Synology NAS has by default one self-signed certificate (and you can create more of those if you will), that is by default in use for default web enabled services (WebDav, Cloud Station, FTPS etc.) that Synology has.
Further on – it is for you to decide, if you want to deploy your new certificate for all Synology web enabled services (set is as default), or if you deploy it only for some virtual hosts or all of them. I did not find any other working method then modifying the .htaccess and adding above lines. Now you have imported your certificates and configured your HTTP -> HTTPS re-direct, now would be the time to test the functionality of your HTTPS, Owncloud and also re-direct configuration with different browsers and user scenarios. After configuring the re-direct rules as desired – you can further configure the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) condition in your virtual hosts. Enabling HSTS in the Virtual Host settings in practice means that if browser once has connected using HTTPS secure connection to a certain host – browser will only use HTTPS to connect to the host going forward.
This configuration is stored inside the user browser – and it is valid for 6 months time (For some browsers clearing cache or deleting cookies will remove the secure flag for the host, however there are some disturbing messages that for some browsers (like Safari) the removal process might be even more complicated).
However – IF you decide to configure HSTS (which is recommended by Owncloud community), please ensure that your HTTPS configuration will always work and remember to keep your certificates up-to-date and available in hardware upgrades or similar activities.
After this setup you should have successfully configured HTTPS for your Synology NAS web services and web sites, including HTTP -> HTTPS redirect and HSTS for your website or Owncloud installation if applicable. I hope this will help you in setting up HTTPS for your Synology hosted services, and also clarify some of the settings for securing your Synology NAS hosted service or site.
Guide for installing Fail2ban for Synology NAS devices and configuring it for web services like Owncloud or WordPress. I just finished blogging about my setup and wanted to let you know, and then I saw this brilliant and fully detailed post.
Have you tested with a clean browser and HSTS disabled that the re-direct really is working correctly in all cases?

I remembered that the web station and photo station were actually excluded from that HTTP -> HTTPS re-direct done in DSM Admin interface. You can use owncloud, but for other packages that require java you will have to wait until a java package for the power architecture is out, because this is a new kind of architecture on Synology Diskstations.
Du Kannst den Ordner verschieben, musst dann aber in der die neuen Pfade in der Homedir variable angeben, damit es lauft.
Only found out about installing OwnCloud on the Synology DS yesterday and have been reading the documentation on this site plus the OwnCloud PDF installation docs. I have WebDAV enabled on my DS, so how would I go about disabling it for the OwnCloud directory? I’m having some small security problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more safe. Permissions can usually be fixed by giving the webserver write access to the root directory.
I will not cover the generation of trusted 3rd party certificate itself, internet is full of certificate providers and instructions for that work.
It is not provided by Trusted 3rd party CA – but may be enough for some purposes within people and network you know. The selection is a bit hidden on the right side of the row – but it is there and if you click it it will appear. It may be, that you want to keep some traffic in HTTP and some in HTTPS, so in that case you should not make this re-direction. Otherwise you will get unnecessary user errors when user’s browsers will force HTTPS but your site is not able to serve it. Packed with years of experience leading Enterprise level IT development teams within the biggest companies of Technology industry.

But if you have tested it with clean test setup and clean browsers –> and it is working, then I just have to take your word on it! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I’m also very interested in updating my Owncloud to the latest version and would be glad to utilize a DS package of yours. I didn’t change anything manually in my DSM so this error should probably also occur for others who install OwnCloud right from the repository.
I have copied the old owncloud folder from the crashed hdd but how can restore the contacts out of this folder? Are you going for getting a wildcard certificate, that will cover many sub-sites in your domain on one go – or if you want to have separate certificates for different hosts in your domain. In case some of you readers out there have an alternative way of achieving this same functionality in Synology NAS for Owncloud 9 – I would be interested in the solution and happy to add it here to the tutorial as well. Watches closely start-ups and new disruptive innovations in order to stay on the cutting edge.
Nachdem ich dann Java auf dem PC aktualisierte, konnte ich auch den Kalender auf der DS sehen und verwalten (aber warum nur in IE und nicht in Firefox?). Welche user mussen angelegt werden um alle Gerate einer Familie (IOS, WinMobile, Android) zu syncen?
Habe dann Thunderbird mit Lightning auf dem PC installiert, aber keine Verbindung zum OC-Kalender bekommen.

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