We cracked up the case to take a look at the build quality and to see what components were being sourced for the WD My Cloud EX2.
With the plastic rounded cover removed we were able to take a look inside the WD My Cloud EX2.
Here is a shot at the front 40mm case fan and the circuit board that has the three blue LED notification lights. We tried to strip down the inner metal drive cage, but WD used a couple clips on the SATA ports that weren’t exactly easy to get off, so we stopped short of removing the motherboard. Now that we know what the WD My Cloud EX2 is and what is inside of it, we can move along and setup the NAS server! Can the files be accessed by removing a drive from the enclosure and installing it in a PC?
I didn’t seen any temperature measurements from the enclosure during various operations. Can the firmware of an installed hard-drive (WD Red or Seagate NAS drive let’s say) be updated when in this NAS? There are many software and web services available out there that provide synchronization of data between multiple users. Once you are logged in, you can create your own network and then invite friends to join it.

From the Network tab, you can see a list of your connected friends, send them a message and connect to their VPN, game server and access shared files that they might have shared with you. With Leaf Networks, you can create and connect friends with your private network and join their private networks.
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The layout is rather interesting as there is a metal tray inside that is attached to the outer plastic housing. We snapped the above image though to show that the Marvell A370 1.2GHz single-core SoC was passively cooled.
Once the device is stopped I don’t know how the NAS will behave when you want to rebuild it. However, as the time of cloud computing lurks over the horizon, we are far likely to witness more cloud-based applications with better features. If you do not have a Leaf Networks account, you can click on Get a New Account to create a new login ID.
This way you can play Xbox, share and sync files and create your own network tree which is accessible via the cloud from anywhere, anytime. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Pretty much every single metal part that touches the plastic is isolated with rubber grommets.
We suspect that the rubber around the fan is to keep noise down and that the rubber around the LEDs is to ensure that just right part is lit on the front panel. There are many ways one can create a private network for synchronizing files and connecting with multiple users. Each of these three options, allows adding members to your network resources and managing sharing options.
The My Cloud EX2 is active cooled with a small fan sitting behind the front cover at the very bottom of the unit as shown in the image above.
It should be noted that there are just two wires inside the EX2; one for the front LEDs and the other for the front cooling fan.
One way is to configure a Windows Home Server, whereas another is to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is primarily considered an alternative to a VPN and provides the utility of creating your cloud based network without the need of setting up a server.

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