If you've got a brand new device, or you had to restore yours for some reason, perhaps a technical issue, you'll most likely want to bring down your iCloud backup. If you aren't sure where to look in order to enable iCloud backups for the first time, we can walk you through. If you're switching devices or have to wipe your existing device for some reason, it's a very good idea to create an iCloud backup beforehand. Just like you can pick and choose what kinds of things get backed up to iCloud, you can also pick and choose what data gets synced to iCloud too. If you've just received an iPhone (or treated yourself), here's how to get it set up with all your contacts, email, apps and more. If Santa's been generous this year, you might be the recipient of a shiny new iPad or iPhone. Out of the box, iPhones and iPads should have enough battery power to complete the setup process, but it's worth connecting the included charger and fully charging the battery as soon as possible. Step 1: Hold down the power button for a couple of seconds until you see the white Apple logo appear on the screen, then release it. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and once connected your iPhone or iPad will activate by contacting Apple's servers. Step 5: You'll be asked whether to set up the device as a new iPhone or iPad or restore an existing backup. Step 6: If you already have an Apple account, sign in using your email address and password. As part of the process, you'll need to enter your credit or debit card details: you'll only be charged if you buy an app.
Step 7: Agree to the Ts and Cs (you can't use your device if you don't), and you'll see a message saying it's now ready to use.
Step 9: Assuming you use iCloud, you'll also be asked using which addresses and numbers you'd like people to be able to send you messages via iMessage.
Step 15: Many email accounts also include contacts and calendars which you'll choose to enable (or not) in the previous step. To install new apps, tap on the App Store icon and browse the thousands upon thousands of apps. Youa€™ve moved to the latest and greatest in the iOS world, and to do so, youa€™re leaving your old device behind.
If youa€™re upgrading from an older iPhone, you can transfer all its apps, data, and settings to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Mail, contacts, and calendars: If youa€™re using a Gmail account or other POP or IMAP-based account for mail on your smartphone, ita€™s already syncing to a central server, and you should be able to add that account to your new iPhone with few issues.
Music, videos, and photos: Your iPhone uses iTunes to sync any local music, TV, movies, and photos from your computer to the device. If youa€™ve purchased content through your smartphone that hasna€™t been copied to your computer (say, if youa€™re using Amazon Cloud Drive), you should be able to download it to your desktop system, or, at the very least, install an app on the iPhone (like the Kindle app for book purchases) that lets you access the information.
Apps and miscellany: Unfortunately, you cana€™t port any Windows or Android apps from your old device to your iPhone.
SMS and MMS logs, while not transferrable, are in theory rescuable, depending on what kind of smartphone you own, but it requires a lot of legwork on your end. Yes, ita€™s finally time to toss that Razr aside for something a little more full-featured.
If your phone has a SIM card that doesna€™t fit in your new iPhone, but it comes with a USB cable for connecting it to your computer, you may be able to transfer your contacts (and your photos) by exporting them through software. Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. We are actually living in a world where teen parenting is considered as one of the most difficult and responsible task.
Step 1 : Before you proceed you need to make sure you have access to Apple ID of the target iPhone. In case of any issues or queries, feel free to ask in comment section provided below. Keep subscribed for latest How-tos at Gizmostorm. Apple ID will not alert the target iPhone, everything is done discreetly and in stealth mode. I have the apple ID and password for someone and they have an icloud set up but don’t have the icloud backup turned on.
We are Smartphone technology publication read daily by Smartphone enthusiasts and gadget lovers from around the world. It integrates with iMessage, makes photos more accessible than ever with iCloud Photo Library, and even lets us share purchases with loved ones via Family Sharing. And if you're a seasoned pro, pass this guide along to your friends and family members who could use some help understanding the basics of syncing, restoring, and backing up with iCloud!
You'll be asked during the process if you'd like to set up a new iCloud, or Apple ID, and we highly suggest you do. You can use iCloud Photo Library to store all your photos and free up precious device storage if you want.

While iCloud backs up on its own every 24 hours or so, you may have received texts, iMessages, or even taken some new photos since that last backup. If you aren't quite sure how to go about making sure your data is completely removed, we can walk you through from beginning to end. You can also check out our iCloud forums where you can ask questions and get answers from us and other super smart iMore readers! Setting them up is really easy, and here we'll show you how to how to choose the right options, create an Apple ID, get your email working, install apps and more. The only thing you'll need is a wireless router so you can connect to the internet and activate your new device. You'll then see a 'Hello' message and you can swipe to the right to begin and choose your language. This should be the country where you live, as it will affect localisation such as the time and date format, currency, keyboard layout and more. If your new device is an upgrade from an old iPhone or iPad, it's usually best to restore the most recent backup.
This is for storing documents online and it's best not to use it if you have older devices which can't be upgraded to iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite (the operating system for Mac computers). Decide whether you want to send error reports to Apple (you don't have to) and then you'll be greeted with this message. Here's how to add your Gmail account, but the process is very similar for other email accounts. But before you get to playing with your new device, youa€™ll probably want to get to know it and set it up. But before you send it off with a fond farewell, you have to decide whether you want to transfer its data to your new iPhone.
To update your backup (or to create a new one) connect your old device to the computer you normally sync it with via USB, open iTunes, select the device from the Devices menu, and under the Backups section, click Back Up Now. Your device will automatically make an iCloud backup once a day while locked, plugged in, and connected to a Wi-Fi network, but you can manually force a backup whenever youa€™re on Wi-Fi by opening the Settings app on your device.
Depending on how youa€™ve set your information up, it should be relatively painless to transfer it to your new device.
If youa€™ve been syncing that information with your smartphone, ita€™s easy enough sync that data with your Apple devicea€”you just have to know where the content is located on your smartphone and get it over to your computer. On the upside, you may be able to find parallel versions of those apps on Applea€™s App Store (for instance, if youa€™re using Dropbox on your smartphone, you can download the companya€™s iOS app and continue to access your Dropbox data). You wona€™t be able to add them to your new iPhone, however; youa€™ll simply be saving them to your computer.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Not only this, how well iMessage integrates and synchronise itself with all your Apple devices is genuinely commendable.
Little negligence could cost your child to enthral towards the wrong path from where coming back is very difficult. In case you don’t have Apple ID credentials, then I fear it’s not at all possible to Spy iMessage Without Jailbreak. For more iPhone and Android Tutorials, head over to iOs How-tos or Android How-tos section right away.
He just loves to mirror his knowledge about Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows on his Technology Journal - GizmoStorm. GizmoStorm delivers up-to-date Android how-tos, Smartphone apps, Rooting Guides and Custom Roms in the Smartphone industry. However, for the mass majority of people out there, its the convenience of being able to get a new device and instantly have access to all our apps, calendars, contacts, and media in a few taps that makes iCloud stand out from other services. If you aren't exactly sure where that option is and you want to make sure you don't miss it, follow our guide for step by step instructions! You also may need to upgrade your storage plan if you have multiple iOS devices connected to one account and you find your backups becoming too large. Once enabled, iCloud will back up your device at least once every 24 hours or so as long as you are plugged in and connected to WiFi.
You'll definitely want to complete this process before selling or handing a device down to someone else. You have to set up your new iPhone 6s before you start using it, regardless you bought it from Apple Store, any other retail store, or received it at your doorstep after pre-ordering it online.
You can skip this, but it will mean you can't use many of the iPad or iPhone's features, and you won't be able to install any extra apps. Don't skip this, because it means others can't get access to your iPhone or iPad if you lose it or leave it lying around. Siri is Apple's digital assistant that lets you dictate messages, set alarms, launch apps, perform web searches and much more. Thanks to iOSa€™s step-by-step activation process, Applea€™s made it pretty simple to get started; but just in case you need some extra help, wea€™ve put together a comprehensive guide for activating your new iPhone, transferring data from your old phone, and some suggestions for exploring its new features.

Here are the various ways to do so, depending on whether youa€™re moving from an old iPhone, a different smartphone, or a feature phone.
Apple has even provided a switchera€™s guide for people moving to their first iPhone, and while we encourage reading it in its entirety, we have a few tips to get you started.
Once youa€™ve done that, add it to iTunes; to sync your photos, add them to iPhoto or Aperture (on a Mac) or place them in your Pictures folder (on a PC). If you have apps with valuable information you dona€™t want to lose (notes apps, to-do lists, etc), you can poke around to see if therea€™s any way of exporting that information; otherwise, youa€™ll be out of luck.
There are a variety of different programs available for exporting messages from your smartphonesa€”SMS Backup & Restore for Android appears to be one popular option. If youa€™re on a phone with a nano-SIM card, ita€™s easy enough to rescue the first; for the second, youa€™ll need Bluetooth support or a connection cable for your device.
Once the import has completed, eject your old SIM and put the one that came with your new iPhone back in its tray. Though everything is great considering social apps like iMessages, WhatsApp or Snapchat, but is your child is too much indulged in these social platforms? To prevent you from fraudulent, if anyone claims to Spy on iMessage without access to target phone or without having the Apple ID (only one of them is required), then he’s surely gonna run away with your hard earned money without giving results. While the process is simple and straight forward, we can walk you through if you need some help!
For most of us, this will happen at night while you're sleeping and your device is charging. In this tutorial, we are going to show you exactly how to setup iPhone 6s or 6s Plus in a detailed step-by-step manner. You can choose in the Settings app later which other apps are allowed to use your location. As I havena€™t used it, I cana€™t personally recommend it, but you can always search Google to bring up more options.
You can also delete old iCloud backups out of your account, which is a great way to free up some extra storage if you're running low.
If you don't like all of what iCloud syncing has to offer, you can choose what services to enable, and what to leave off.
If it is like so, then you have all rights to know the truth and some facts on How To Spy On Someone’s iMessages Remotely.
If you aren't sure how to do either of these things, check out our guides for a little extra help. If you have a shared device in your home, these settings are ones you'll definitely want to look over.
One can also start from scratch if their device has gotten slow due to the excess of data.Starting from scratch also comes in handy when you just cannot wait to try your new device despite having a backup of your previous device in your iTunes or on iCloud. If you really want to test out your new device as soon as possible, you can start from scratch.
This skips the long wait of your device being restored from your iTunes or an iCloud backup. Then Choose your language and country or region.Now you need to connect your device to a WiFi network. If you do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, you can choose to use Cellular network instead.Now the setup process will attempt to activate your iPhone. Also, keep in mind that the apps like Maps require location services enabled for its proper functioning.Now it is time to set up your Touch ID fingerprint and a passcode for your iPhone 6s. The process will ask you if you want to activate Hey Siri feature, which activates Siri with the aforementioned catchphrase.
If you choose to enable Hey Siri, it will walk your through the steps to calibrate Siri with your voice.Finally, choose whether you want to automatically sending anonymous diagnostics to Apple server or not. However, we advise you to go through Settings app and set things up according to your preference.If you run into any problem while setting up your iPhone 6s as a new iPhone, let us know in the comments section below. Just make sure that you have the latest backup of you old iPhone on your iCloud account, to do that manually trigger a backup on the old device before transferring it to the new one. Depending on the size of backup and your internet speed, this may take a while to get all the data transferred from your iCloud account to the new iPhone 6s. During the process, your iPhone may become warm due to continuous use of network radios and the indexing for the Spotlight search.
Make sure your device stays connected to the internet.If you run into any problem while restoring your iPhone 6s from iCloud backup, let us know in the comments section below.

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