If you just made the switch over to Windows 10 Mobile with the purchase of a brand new Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, here’s a quick tutorial on how you can migrate your contacts and calendar via iCloud.
Your email account is now added as a Live Tile on your home screen and you’ll be able to see all your email messages at a glance using the Action center (swiping down from the top of the screen). If you found our above posted guide useful for setting up CardDAV on iOS for syncing contacts, then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below.
This is very easy to setup but before beginning you should take a moment to back up your iPhone contacts.
Mac users can also sync the OS X Contacts (Address Book) app with Google Contacts by following these instructions. If I were in your shoes, the very first thing that I’d want to transfer to my new Android phone would be my contact list. Click the Actions Menu button (cog wheel icon at the lower-left corner) to open the settings menu. Click on the Share Calendar button beside the name of the calendar that you want to export. So far, you’ve succeeded in exporting and downloading your calendar entries into a file on your PC. If you have several calendars in your Google Calendar account, they will appear on the drop-down list. After importing is completed, the new entries should now be visible in the Google calendar that you selected as destination for the entries.
Connect your iPhone to your computer via the iPhone’s proprietary USB cable, preferably using a USB port at the back of your PC. Copy the imported images and videos from your My Pictures subfolder to your Android’s images (sub)folder. First, you need to sync your iPhone music tracks to the Music Library on your PC’s iTunes. On the next screen, Google Music Manager will prompt you about whether you want all newly added songs to iTunes to be also automatically uploaded to your Google Play Music account. Once you’ve specified all setup options, Google Music Manager will scan your iTunes Music Library and begin uploading your songs to Google. Now that your songs are uploaded to Google, you can listen to your songs via the Play Music website on your supported Web browser or via the Play Music app on your Android device. You will be asked to download the iCloud Bookmarks extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.
After the extension finishes installing in the last step above, the Safari bookmarks from your iPhone will be transferred to Google Chrome or Firefox on your computer. If you chose Google Chrome as your browser, syncing your bookmarks to your Android device will be easy.
The Firefox browser on your computer has an option that allows you to sync your bookmarks to Firefox on your Android device.
Login to your Firefox account with your credentials to sync your browser data (including bookmarks) to the cloud. Firefox on both your computer and Android device will now be paired.A  Browser data from your Firefox on your PC will now be synced to your Android device. You can swipe from the left edge towards the right in Mail to go back one screen. This is an alternative to tapping the back button at the top-right.
A horizontal swipe from right to left brings up the “Trash” and “More” options while in the mail list view. On the iPad, a swipe from the left edge of the screen in portrait mode will bring up the mails list, but won’t actually take up back one screen.

If you perform a search anywhere in the iOS 7 Mail app, it defaults to searching all your mailboxes.
Note that if you setup a Gmail account using the Google option from settings, you won’t be able to get this option. Of course iOS won’t get its prediction right all the time, so you can set a default account from the Mail, Contacts and Calendar section in Settings. To quickly access your list of drafts, simply long tap the compose button at the bottom-right.
At times you’d want to reply to a portion of the mail you received, but iOS by default quotes the contents of the entire mail when replying.
Mail.app doesn’t give a direct button to insert attachments from the compose window, but if you long tap in the compose text field, you’ll see an option to insert a video or a photo (you’ll have to tap the right arrow to see the option). You can also increase or decrease the indent level of selected text by following the same technique.
Often times, you’ll want only the contacts or calendar data from your mail account synced to your iOS device, and not the mailbox itself. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
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This transfers all Google Contact details onto the iOS device, in addition to keeping all contacts in sync, meaning any changes made in one service will carry over to the other nearly instantaneously.
You can do that either with iTunes, iCloud, or by exporting them from the web, and doing so insures that you will have a proper copy intact in the event something does go awry with the sync setup procedure. Doing so will insure that all Google contact details are in sync between the desktop OS X, mobile iOS, web Gmail, and Android worlds.
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Especially since I use my smartphone as a phone more than anything else, contacts are at the top of the list of data types that I’d consider most important.
Under the Portable Devices section, find your iPhone’s storage and right-click on its icon. The default location for the copied files will be in a subfolder in your My Pictures folder. The method recommended in this section generally involves (1) syncing your iPhone music tracks with your iTunes Music Library on your desktop PC and (2) uploading the music files to your Google Music account.
Also ensure that your purchased songs are downloaded from iCloud to your PC, as Google Music Manager only uploads songs that are saved on the PC. Click on the Songs tab to see a list of the music tracks on your iPhone, including songs bought using the logged-in Apple ID. Tracks that have an iCloud logo with a downward arrow displayed beside the track title are tracks that have not yet been saved to the PC. With our easy-to-follow guides, you should be able to easily transfer your most important data and files to your Android phone.
So you can open your zip attachments right within mail, as long as the zip contains files supported by iOS. If you want to have a quick peek at your inbox without leaving the current message, you could drag the screen from the left edge halfway, and then put it back.

Tapping on more lets you reply, forward, flag, mark as read, mark as junk or move the message. When you send an email to someone in your corporate Exchange directory, the email is defaulted to come from your corporate email account, even if your default account is your personal account. You can change this by selecting the portion you want to reply to using the standard iOS text selection mechanism and then pressing the reply button.
When you tap that, you’ll see the standard photo picker from where you can choose a photo or video.
But fret not, we’re here to help things as simple as possible and will also guide our readers in the future on how to move Google account contacts to iCloud if you’re planning to jump ship, so stay tuned for that! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. This functions much like how iCloud syncs contacts between Apple devices, except it offers the ability to sync across platforms and between Apple and Google services.
This makes it an excellent choice for users who split smartphone usage time between Android and iPhones, and it also happens to be the easiest way to migrate contacts from one device platform to another if you happen to be making a more permanent switch. It is heart-rending to bid goodbye to the tyrannical habits associated with iPhone use, especially if you’ve grown too attached to it. If you want, create a subfolder to hold the iPhone photos and videos that you will be copying in the next steps. You can upload all the tracks in your iTunes library, selected music playlists, or podcasts to Google. Your browser data (including bookmarks) will then be synced to your Google account, making your data accessible to the Google Chrome app on your Android device. Syncing your local browser data to the cloud will take a moment, so give it some time to complete the sync before moving on to the next step.
This post in particular showed you easy methods to transfer your contacts, images, videos, calendar events, and bookmarks from iPhone to Android.
Now the question is: how can I transfer my itunes music to my nexus 7 without using internet. But, you find consolation in the fact that you’re welcoming a free world where there is color and where you can breathe. There is another easy method that will let you quickly transfer your music from iPhone to PC and from PC to Android, but that method allows limited access to your music. You can also download several tracks simultaneously by multi-selecting tracks, then right-clicking on a highlighted track title, and clicking Download from the popup menu. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
We, at Android Authority, want your grief (for having ended your iPhone love affair) to be short and your joy (for having embraced the freedom of Android) to be sweet and well-deserved. In short, we want your migration from iPhone to Android to be as painless and as easy as possible. This guide offers several easy methods for carrying out the various common tasks associated with transferring from iPhone to Android for good.

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