Google Cloud Print is the long-awaited answer to my personal prayers for a functioning solution to my printing woes. The new printing app from Google makes it possible to access your printer from any web-connected device through Google Chrome. Note: You will need Google Chrome installed on your Windows computer in order to install Google Cloud Print. Step 1: In the top right-hand corner of your Chrome web browser, there will be a wrench icon that you will need to click on. Your printer will now show up in the list of printers you choose from when printing on any of your devices. Google’s mobile implementation of it’s new cloud print service can be seen in the screenshots below from my own iPhone. Open up the mobile version of Gmail with your smartphone and open up an email that you would like to print.

Once you select Print, another webpage will open up that looks like the one below and you will be able to select your desired printer from the available list, provided you have it set up on your Windows computer.
With more than one home computer at my disposal, not to mention my smartphone and tablet, printing documents and emails from each of my devices can become a frustrating affair. Although currently it is only supported by Windows XP, Vista and 7 machines, Mac and Linux support are forthcoming. Also, make sure you set up Google Cloud Print on the computer that is currently set up with your printer. Your Options menu now has a new button labeled Manage Print Setting – This is where you can view pending print jobs, active print jobs, etc. Android users do not fear, it is all browser based at the moment, so any smartphone with a mobile browser can play along, even for those of you using a BlackBerry.
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Google Cloud Print is a fresh response for those who have multiple devices and need the added convenience of being able to print from all devices. Touching the button with two upward facing arrows brings up a dropdown menu of options, one of which is Print. If a greater number of people use this web app, printing would be much more accessible: Any personal device could sync with any printer.
The advantage to this new way of printing is that there is no longer a need for drivers and installation of printers. Because I’m just about to go over to a clients house, and SET UP MULTIPLE COMPUTERS ON HER PRINTER!

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