Generally, iCloud is the collection of different application , programs and data which provides various range of function. Its already clear that the icloud is not available natively for android user, to get this first we have to find server and chooses according to device’s compatibility and its functionality.
To synchronize your iCloud calendar and contacts, first find out what protocols that your phone have, if it doesn’t then you have to download apps like cardDAV which allows free synchronization. This entry was posted in iCloud Technical and tagged icloud android, icloud android app, icloud for android on June 16, 2014 by AAkar Tech. One of the primary features of the iCloud service is the ability to keep email messages, calendar entries and contacts synchronized.
As the iCloud service doesn’t run natively on Android, it is necessary to employ a few workarounds to get things working. To set up your email, simply go to your regular email client on your Android phone and create a new IMAP account.
There are also iCloud alternatives available which you could use with Android and iOS devices.
How access apple icloud mac pc - youtube, How access apple icloud account mac pc computer access icloud files including icloud mail, contacts notes. By default all I cloud accounts have 5Gb of storage capacity, within that application, music, photos do not count.

These are the perfect answers about how to use the services on the cellphones that are not of Apple Inc. As we live in a world where we increasingly have multiple devices for personal and business uses, keeping the data in sync between them has become a priority.
This means that no matter what device you use, you will be able to get access to your information seamlessly.
Enter your email address, your Apple ID as the user name, and your iCloud password as the password. Select the “use SSL” option and use your iCloud email as the username and iCloud password as the password. They are also held in a synchronization for one user with multiple devices, so it acts as a system and storage tool. As storing information in the cloud has become increasingly popular, Apple launched its iCloud service to the public on October 12, 2011. However, this doesn’t mean that people using smartphones running the Android operating system are completely out of luck.
If it doesn’t, you will need to download some apps like CardDAV-Sync Free Beta and Caldav Sync Free Beta to allow synchronization. On the other hand the android is the Google based open source operating system targeted for the pocket devices (mobile phone, tablet etc).

This can be used to backup important files, as well as work on documents that the user would need to access from multiple devices.
There are some iCloud Android solutions that will let them use the service on mobile devices not made by Apple. From the official point of view, theiCloud is only for the apple users only in order to synchronize their multiple devices.
If 5 GB of storage is not enough, iCloud users can purchase additional storage capacity of up to 50 GB. But however we can use this service in our android devices as well with help of some changes in settings and online application. You’ll be asked for a Display Name — this is the recipient information that’s displayed when an email is sent from your smartphone or tablet.
They only hold 10 %of market share based on their product, so it is obvious that left 90 % are looking for (not all) to use this service as well.

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