When a user sets up a new Mac, there is a helpful option to use an iCloud ID and Apple ID to login and unlock the Mac. Whatever the reason, if you opted to use an iCloud password to login to a Mac when setting up OS X, you can later choose to disassociate the iCloud login and use a separate unique local login password on that Mac again.
If you have a tendency to forget login details and passwords, you probably won’t want to do this, and keeping the passwords unified may be a better choice for you. Now when the user is logging into Mac OS X, a separate account password will be used rather than the iCloud and Apple ID account password. Of course if you forgot your Apple ID password and login details you’ll need to handle that first, since you need the Apple ID password to disassociate the login from the Mac.
Like most other things, this can be reversed if you decide to change your mind, and it’s just a matter of heading back into the preferences to reconfigure the iCloud password for logging in again to OS X.
The iPhone 5 setup steps take a few minutes to complete, but are worth it to make sure you can use the iPhone 5 to its full potential. Users that are upgrading to the iPhone 5 from an iPhone 4 or earlier will also want to make sure to get familiar with Siri and to arrange apps to take advantage of the extra row of icons.
Find My iPhone is a free service that allows users to track a lost or stolen iPhone using cellular networks and GPS.
By linking Facebook and Twitter to the iPhone 5, users can quickly share photos, log into Facebook login apps, share links and share status updates. The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 allow users to add multiple Twitter accounts, but only one Facebook account. The screen brightness is one of the biggest battery drains on the iPhone 5, like on most smartphones. It’s also a good idea to slide the brightness down to keep the display at a reasonable level.
This is also a great time to set up an iPhone 5 wallpaper and lock screen image to personalize the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 features a metal back and handles drop tests better than the Galaxy S III, but it isn’t impervious to scratches. Apple stores are not selling iPhone 5 cases yet, but Verizon and other retailers offer a rather large selection of iPhone 5 cases. Last year when Apple announced iOS 5, they brought a new feature to the table called iCloud. Once iCloud is set up on your Mac or iOS device, you’ll be given a list different features waiting to be enabled.

Have you ever been browsing the web on your iPhone or iPad and are faced with a situation where a full-scale web browser would really come in handy?
Using Photo Stream will upload and store the last 30 days of photos on iCloud and push them to all your devices. For example, if you created an amazing drawing in an app with iCloud integration, you’re able to open that app on another supported device and either finish or edit your creation. If you enable Find My iPhone (or Find My Mac), you’ll be able to quickly locate the geographic coordinates of your device.
If for some reason you’ve had a device replaced from being broken or lost, iCloud backup can really come in handy. Upon setting up a new iOS device, you’ll be given the option to restore it from an iCloud Backup. Overall, iCloud is the perfect solution to keep your digital life organized, but knowing how to use all the features is the important part. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Please help me to open my phone note that my phone comes from USA but I live in Jordan in middl east.
These users should be sure to restore from a backup before changing these settings, as the restore will overwrite many of them. There is a better sync for Macs, but Windows users can still use PhotoStream to instantly share Photos to their computer.
Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes and Documents and Data will keep all of these in sync. This works great for some users, but those who store a lot of information on their iPhone won’t be able to use iCloud for backing up without paying for extra storage. The Notification Center now includes Tweet and Post to Facebook shortcuts, and Siri can update Facebook or Twitter by voice. After adding Facebook, users can choose to Update all contacts with information from Facebook and Facebook Birthdays and Events will show up in the Calendar.
If there is more than one iPhone 5 in the house, a unique lock screen image is one way to keep phones straight. Starting out on a Mac you’ll have the option to Sync your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks between your Mac(s) and other iOS devices. Organize your schedule on any enabled device and enjoy the simplicity of having your important dates on both your Mac and iOS devices.

With Bookmarks in iCloud, just bookmark the page you’re on and open it up on your Mac.
With an iCloud enabled app, as long as you have Documents & Data on, anything done or created within that app will be uploaded to iCloud and become available on any other device with the app installed. This integration is present in many App Store apps including Apple’s own Keynote, Pages, and Numbers apps.
No cables required, though it may take a little longer as your information is being beamed down from the clouds. If you’ve never poked around in iCloud, give it a shot and find out how simple it can make your life. While this is undoubtedly a helpful feature and it can keep things simpler, requiring only a single password to remember, and making it easier to recover and reset a lost password on their computer, it can also have disadvantages for some situations. Some work email accounts will require a Passcode or even a complex Passcode, so it’s a good idea to set one up now. Using the Mail option, iCloud will push email from that email account to whichever devices you’ve enabled. Currently Reminders is not available on Mac, but will be as soon as Mountain Lion is released in the very near future.
Currently this option is only available between iOS devices, but like Reminders, Mountain Lion will add a new Notes app that also works with iCloud. Currently only Mail, Contact, Calendars, Find My iPhone, and iWork are available online but Apple is working on adding more features soon.
Additionally, some users prefer to use different passwords for different purposes for security reasons.
It can come in very handy, but only if you decide to actively use the free iCloud email account. Setting up a reminder with iCloud enabled will ensure you remember your important task, no matter what device you’re using. But until Mountain Lion is released, you can still get the most out of Notes with iCloud across your iOS devices. With the upcoming release of iOS 6 this fall, you’ll have the option to share your Photo Streams with whoever you want, creating a personalized pictorial.

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