As mentioned above this additional security layer is activated together with the Find My iPhone feature. Next, you’ll be prompted with a pop-up asking for your acceptance to allow iCloud to use the Location of Your iPhone. It can either be locked and you’re prompted with info about exact device model and date when the protection was set up.
Add gmail email windows 10 mail & calendar, Windows 10 mail and calendar apps are drastically better than the windows 8 versions. How sync icloud calendar windows 10 calendar app, Notes: icloud calendar subscription is not working for icloud family calendar because you cannot see and copy a public calendar link! Add gmail and other email to windows 10 mail & calendar - Windows 10 mail and calendar apps are drastically better than the windows 8 versions.
How to manage accounts in the new mail and calendar app - In windows 10, microsoft is including two new apps, mail and calendar, and while the company is bundling them as separate apps, they work very close to each other..
Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Connect your device with the computer and open iTunes on your computer, then click “File” menu on the menu bar and select Devices > back up, then the iTunes will start to back up the total device to the computer, including the notes.
As we know, iCloud provides 5 GB free storage space, which allows us to back up and store mail, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, iWork, etc.
The upgrade of iOS 4 firmware allows us to save Notes online through the mail account settings. By default, Gmail uses POP protocol, if you’ve changed it to IMAP, go into Gmail Settings and verify Pop is enabled and IMAP is disabled.
If you want to use IMAP, check out our article on how to add Gmail in Outlook 2013 via IMAP.
Apple’s iMessage is a great free service that allows you to interact with friends, friends, family and co-workers who also have an iOS device or a Mac.

Read Receipts: By enabling this option, you are allowing others who send you iMessages to be notified when you have read their messages.
The directions above apply to the iPhone , but with the addition of cellular capabilities comes a few more settings options. Send as SMS: This setting when turned on uses SMS as an alternative when iMessage is unavailable.
Tip: When you enable the SMS character count on iPhone, you will not see the counter when you first start typing a message. More, the device is programmed to automatically send its last location when battery level becomes critically low. The Apple ID password of your initial account has to be provided, in order to confirm the sign out.
However, even if your 4 or 6-digit passcode is compromised, Activation Lock will ask for your Apple ID credentials when the Erase All Content and Settings command is triggered! Enter the iPhone’s IMEI or Serial Number, input the verification code shown in the image and tap Continue. To back up notes to iCloud, you should ensure that your device is using iOS 5 or later and the device is connected to Wi-Fi. For Gmail, Apple has created a “Notes” label on Gmail inbox, so we can directly save our notes to the Gmail account by activating the mail account settings on any iOS devices running iOS 4 or above.
Above all, the professional iTunes backup extractor allows you to selectively preview and restore the files you want to recover to the computer, which is safe to use and won’t remove the original data on your device. He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek. As you reach the second line of your message, the character count will appear just above the send message.
This system is called Activation Lock and has the role to block third party users from accessing your information, in case your iOS device is lost or stolen.

This additional security system practically inquires for your Apple ID log-in credentials, whenever an important permission, that could affect the privacy of your data, is triggered. If you or anyone else attempts to disable this option, Activation Lock kicks in and asks for your iCloud password.
The iCloud website will quickly inform you about the Activation Lock status of the checked gadget. The notes can only be edited from an iPhone or iPod touch and you can see the change of notes in Gmail notes.
This means that not only your notes will be restored but also all your iPhone settings and data will be overwritten and replaced by the backup.
Not only is iMessage free, but it also helps you bypass costly SMS and MMS messaging charges associated with your carrier.
If you have a limited text message bucket, going over your limit could easily ramp up your message usage.
When you add it to your Mac, it makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with the people that matter most. This makes your gadget harder to re-use or re-sell and is intended to discourage thieves in the first place. However, if you chose to Skip This Step you can set up an Apple ID later, at any time from the Settings app. If you have friends or family members with an Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, you’ll have to default to sending SMS, so carrier rates do apply.

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