While wiping your device and restoring it from backup may be an arduous process, if you really need some data back it may be worth the effort. Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. The first thing you will need is to install BlackBerry Desktop, which is available as a free download for both PC and Mac. You should see your device listed and there is a column of information on the side left which you can set up for syncing. By default, the software will sync your contacts to Address Book and your calendars and tasks to iCal. Tip: If you use Microsoft Entourage, then you should set the Sync Services in preferences within Entourage. Tip: If you are either selling or donating your old BlackBerry, you’ll want to do a factory reset to remove all of your personal data (It’s recommended that you review apps on your computer to be sure all of your data safely transferred).
Tip: Once you’ve successfully moved your PIM data to your iPhone, you might want to consider setting up iCloud.
In this method, we’ll use a mix of BlackBerry, Google and a dash of Microsoft to get the job accomplished. Using the same method used to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, we’re going to utilize a Microsoft Exchange account within Gmail. Enter your full Gmail address where it asks for email and again where it asks for username. Having all your information is the first step towards a great experience away from the BlackBerry. Hi Christopher – My company has also been working on an app called Migration+ that does data migrations from all the popular smart phone OSes (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone). Wake up and smell the declining BB Stocks Adam, I know for a fact you’ll convert to APPLE sooner or later.
Even though I am not a fan of Radio Shack, they do have a machine that they can use to connect your two phones to each other and transfer your contacts, etc. I cannot get my balckberry 9900 to sync with my mac, and it seems google sync is not available to download anymore.
Can I use this methodology to also transfer tasks, texts, notes and photos from the blackberry and not just contacts. We'll answer several questions here each week, and of course, you can always get help with more immediate concerns from the iLounge Discussion Forums. This means that you can restore your text message history as it existed on your iPhone when your iCloud backup was made, but you won’t be able to access anything that was already deleted prior to that backup. This requires erasing your device and setting it up from scratch, during which you will be offered the opportunity to log into your iCloud account and restore your backup from there. The best way to handle this is to create a new backup of your device using iTunes prior to wiping it and restoring it from iCloud. You can see an option for iCloud backup, you need to put it to "On" side for the data you want to backup and then click "Storage & Backup". Turn on the "iCloud Backup" and click "Back up Now" so that all data will be backed up to iCloud automatically. Select all backup files you want to recover and it will be restored to your iPhone automatically. The biggest part of the transition is likely going from a physical keyboard to the on-screen touch keyboard, but we promise you’ll be banging out emails and texts in no time. Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer using the provided USB cable and launch the newly installed BlackBerry Desktop software.

If you switch to iCloud syncing, then you’ll want to uncheck these boxes as they could create duplicates. Again, no need to get hung up this being an email account, since we’ve created it solely for the process of getting contacts moved over to your new iPhone. The 2nd option worked nicely for me and it didn’t say anywhere they were shutting it down. I just wanted to know if it’s the same to configure the gmail account not as Exchange but as Gmail account.
Apparently my iphone doesn’t want to sync with google, since i check in my google account through web browser i dont have any contact. Sorry to finally part with BB after so many years, but have to admit the change is a massive step forward.
Apple has made bluetooth on their devices only for connecting accessories and enhancements like earphones, etc.
I have been syncing my contacts from BB to IP4s for the last 8 months because I am using both.
This will allow you to return to your current state once you’ve restored the iCloud backup and retrieved any information you need from there. With iCloud, you can completely get rid of the situation that you can only restore backup data in local computer drive.
You can run data recovery for iPhone to scan the iCloud backup so as to extract all files from it. IMPORTANT: Before you start the sync process, I highly recommend that you use the Back Up feature. Don’t worry about the mail portion, as we’re only using this account as a conduit to transfer your data.
Then proceed with removing the Exchange account and sync the contacts back from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes.
The export has been straightforward although not all of the contact info has pulled through…strange.
So every time I add new contact in my BB, I just click sync now, my ip4s will instantly got the update (this is exactly as your method#2). Or you can also run the data recovery for iPhone to scan your iPhone to recover lost files directly. Stay tuned for other switch guides as part of our continuing efforts to help users make the switch to iPhone and iOS. If you should have any issues during the sync, you’ll be able to restore from your backup. From here, you’ll make sure the boxes are checked next to ‘Sync Contacts’ and ‘Sync Calendars’. Depending upon the number of contacts, it’ll take some time for these to copy over to your Gmail account. Not only are they completely ad-free for members, but you can also enter contests and take advantage of the free everythingiCafe app, available in the App Store.
The only exception is if you transfer contacts between your iPhone and your Bluetooth-enabled car. Also, makes sure that the default configuration is not set to replace information on your BlackBerry with your Mac contacts. Check periodically and confirm that your contacts, calendars have successfully transferred.
I have tried to log out and in for so many times from google sync but it still won’t sync.

Apple provides a version of iCloud Drive that is customized for use on Windows computers.1. You can now take your new iPad out of its box and start using it without ever having to plug it into your desktop.
For the sake of simplicity, we’ll show you the best way to set up your new iPad for the first time.
Once icloudsetup.exe file is downloaded to your computer, double click on the file to start the installation process. Use the same Apple ID, Username and Password that you use for signing in to your Apple device.6. If you have owned an iPad previously and know that you have a backup you’d like to use, select one of the last two options.
Your Apple ID is the same email address and password you use to purchase content in iTunes or the App Store. This is a very useful tool that can be used to track down your iPad should it get stolen or misplaced. This amazing new feature uses Siri to let you dictate text from anywhere the iPad’s keyboard is displayed. Apple has several great apps, including Messages for communicating with other iPhone and iPod touch users, pre-installed for you to use. Apps can be moved around and placed on different Home screen pages by tapping and holding on an icon. You get to choose how you want to experience apps on your new iPad.Another important part of navigating around your new iPad is the multitasking bar. Double tap your iPad’s home button to bring up the bar that displays all of your recent apps. This little dropdown window is home to all of the push notifications you have from different apps on your iPad.
You can tap on each notification to open it in the associated app, or clear individual notifications directly.
Notification Center can be accessed at any time by simply swiping down from the area of the screen near the clock.Settings and securityWe recommend visiting the Settings app to get a good idea of what your new iPad is like. You’ll find settings and options for just about every aspect of the device, and you can set up and configure things like notifications, WiFi, email info, and more.
In the iCloud settings pane, turn on Photo Stream so you can have your photos wirelessly synced across devices.
Make sure you turn on automatic downloads for the App and iTunes Store under the Store part of the Settings app.
Under the General part of the Settings app, you’ll see the option to enable Multitasking Gestures.
You can then use four or five fingers to easily navigate through the operating system that the iPad runs on, iOS 5.You can make a pinching gesture with five fingers to leave any open app and go back to your Home screen.
Perhaps the best gesture on the iPad is the ability to swipe with four fingers from left to right to switch between your current app and the last one you used. This is perfect for when you are, say, typing something in a word processor and researching in your Safari browser.

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