You can tap on the device under Backups and turn off certain apps that are using iCloud to free up some space.
Some people may find it necessary to pay for additional storage, but most iOS users will do just fine using the 5GB of free storage if managed properly. Ok, first step is to make sure that you have iCloud set up on your iPhone and are syncing your contacts.
Step 3: Once logged into iCloud, go to your contacts and make sure that all the contacts are in there. Note, if you don’t select all the contacts the export will only export one contact at a time which is not what you want to do if you have more than 2 contacts!
Step 6: With your vCard file of all  your contacts downloaded, all you need to do now is to log into Google Contacts and then use the import function. If you’re happy with all the information imported then go ahead and save and your done!
If this tutorial has been helpful please don’t forget to show it by leaving a comment, tweeting it or liking it on Facebook. Cheers mate, my girlfriend has just made the jump from iPhone to Android and asked me to try and figure out how to get her contacts across to the new phone. You can also as easily use CopyTrans Contacts to export your iPhone contacts directly to a VCF file and then import them to your Gmail account. Follow-up, if you need to splitting files, make sure you keep all the header info (up to the first event) and footer (last line) in each file. For some reason, by Android phone isn’t showing the contacts, so I still have some work to do.
Thanks a ton, Wanted to sent my gratitude for helping me export 1300 + contacts in a jiffy . It was really easy to do and extremely helpful of course I just want to tell everyone that because I am also using Mac and have all my contacts on the computer I didn’t had to use the iCloud website at all. Just got my first android and was loathing having to add my contacts one by one from my iPhone but this solved in under 5 minutes.
How set sync restore icloud: , One of the most important features of icloud is the ability to sync back up and restore.
How erase ios device set , Learn how to erase all of the data on your iphone ipad or ipod touch and set it up as a new device or restore it from icloud or itunes backups..
How set iphone ipad imore, Whether it's your first iphone or ipad or you're upgrading to the latest model here's how to set up and get started!.
ICloud is a service that allows users of Apple’s devices to store different kinds of data on remote computer servers so they are able to download it to multiple devices without the need to be connected to a computer by a cable. Syncing data for email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders (to-do lists) and more.

Now, while this all might sound a bit complicated for some, the truth is that Apple has made it in a way that it can all work seamlessly and with minimum effort on the user’s part. Once this setup is complete on all your devices, iCloud will start doing its magic and all your settings, purchases, music, iOS apps, backups and more will be safe and up to date on all of them in real time. Besides that the iCloud love is also available for the Windows users and this tutorial will help you in setting up your iCloud on your Windows machine.
Enter the Apple ID you used to create your iCloud account and select the iCloud services youa€™d like to enable. By default you get 5GB for free, but the iCloud plan prices are reasonably cheap if you require more storage. This is the internet as long as your point is made let those control freaks waste their time typing.
Use a period inside parentheses only if the enclosed material is meant to stand alone as a sentence. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that the bloody update took over an hour to download, install, configure, and reset both computer and phone several times. But the most annoying thing is Newsstand, which can’t be deleted, hidden, or grouped into a folder. It keeps saying my login is wrong even though I know it’s right and it works in Itunes. Now, if you can just tell me how to delete a couple of pictures I took that will not leave PhotoStream? Before you upgrade, try some of these tips to free up some space and see if you can get by with the 5 GBs of free data cause with those money, you might as well upgrade to an iPhone 6.
However, it would be a good idea to plug your iPad into your computer and sync it first to create a backup in iTunes.
This time we’re looking at how to migrate your contacts from your iPhone to Google contacts. To do this, single click the first contact on the list, scroll to the last contact, then click the last contact whilst holding down the shift button.
For a second there i thought i was gonna have to type the whole of my contacts in manually. Incidentally, to select all contacts, click on the top one, scroll to the bottom, press shift and click the last address. Not crazy about the iphone, will return to the droid now that i have my contacts back on the earth. I have just open the Contacts on the Mac selected them all, made the vCard, and then imported in Google. However, when asked what this relatively new service from Apple is, things get a bit more confusing.

There select Store at the top of the window and check all Music, Apps and Books check boxes. You ought to be prompted to sign with similar Apple ID you used to make your iCloud account. It also includes things like Find My iPhone and Find My Mac, in addition to several web apps that let you get your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar while on the go, via any web browser. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
The next time you apply for a job, sure, go right ahead and use bad grammar and misspell words. By using sloppy language, you are indicating that you don’t care about how your information is presented. Clearly, iOS has major integration, and yet we can’t access it even if our system is a few months old? I want to know if my desired account name is still available and want to claim it before someone else claimes it. That will give each person 5GB of free data and keep you from getting on wanted items on your devices. This wil be useful for anyone that is moving from iOS over to android or just simply wants to make sure that their iPhone contacts are synced with whats in Gmail or Google contacts is.
If you have an Android mobile phone then that uses your Google profile, you should see all your contacts on the device. I really thought I at first, that I had to import all my 700+ contacts manually from icloud to my android. Other guides said it was a long and painful process, this made perfect sense and was super quick. While creating a folder with 2 apps (not Newsstand), quickly grab the Newsstand app and drag it into the folder while it’s still creating. I predominantly want it to sync all my mail and contacts between my devices but my mac seems to want me to set up an iCloud mail count (then I guess use the other mail accounts via that).
The problem is, i read a lot about iTunes getting confused by having one ID for this and another for iCloud.
Is it absolutely necessary to have an iCloud email to make the other email accounts sync please?

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