OwnCloud is basically very easy to get it installed on your VPS and even on a Shared hosting. In this tutorial I will guide you to install OwnCloud 8 on Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet VPS on Apache, MariaDB and PHP5 stack, each steps with screenshot pic as always. Simply hit Enter on your keyboard if asked with current password then answer next questions accordingly. Step 10 – In order for Apache to be able to serve OwnCloud, we have to create new Apache configuration or virtual hosts file. In web browser you’ll see OwnCloud setup page where you have to provide few things to finish the setup process. Also, you can create new users for your friends, family members, or even to sale your newly built cloud storage service.
The best part of using OwnCloud is that you build it yourself and the storage limit is only limited by the VPS plan you bought. If you are really one of DigitalOcean’s fans out there, you can simply look at the Applications tab and build a ready -to-use OwnCloud droplet but however the version in that image is not always updated regularly. Do not forget to create new password and remember it (It is your database password for user root).
You can also use the same method while waiting for your actual domain to resolve to your server.
Once installed, you can start syncing certain files and folders from your devices using OwnCloud client app.

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    There are inherent dangers in using a cloud storage.

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