You can tap on the device under Backups and turn off certain apps that are using iCloud to free up some space. Some people may find it necessary to pay for additional storage, but most iOS users will do just fine using the 5GB of free storage if managed properly. Before you upgrade, try some of these tips to free up some space and see if you can get by with the 5 GBs of free data cause with those money, you might as well upgrade to an iPhone 6.

However, it would be a good idea to plug your iPad into your computer and sync it first to create a backup in iTunes. That will give each person 5GB of free data and keep you from getting on wanted items on your devices. Accept the terms of use of iCloud and in the next step, you will be prompted to merge all contacts and upload to iCloud.

If you want to access your contacts online, you can choose Merge.Once you have completed this step, you can see all the options available for sync with iCloud.

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