Setting up email in the Mail app on your iPhone and iPad is meant to be as simple as possible. If this setup procedure does not work for you, we recommend changing your Comcast email account from POP to IMAP.
If you still have problems accessing your Comcast email account on your iPhone or iPad, you can call 800-XFINITY (934-6489) or visit Comcast’s email support site.

In here, make sure that "Use SSL" is on, "Authentication" is set to "Password" and that the "Server Port" is on 995.
IMAP is an email standard that supports better synchronization across devices and tends to work better with the Apple Mail app. Make sure that "Use SSL" is checked and that "Authentication" is set to Password and that the "Server Port" is set to 587.

Once you have done this, your email account should be completely set up and ready to receive and send emails.

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