One of the first decisions you'll have to make is between a unified, shared iCloud account for the whole family, multiple, individual accounts, one for each family member, or a mix of both. If you decide to go with one joint family account, and separate accounts for each family member, you'll need to set them up (if you haven't already).
Once you're done setting up your free iCloud accounts, you can start using them across your devices. Also decide who you're comfortable having the password for this account, because it will be used to make purchases. You can turn on and off automatic downloads or the ability to download purchases over the cellular network here. If this sounds like a hassle, you might want to leave the children on separate accounts and either set them up with an iTunes allowance for purchases, or make them responsible for paying their own iTunes bills.
If every member of your family is using iCloud, you can share whole calendars with each other that will update automatically anytime anything is added, changed, or removed. From the list of calendars on the left hand side, click the share icon that looks like 3 sideways wifi bars. If someone has shared an iCloud calendar with you, accepting it will allow you to view events. Find My iPhone is a free service Apple offers to iCloud users that will allow you track a lost or stolen device via GPS.
Actually Icloud is a suite of free cloud-based services from Apple that helps users to store and synchronize digital content across computers.
So on this article; you would get some easy ideas to delete icloud account without entering password. This entry was posted in iCloud Login Logout and tagged delete iCloud account, icloud email login, icloud login, icloud sign in on May 5, 2016 by admin. At first simply open your browser whatever you have on your pc or laptop like Firefox, Mozilla, and internet explorer. Then after type your username where it says ‘Apple ID’ and password (must be strong) in their respective boxes. After you have mentioned your both username and password, click on the arrow box that indicates ‘sign in’ button.

If all the information provided will be correct then you will be redirected to your iCloud  account where you can change your username and password; and iCloud email as well. This entry was posted in iCloud Login Logout and tagged icloud account, icloud account login, icloud logins, login icloud from various devices, login to icloud, sign in icloud on March 24, 2016 by admin. If you are using iOS device then you don’t have to worry about losing your files, pictures, music, videos or anything else. Look at the top of your device, and right under the heading backups, select the device you want to manage. The new page is an info page, and under the heading Backup Options, you’ll see a list of the top five storage using applications, along with the button called Show all application.
Connect your iOS device to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, then plug it into a power source and leave the screen locked.
Deciding which devices sync which services, and what if any parental restrictions need to be put in place are all important choices to make. Yes, different tastes will lead to strange and amusing Genius recommendations, but the ability for everyone to re-redownload music, TV shows, books, apps, and games will more than make up for it. Since the free account limit is low, each family member will need their own account or it will quickly fill up.
While it may seem like one account would be better for everyone, since not all family members will have identical appointments, the ability to share only specific appointments works out better in the end. Unlike Find my iPhone, Find my Friends needs separate accounts to track separate people, especially when out and about or on vacation.
That might mean only the parents get it, and the kids have to ask the parents to enter it if and when they want to download something.
If you have a low data plan, I'd highly suggest turning off the option to download purchases over the cellular network.
Perhaps you don't need to share an entire calendar with someone but you'd like to invite them to a single event.
You can see all documents and photo stream photos stored on icloud will be deleted from your apple devices like iphone, iPad and iPod. A new pop-out will ask you whether to keep the data or information on iphone or delete it completely from iPad or iphone.

Now you will need to know that not all your applications appear in the list, but the pre-installed Apple apps.
Once you choose the manage storage, you will see a list of application and data that are backed up. If you have any queries regarding why your iCloud is not backing up or anything you want to add then please do mention it in the comment box.
If each member of your family has their own iCloud account, simply make sure they have Find My iPhone enabled in settings.
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To share an event on iCloud, you can view our detailed walkthrough on how to share individual events as well.
If you only really need to share calendars, having your own iCloud accounts will work out just fine. You can open the uploaded files from anywhere in the world right from your internet connected device. This feature is mainly meant for individual users who have more than one iOS device personally. With the correct iCloud login information from Apple and window devices you can access to every nook and corner of the world since your files are stored in a server. If there is any account with device, they ask the seller to remove it first and then purchase it. Thus, taking this into consideration, in this article, I will be guiding you to with the process on how one can make an iCloud mobile backup.
And if you still have questions or need additional help with managing iCloud for your family, hit the links below.

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