FTP or File Transfer Protocol servers allow you to share or host data on your computer that might be too large to transfer through an email.
If you have a Dynamic IP address you will need to configure a way to keep No-IP up to date with your changing IP address. Users can now connect to your server with the username and password you set on your FTP server. And yes, I am aware that there are plenty of guides how to setup an SSH tunnel with Putty, but I found that they are either 1) overly verbose, 2) not exactly describing my problem or 3) wrong. Make sure that SSH is installed (it probably is, otherwise, how do you access the server?).
This work by Johan Driessen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Test Lab Guides (TLGs) allow you to get valuable hands-on experience with new products and technologies using a pre-defined and tested methodology that results in a working configuration. An ideal test lab environment would enable you to create a basic lab configuration, save that configuration, and then build out multiple test lab scenarios in the future by starting with the base configuration. The base configuration is the standard starting point from which you can build test labs based on other TLGs from Microsoft, test lab extensions in the TechNet Wiki, or a test lab of your own design that can include Microsoft or non-Microsoft products. After configuring the computers of the base configuration test lab, make sure that you perform a disk image on each computer if you are using physical computers, or perform virtual machine snapshots if you are using virtual machines. The following figure shows the base configuration test lab in the isolated subnets configuration with the Corpnet (required and consisting of the DC1, APP1, and CLIENT1 computers) and Internet (optional and consisting of the EDGE1 and INET1 computers) subnets.

When both the Corpnet and Internet subnets are configured, the CLIENT1 computer can be moved between the subnets to show intranet and Internet behaviors and functionality. As its name suggests, the isolated subnets configuration is intended for configuration on subnets that are isolated from your organization network and the real Internet. The Azure base configuration is a test lab that consists of just the Corpnet subnet and is hosted within a cloud-only Azure Virtual Network named TestLab. A test lab extension describes how to configure additional functionality or advanced or uncommon configurations based on a working test lab.
A test lab extension includes instructions to configure and test the additional functionality, and then manually restore the test lab to its original state. A troubleshooting TLG describes the troubleshooting tools and how they appear in a working test lab for a technology, product, or multi-technology and product solution. A test lab troubleshooting scenario provides an additional scenario to demonstrate the results of a misconfiguration or other type of common problem and guide the reader through the root cause determination and correction. A TLG mini-module just includes the essential configuration steps to get an existing and working test lab to a new working configuration, skipping the demonstration steps. However, in some cases you already have the expertise and just want to get to a new working test lab environment as quickly as possible.
If you do not already have an account you will need to create an account by following the steps in our Getting Started guide. There are a few different choices you can useto create an FTP server but in this guide we will use FileZilla, which is free.

In order for others users to connect you would need to provide them with the hostname you created on NoIP. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions. Because creating a test lab can represent a significant investment of time and resources, your ability to reuse and extend the work required to create test labs is important. Other TLG content can focus on Microsoft products or platform technologies, but all of them use the Base Configuration TLG as a starting point. With this configuration, you have ultimate control over the computers and their connections.
You will see an option to choose what port the admin interface for FileZilla server should list to.
This client will then check your IP address every 5 minutes and if your IP has changed, it will automatically update that change with No-IP.
At times, however, that is not possible, like for instance when some overzealous firewall administrator has blocked outgoing PPTP. If you do decide to change the port make sure it is an uncommon port, generally 1024-65535.

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