Step (1): First of all, press the Home button on your iPhone which will open home screen of your iPhone. Step (3): Once Settings are opened on your iPhone, you have to scroll down and tap on the iCloud button.
Step (4): After successfully logged out from your iCloud account, you have to select Create a new Apple ID option (located at the bottom of the screen). Step (11): Now to secure your iCloud account, you have to select three Security Questions and enter the answers to those questions.
Step (12): If you want to stay updated with the latest Apple news, simply turn ON the Apple News button and then select the Next button present on the upper top right corner of your screen. So, this is the most simple method which you can follow in order to create a free aiCloud email address. Family Sharing is a brand-new feature in Apple iOS 8 that lets families of up to six people share purchases from iTunes and the App store. Another great feature: Family Sharing gives one person authority to authorize and deny purchases made by children. For children who don't have email addresses, you can add them, but you have to first set them up with an Apple email address to do so.
Every Family Sharing account has one and only one "Family organizer," aka the administrator.
The next page will give you a little run-down of what you can share, with a link to more information at the bottom.
You'll see an option here to switch Apple IDs—handy if you got this far and realized that your significant other or mother really should be the one setting up the account. Similar to the previous screen, you have the option to change the account that is considered the primary one to share. As you'll see a little later, there is an optional feature called Ask to Buy, which leaves purchases in a pending state until you approve them. Richards tweeted her message this morning - although it is not known if the messages were part of a targetted attack or simply 'phishing' messages sent to hundreds of users. The reset system allows those who have forgotten their password to reset it by answering a series of questions.
Not all apps and not all versions of OS X support the feature yet, but here’s how to do it with the the Mac Finder in modern versions of OS X, and also how to do it with all apps that are iCloud equipped. Of course the easiest way is to to simply drag and drop a file into the iCloud Drive window of OS X Finder, that will move the file to iCloud Drive (not copy it, a distinct difference).
Of course, some apps now choose iCloud as the default save location, a setting which can be changed back to local storage if you don’t like it.
Once the file is in iCloud, you’ll be able to open it from anywhere else configured with the same iCloud account. Is there a way of saving a batch of document files (pages, numbers etc..) from mac to icloud without having to go into each individual document and re-saving?
You can easily create icloud email address and save it on your iPhone which will create the backup of all the photos and important data which is present on your device. The process to create an icloud email address is a bit different and new users might find it a bit complex. If you are logged in with any iCloud account you need to log out as then only you will be able to create an icloud email address.
Make sure that you enter right details as it will help you in setting all the services correctly.

Make sure that the password you are selecting is strong and is of eight characters at least and has a lower case, upper case letters along with some number.
With this service enabled, one person can buy an app, and everyone else can install it, too, at no extra cost.
Agree to Pay The next page indicates that you agree to pay for purchases using the payment method that is shown on the screen. Decide Whether to Share Your LocationOne feature of Family Sharing is the ability to share your location (it's really the location of your device), and see the location of your family members' devices, too. It also requires that you create an email address for the child and establish some security questions.
If at any time you want to remove someone from the group, you can tap his or her name and select Remove.
This is extremely convenient if you want to quickly move a file around but don’t want to copy it manually or with a USB drive, particularly when text documents that are lightweight and easily sent around through the cloud.
With older versions of OS X you can still move files to iCloud, but you do it through an application instead. Whether or not that’s enabled though, you can still move current local documents to the cloud and the method above is the easiest way to do so. Any changes made to the document will also reflect everywhere else you use the file, so you can make a quick change on the go with your iPad and it’ll be the same when you get home to your Mac. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you are having any doubts or problems during the process of creating iCloud email address, let us know using the comments section below and we will be happy to answer your queries. Just because you grant permission to use this payment method doesn't mean all your family members can automatically charge your credit card.
You invite them via email address, so be sure you have an email address that each family member has tied to his or her Apple account.
You can also create a shared family calendar, and even share the location of your iOS devices with one another. Make selections on the final screens to share location information or not and agree to the terms and conditions, and you'll be done. If you have notifications for iCloud Drive enabled, you'll see one come in confirming your child has been added to Family Sharing. Set up Do Not Disturb in the Settings app (it’s in the second section down the page, just under Notifications and Control Center).
Toggle Scheduled to ON and then set the times you want to keep Notifications out of your face. You’ll go to a list of all the sounds from the original iPhone, including Xylophone, which sounds to me like something out of Law and Order. Some people love to arrange apps into topical folders, others prefer to place apps that work well together near each other, and still others tend to place more used apps up front and less used apps on later pages.
One of the best ways, however, we’ve seen to arrange our Home screens is to arrange our apps by color. Tap and hold on any one app to start the app wiggle dance, then tap and drag your apps around on each screen to put like-colored items next to each other.
Be sure to toggle iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, and App and iTunes Stores to ON here so you can use Touch ID for everything possible. For Apple’s Mail app, tap into Settings and then swipe down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Change Swipe Right to Archive, so that when you swipe that direction, you’ll be able to either quickly save an email to your Archive, or (if your email Account supports swiping left as a default Delete action) it will offer a Trash icon. Change Swipe Left to Mark as Read, which is a great way to just slam through your email messages as you get them.
This only affects your built-in Mail app from Apple; each third-party email client will do things differently. Add an HTML signature – A nice email signature can really make you look professional, so be sure to add an HTML signature to your email.
If you’ve already got one on the desktop, copy and paste the code into an email and forward to yourself.
Then you can copy and paste it into Mail app (or whichever email client you prefer, if it supports it). It can be as simple as text formatting tags or as complex as adding a logo from a webserver. Tap into Settings, Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and then swipe way down to the Calendars section. Toggle Background App Refresh to ON, then toggle OFF all the apps you don’t really need accessing anything in the background. When in doubt, toggle it to OFF and see if you are slowed down by any apps that need to refresh when you launch them. You can manage your storage in here, but be sure to enable everything you need right away so you’re never not backed up. Enable iCloud Drive, Photos, Contacts, Reminders, Safari, Notes, News, Wallet, Backup, Kechain and Find My Phone as soon as you get your iPhone 6s unpacked. The default two minutes you get for the length of time your iPhone will stay on without turning off its display may keep your battery power higher longer, but it’s really not enough for anyone during normal use. Make sure your other device is nearby when you tap into Settings on your iPhone, then tap on Messages, then tap on Text Message Forwarding. Be sure to head into Settings, Safari, AutoFill to set up your mobile browser the right way: toggle Use Contact Info to ON, and then tap on My Info to pick the Contact you want to use when you encounter any form fields in Safari.
Toggle Names and Passwords to ON, as well, so you can save that across visits to the same website (this pulls from iCloud Keychain, so be sure to have that enabled). Toggle Credit Cards to ON, as well, so you can shop with abandon; just be sure to use only SSL encrypted websites. The best way to avoid this is with a virtual private network (VPN), which is a sheer hassle to set up on your own.
Tunnelbear is simply the best, most easily set up VPN out there, and you’ll get 500 M of data protection for free, with more available with a simple in-app purchase.
If you want to keep your full-resolution music files backed up to the cloud, use iTunes Match.
For $25 per year, you’ll get all your music files matched or uploaded to iCloud in the highest bitrate possible.
You can then stream or download the music to any device provided your iTunes Match subscription is intact.

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