A few notes before we begin: Although signing up for iCloud is free, you cana€™t do so just anywhere. If youa€™ve ever purchased anything from the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore, you have an Apple ID. All iCloud accounts stem from Apple IDs, so ita€™s easy to convert your current Apple ID into an iCloud account.
NEW MAIL If you want to add an iCloud email address to your old Apple ID, just turn on the Mail switch (or check the checkbox on your Mac) in your iCloud preference pane.
From there, youa€™ll either have to enter your current email address or type what you want your new iCloud email address to be.
After that, to finish up, simply indicate whether you want to get email updates from Apple, and then agree to the terms and conditions. When you first set up your device, you should have seen a screen asking you to sign in or sign up for an Apple ID and iCloud; even if you chose not to set that up when you first unboxed the gadget, getting an account is simple. As on an iOS device, once youa€™ve set up iCloud on your Mac, it syncs your email (if you have set that up), contacts, calendars, and so on. In contrast to iOS devices and Macs, a Windows PC doesna€™t come with any kind of iCloud control panel preinstalled; you first have to download it from Applea€™s website.
When you sign in to the control panel for the first time, it asks whether you want to send diagnostic and usage information to Apple; accepting this arrangement allows the company to automatically (and anonymously) collect data on any crashes you might have related to iCloud, and to send that data back to its central servers to prevent similar crashes from happening in the future. SIMPLE SYNC You dona€™t get as many options for syncing iCloud information on Windows as you do on the Mac or on iOS.
Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. You will be greeted by the Hello screen as seen below. Swipe from left to right on the screen to begin the set up process. If you haven’t put the SIM card, then it will prompt you to put the SIM card to activate your iPhone.
Next enter the password for your Wi-Fi network (if it is a secure network), and tap Join to proceed. You will then be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID or create a Free Apple ID. If you already have an Apple ID, select sign in with Your Apple ID.
You will now get the option to select the email ids and phone numbers that can be used to contact you via iMessage and FaceTime. The next step is to set up Touch ID finger fingerprint sensor, one of the major new features of Apple’s new iPhone. After the entire fingerprint animation turns red, it will prompt you to adjust your grip to capture the edges of your fingerprint. Again place your finger on your Home button, this time however, lift and rest the edge of your finger on Home Button repeatedly.
After the entire fingerprint animation turns red, it will inform that Touch ID was successfully set up, and your fingerprint can now be used for unlocking your iPhone.
You can also use Touch ID to approve purchases on iTunes Store, the App Store and the iBooks Store. Tap on Get Started to go to the Home screen, and start using your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
For anyone with an iPhone 6 delivered, you’ll be on your own for this process and you will need to activate the iPhone 6 online or by making a call. Setting up the iPhone 6 takes about 5 minutes, maybe longer if you need to activate the iPhone, and is something anyone can do using this informational guide.
After you sign in you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and tap Agree a second time.
Place your finger on the home button and lift it five to six times and then adjust your grip and repeat the process. Diagnostics and App Analytics – Apple can share diagnostics with itself and app analytics with developers.
Try both out by choosing Standard and Zoom at the top and swiping through examples in the bottom area of the screen. Final setup steps include opening the App Store and updating Apple apps and then go to Settings to add Mail accounts and adjust other settings. Last night i was tryimg to activate my new iphone 6 and i dont know what i press and when i called my brother it said that my phone is not activated and call customer service so do i reset the phone or what do i do? A final safety precaution exists if you believe the iPhone (or other iOS device) will not be recoverable, either due to theft or due to being lost in a unique situation: remote wipe.
This is really an excellent way to protect and help track down a missing iPhone, and it makes for a worthwhile anti-theft tool as well.
The iPhone must have some battery charge, any electronic device without battery isn’t going to work to access the internet or do anything else. If your phone was stolen and they do not know the password, is there any possible way for them to unlock the phone?
Someone stole my contract phone and put it on lost mode then i erased it from find my i phone app….
My iphone got stolen, triggered the lost mode on find my iphone including message and phone number to call. The iPhone battery either died, was removed, the device was turned off, destroyed, sank in water, something like that. Will the stolen iphone come back on the “find my iphone” devices list when it connects again to the internet?
The person had reinitialised it but it was asking id and password plus giving a message to call my number. My iPhone 6s was stolen a few days ago, however because I was running out of data I switched off my mobile data. When I got home I tried to track my phone and lock it using Find My Phone, but it said my device was offline, I tried to activate Lost mode but it said it was pending and would be activated when it is connected to the internet. I lost my iPhone 6 plus, i want to know how the thief got in and changed my iPhonename, its on pending lost mode as its offline with last location. Recently just got my phone bill and realised that the thief used my sim card to make phone calls and it cost me alot as they were all international roaming call rates.
So, I checked Find My Iphone, and saw that my Activation Lock was ON on the 15th June, however, Remote Erase is still Pending.
This is by far the easiest method and it doesn’t require a PC or Mac, but it relies on having iCloud set up on the original device. When finished, your new iPhone will have everything from the old iPhone and you’re ready to go! If you couldn’t wait to start using the new iPhone before restoring it with your previous data, all you need to do is restore it to factory settings and then it will reboot back into the initial setup screen, letting you follow the two guides outlined above.

If you purchased Audiobooks on the phone you’ll need to transfer purchases with iTunes before transferring.
Note: Restoing data from a backup to iPhone may erased the current data on your new iPhone. Hi, I am having a similar problem, I have backed up my old iphone to itunes and icloud, I then try to set up my new iphone and restore the last backup. If you are with another mobile phone carrier, contact them how you regularly do and find out what you should do with your particular service.
I want to put all the data from my iphone 4s on my 1phone 5, but i have already been using my iphone5 so there are pictures and other stuff on it I do not want to have to delete when i transfer everything from the other phone. Am I able to take my pictures off of my iphone 5, put them on the computer and then factory reset my phone and use icloud backup?
I just can not risk loosing any of the items I already have on the iphone5 when i do the icloud backup..
I did a backup with my old iphone 4 on itunes , now i connected the new iphone 5 with itunes, but no device i coming up. Hey i followed your method, got everything except for my music, any ideas what i did wrong? This may seem like a dumb question but does the backup include the pictures on your iphone or do you have to save them manually?
The icloud backup indeed brought over all the application availability via itunes and the contacts came over. I backed up my old iphone 5 but when i was setting up my new iphone 5, i clicked set up as individual phone, now it won’t let me get any of my pictures from itunes from my old phone, is there anything i can do? I thought if you did a backup on any iTunes and then did a restore on the new phone it would work? It then told me that I’d need to register the iphone 5 as a new phone in itunes and then manually restore. So I have recently upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 and since I have been away from my laptop for more than 5 weeks, I have not been able to back up all my old apps, pictures, music, etc. I’m going from iPhone 4 to 5c I have backed up my iPhone 4 but I am getting rid of my 4 today And not getting my new until tommorow! If you just got a new iPhone and you want to transfer all of your data including pictures music contacts and text messages to a new iPhone. This is by far the easiest method and it doesnot require a PC or Mac, but it relies on having iCloud set up on the original device. When finished, your new iPhone will have everything from the old iPhone and you’re ready to go! If you are too eager to jump to your new iPhone before restoring it with your previous data, all you need to do is restore it to factory settings and then it will reboot back into the initial setup screen, letting you follow the two guides outlined above.
If you don't already know, iCloud is a free syncing and backup service from Apple that aims to keep all of your devicesa€”mobile devices running iOS 5 or later and desktop computers running OS X Lion or later, or Windows Vista or latera€”on the same page, with the same data, no matter which one youa€™re using at any given moment.
But what if youa€™re unsure about how to set up iCloud in the first place and how to get it to work on your Mac, PC, iOS device, and Apple TV? You should ever need only one or two, so youa€™ll probably never run up against the limit; because the limit persists after full device wipes, however, you may see a warning about it if youa€™ve received an older iOS device or Mac. Youa€™ll still be able to use your Apple ID for everything you currently use it for, but youa€™ll also get all of iClouda€™s features.
The screen will prompt you to agree to the iCloud terms and conditions; once you do, youa€™re ready to begin using the service. If you want one, simply go to Settings > iCloud on an iOS device and toggle the Mail switch on (or, on a Mac, click the checkbox). On an iOS device, go ahead and tap the Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom of the iCloud settings screen. Youa€™ll see a space for logging in with an Apple ID and password, and a Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom. All options are on by default except for 'Back to My Mac', which you must turn on manually; again, if you want iCloud not to sync specific data, just click the respective toggle to turn it off.
But your Mac does offer support for iClouda€™s data sync, allowing iCloud-compatible programs to store their documents and data there.
And, as noted above, your PC is also the only device you cana€™t use to create an iCloud account, so youa€™ll need to have first made one on your Mac or iOS device.
Unfortunately, the Windows operating system doesna€™t support syncing reminders, notes, iCloud data, or PC versions of Back to My Mac or Find My Mac. To do so, go to the Settings screen of your Apple TV, click iTunes Store, and enter your account information.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Find My iPhone is a free service that allows you to locate, lock, and erase your iPhone if you lose it. Touch ID allows you to use your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone without needing a passcode.
You can do this by approve from other device or use iCloud security code or choose not to restore passwords.
You can follow the step-by-step iPhone 6 setup guide below and watch our iPhone 6 setup video for a walk through. I personally choose to setup as a new iPhone so I can get all the junk from the last two years off my iPhone, but many people will prefer to use the restore option. Make sure you remember this because you need it when your phone restarts and if you have trouble with Touch ID. This is a voice personal assistant that you can ask to open apps, look up information and more.
I choose yes to both, but the option will not impact how you use the iPhone so choose what you prefer. Making this feature even better is the ability to choose a contact phone number for the locked device, and calling that number becomes the only actionable item on the lock screen of the iPhone while in Lost Mode.
The passcode required will be the same that was setup by you during the initial lock screen passcode setup process.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Since he doesnt know the password how will he possibly receive lost message without internet? I got a new phone with my new contract sim but everything came back execpt my pictures, can anyone see my pictures on my stolen my or have the gone altogether? If he brings it to the location without internet then activate it again and reset everything including deactivate app Find My Iphone, then this Find my Iphone thing is useless.
On the app the device is pending lost mode and this happened to me before with a previous iPhone.

As soon as told me, I activated lost mode with the localizer app, left my phone number as per request and with 3 hours, I was receiving a phone call asking if I had lost an iPod. I try to find my iphone by find the location but that didnt work because my iphone no internet connection.
How to retreive the last Location when the only selection in Find My IPhone is Stop Erase Request. If you don’t have iCloud set up or you have a slower internet connection, jump to the iTunes method below instead.
If you don’t have iCloud or your internet connection is slower, the iTunes method below is also quite easy.
I’d started from an iCloud back-up but was taking forever, so needed to restart- perfect instructions! This has saved me from all the issues that get reported when a major OS upgrade is released.
Everytime i sync from my most recent back-up photos and text messages from up to 7 days ago show up and nothing newer.
Go into a local AT&T store or telephone 611 on your mobile phone, to find out how to get the new SIM card. Guess I should have waited until the iPhone 5 had cellular service, and not just wi-fi service on my network. This has helped me a lot as I’m trying to transfer info from iphone 4 to iphone 5 for my mum :) Thank you! Some songs I brought over as purchased from itunes and I am not going to go through 200 songs and redownload each and every one. Can someone just give a clear and simple answer to what ought to be a clear and simple question?
If you don’t have iCloud set up or you have a slower internet connection, jump to the iTunes method instead. If you don’t have iCloud or your internet connection is slower, the iTunes method is also quite easy.
Unfortunately, Windows users have to create an account on one of these platforms before they can log in from a PC. If you do get an alert preventing you from making a new iCloud account, I suggest going to your nearest Apple Store, where they should be able to help you sort it out. And if you haveA family members who use this Apple ID, theya€™ll still be able to use it for purchases without getting all of your iCloud information.
Youa€™ll then see a prompt to create an iCloud email address to go along with your account. All iCloud options are on by default; if you want iCloud not to sync a specific item type, just tap the appropriate toggle to turn it off.
If you don’t want to set it up immediately, select Set Up Later Option, otherwise tap on the Set Up Now option. You will see that the fingerprint animation on the display fills up with red color as you progress. If you tap on Approve from Other Device, it will inform you that the Approval Request has been sent to the other device.
If you lose the iPhone you can use another device to locate it and make it ring, even if it is on silent.
I choose to verify from another device and it asks for approval on my Mac, an iPad or even the old iPhone. Theoretically, this could mean the difference of having your iPhone returned to you or not, and it’s all very easy to use. Assuming you meet those relatively basic requirements, here is how to use the Lost Mode feature to remotely lock down an iPhone with a screen message, call back phone number, and a passcode.
Remote wipe is extremely handy if needed, but because it clears off everything it is really best reserved for extreme situations, like a device theft. Nonetheless, they retain the ability to remotely lock the device and track it on a map if the device is near wi-fi, and also have the ability to remotely destroy their data if deemed necessary. Also is it possible for the iPhones internet be turned off so its offline and the phone moved to different location. No sweat, we’ll walk you through the two absolute easiest and most pain free methods to migrate everything from that old iPhone to the brand spankin new iPhone 5s or 5c. I have followed the process three times with the same results (Einstein’s definition of madness, I know!!!).
Initial config, restore and reboot took less than 5 minutes, after reboot App restore also less than 5 minutes. If you pre-ordered (as I did), it came with a new SIM card (which is smaller) than I had in my iPhone 4.
I went to hit restore from my old 3GS phone but it refused to let me, saying software on the phone was too old. Being this, with the time being away I just couldn’t NOT use my iPhone 5 and so I did, and being this I had a bunch of new photos, notes, apps, etc.
You can continue setup and approve this iPhone at any time from the other devices using iCloud Keychain. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. User has to enter Apple ID that was used the last time to be able to bypass iCloud Activation. Rest of the phone sems to work, but it’s pretty much useless without access to settings. Music, iBooks, & Pictures (~20GB) took about 2 hours, so to answer the question above about time, it will depend on how much data your phone has. My entire library is still locked on that old 4s and the 5 has not ONE piece of music transferred over. Now that I have restored my iPhone 4 info into my new phone, I’m going crazy because I lost everything I already had on my new phone!!!!
One comment though, I can’t imagine iCloud ever being faster than a direct iTunes connection, though possibly more convenient.
Only the user who knows that Apple ID can bypass iCloud Activation and then can use the iPhon back. His iPhone was locked and erased by itself and he faced with iCloud Activation and the Apple ID was not Apple ID that he knew.

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