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This feature will also keep the contents of your Mac’s Documents folder synced to make these files accessible on other devices that use your iCloud account. With Universal Clipboard, a new Continuity capability in Sierra, you can copy and paste text, images and video between devices, no configuration needed whatsoever. Andrew’s video runs three minutes long so give it a quick watch before continuing reading this article for a more in-depth overview of these new features in macOS Sierra.
Third-party applications like CloudClip and Command-C make it easy to share the clipboard between iOS devices and Macs.
Universal Clipboard lets you, for example, copy a photo from your iPhone and paste it into a Pages document on your Mac. After a second or so, the image I copied on my iPhone automagically appeared inside a new document that the Preview app created on my Mac. For those wondering, Universal Clipboard does not actually upload any clipboard contents to iCloud as doing that would be costly in terms of bandwidth and performance. Like other Continuity features, Universal Clipboard establishes a secure peer-to-peer connection to share the clipboard between devices.

Like with other Continuity features, Universal Clipboard requires that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi be enabled. Simply save your files on the Desktop or within the Documents folder as you usually do and you’ll have them everywhere you need them. To enable this future, go to System Preferences > iCloud, select Options next to iCloud Drive and then tick the box next to Desktop & Documents Folders.
With Desktop and Documents sync in macOS Sierra—and, preferably, paid iCloud storage to go with it—you’ll no longer worry about accessing files while away from the computer.
Are you a fan of Universal Clipboard in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra and if so, do you imagine yourself using this time-saving feature on a daily basis. Being that I’m new to the MacBook scene and just got the 2016 MacBook as my first, this will be available to me when it’s released to the public? Does the document syncing actually store the files on the local hard drive of an iPhone or Ipad, or are the folders only stored in the cloud and download when accessed through the iCloud app?
This is a great feature because Desktop and Documents is where most of our files are saved.
My colleague Andrew has put together a quick video preview of these Sierra features, which you can find embedded below. Now, even though I could have easily clicked Edit > Paste to paste the image into the currently opened document in Preview, I instead chose New From Clipboard from the app’s File menu.
From that moment on, everything copied to the clipboard on one device can be instantly pasted to your other devices.

With macOS Sierra, your iCloud Drive experience is now complete: at long last, you can have the same desktop on all your Macs. Then log into a second Mac and your files are automatically on the Desktop and in the Documents folder, exactly where you saved them. The operating system will be available to public beta testers via the Apple Beta Software Program in July ahead of a public release this fall. It works like before, meaning only the most recent piece of content you copied is available for pasting. I use the Documents 5 app to sync and store my Mac files on my iPad so that I don’t need to download large files to view them. I want to disable it, but a message tell me that if I turn it off, my files only be available on iCloud Drive.
Wi-Fi also must be on, but your devices needn’t be connected to a Wi-Fi network at all. Not anymore—the expanded Continuity features in macOS Sierra and iOS 10 solve this problem elegantly for me.

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