrictions on PDF file. Apex PDF Watermark Maker - PDF watermark maker tool create add stamp watermarking on multiple PDF pages of file with several adjustment option such as angle, rotation, page selection, position etc.
Apex Protect PDF from Editing - Protect PDF from editing restrict protect your PDF file with protection then no one can access files as form filling, content editing, modifying PDFs and page extraction. Apex JPG to PDF Convert Software - JPG to PDF convert software insert add import or combine multiple images into PDF. StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Granular Recovery for Exchange lets email administrators search for and recover emails, email folders, and mailboxes. ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange won the Best of TechEd award in the Messaging and Unified Communication category.
Please note that the 250-mailbox license and the unlimited license are each licenses to a specific server. Note: ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange should NOT be installed on an Exchange server. ShadowProtect can be used with or without our traditional offsite backup solution, Online Backup Manager.  When used in conjunction with our Online Backup Manager, scheduling and monitoring can be done via the Online Backup Manager and full images of computers and servers can be uploaded to our facility very quickly and efficiently.
Ask yourself this simple question… How much of  the work that you and your employees do in a day are you willing lose? I had a client recently who accidently deleted photos he had been working on from his server. A differential backup will record in a backup only that information that has changed since the last full backup.
So now you know the types of  backup technologies and how to schedule them, but where is the best place to backup this information too?
As well as the internal drive, it is essential to have a rotated set of external drives connecting via eSATA or USB. So you spent the last 6 months diligently replacing your external USB drives and suddenly you find yourself in the situation where you have to recover crucial data. When it comes to recovery, it is advisable to restore your entire volume to a test server and start it up to make sure it is complete and ready in the case of a complete disaster (eg.
OJ Networks have provided integrated backup solutions for many of its clients.  We primarily supply and recommend the Storagecraft ShadowProtect suite of products. I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the work you did on our office networks…everything is working amazing, and I’m so much quicker at everything! I really appreciate your expertise and suggestions, and feel like our business is working much better as a result.
In my opinion, Ian and his team far exceed normal expectations of the standard computer and IT support company. I have been dealing with Ian from OJ Networks for over 10 years now and have found him to be knowledgeable in all areas of IT  systems, computers, internet and web development.
Matai Sports has been working with OJ Networks for the past two years which has enabled us to rapidly expand our business to the Local and Global Market. OJ Networks have always been innovative, creative and practical in all our Web and IT solutions.

Finally, we have an IT support company that give us sensible, useful answers whenever we call and is there for us when we need them, remotely or on site as necessary. Ian and the OJ team have been taking care of the technical side of my business for over 3yrs. Managed Services With FREE Credit Each Month!Does your IT company offer to look after your IT requirements for a Fixed Monthly Fee AND give you FREE Credits every month?Sign up to a managed services plan with us and you get credit every month that you can use immediately or save up to use on Hardware, Software or large projects such as new server installs or office relocations. Storagecraft ® shadowprotect ® desktop provides fast and reliable backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and system migration for windows desktops and laptops. Shadowprotect is the award-winning backup and recovery software for physical and virtual windows systems.. Storagecraft shadowprotect desktop edition creates an automatic online backup of your entire system including the operating system, applications, personal settings. Shadowprotect desktop creates full and incremental backup images, either on schedule or on demand, and can save them to internal and external hard disks. Shadowprotect desktop creates full incremental backup images, schedule demand, save internal external hard disks. Backup software restore software sale leading online computer store buy windows backup software acronis ., veeam, symantec hp commercial.
Storagecraft shadowprotect spx backup disaster recovery windows, linux mixed environments..
Stroragecraft' shadowprotect desktop long pcmag favorite backup software full protection, speed, reliability. Stroragecraft' shadowprotect desktop long pcmag favorite backup software full protection, speed, reliability..
Shadowprotect easy intuitive data backup software solution small business files safe corruption loss.. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This style of continuous data protection is what separates ShadowProtect from other backup software. Free support is included for the first year.  This provides a two hour response time for emergency-level cases. Standard Support which covers the above two hour response time for any ticket submitted between 7 a.m. It’s possible they removed the feature since I wrote this review, or (more likely) I made an error when tagging it. Recover critical data by simply viewing your backup and restoring the files and folders that you need. The mounting features of ShadowProtect allow you to restore files and folders or update an existing backup image. It contains fully customizable Clock and can synchronize computer's clock with Atomic Time Servers.
In addition, this software remove useless garbage files from the system, remove registry error. PDF combiner tool is designed for those users who want to split and merge PDF document on regular basis. Whether you need to recover all Exchange data since the previous month's backup or a single accidentally deleted email, ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange can help. It requires an Outlook client (2007 SP3 or newer), and Outlook should be installed on the same machine as ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange. If not then it is time to get a backup strategy in place that can run throughout your working day. Incremental backups take a snapshot of the data that has changed on your volume since your last incremental. Well we suggest that you initially backup to an internal SATA drive that is not on the RAID controller if possible.
These drives take a copy of the internal backup drive and are swapped out and taken off-site every day.
Your blood pressure rises and your palms get sweaty as you realise that the backup program or the drives have failed you and you have no recent backups. They suggest innovative ways to help advance your office technology and implement it with minimum of fuss. I would not hesitate in recommending Ian and OJ Networks services to anyone that is looking for service, knowledge and dependability.

Thanks for your honest, no nonsense approach and supporting us with the advice and solutions we do need, but not overselling to us. It takes backup images at regular intervals to provide constant protection against data loss. If you are comfortable losing a day’s work and another day spent re-doing that work, then a backup every night should suffice.
Full backups take the longest time of the backup types because they contain all the data required to rebuild your volume.
If I ran a differential backup at 10am Tuesday, it would look at the backup from Monday night and record only what data has changed. They’re also available at the drop of a hat which is really important when running a business. Also included is VirtualBoot, which can boot backup images as a virtual machine in only minutes. If however you would feel more comfortable losing only 30 or 15 minutes work, then a backup that takes snapshots throughout the day may be a better choice for your business. The backup tool makes a copy of the files and either creates a new backup or replaces the existing backup depending upon the settings you provide. The snapshot backup system can talk to your computer and all the programs running and tell it to get ready for a snapshot. As a result they should really only be performed at night when your server is not serving users and has the time and processor power to allocated to the backup. If I rand the differential backup at 2pm on Tuesday it would disregard the 10am backup and look at what data has changed since Monday night again. The incremental backup writes only a small amount of data for the changes in the last 15 minutes and your server can continue serving the users.
Be aware though that if you have a  large data set such as 500Gb and are relying solely on the online solution, it could take a long time to download that entire backup set.
If you have a business and think it is time that you started investigating a backup and recovery solution that means minimal downtime and gives your business peace of mind then talk to us today. I recommend Ian and his team to anyone in business or even for those with a home computer that want it working more efficiently.
OJ has been able to provide a fail safe system and resources to allow all staff at all times to tap into complete office files and rescue me whenever crises strikes! The advantage of this type of backup is that if you have a small number of files that are important to backup, you can target only those files and create a smaller backup  file size. Differential backups are smaller than full backups but the longer it has been since the last full backup the larger the differential backup will become.
When restoring an incremental backup it relies on the abililty to read in the previous incremental backups all the way back to the last full backup so it is essential that your backups are regularly verified. This means that if you have for example 200Gb of data then with 3 full backups and the incrementals you would want to start with at least a 1Tb drive to allow for future growth. People forget to change USB drives, the amount of data backing up increases and starts to cause the backup drives to fill up, a backup drive may even fail itself.
Ian has been working as a Consultant on the Sunshine Coast since 2001 and became a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) Server Administrator in 2010 after which he formed OJ Networks. It is up to the photographer to get everyone to line up correctly, frame the shot perfectly and ensure they are all smiling.
It is also recommended that due to the fact that they are based on a full backup at a pervious time that you perform a full backup at night every few days at minimum. You need to be monitoring and test restoring the data regularly to ensure that your backups going to produce the result you expect of them. He has assisted numerous small businesses to reach their potential through IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation and Web design, Development and Web Marketing. It ensures that the information backed up in that snapshot forms a perfect picture of your system. It covers a range of popular backup programs and allows us to alert you when there are issues with your backup systems.

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