After you click Set Up Family, youa€™ll go through the steps to create a Family Sharing account. For someone who has an Apple ID, enter the email address for that persona€™s Apple ID account. When youa€™re done adding and creating Apple IDs, youa€™ll be taken to the top level of the iCloud Family Sharing settings. Jennifer Kyrnin has been building websites since 1995, and teaching others how to do it since 1997.
I have ask to buy on and I sent a request to purchase gems in the game clash of clans and nobody accepted it or declined it, so it's still out there somewhere but I have no how to find it help please!
If Mom buys a TV show, the other people in the group (up to six people) can access that show, too. This person manages the members, as well as pay for the items purchased by the group.This screen shows the account that is being used to create the Family Sharing. If you dona€™t want to do this, click Continue.If you do want to make another person the organizer, click Use a Different Account. It will be used when members of the Family Sharing account make a purchase.To learn more about family purchases, click the a€?About family purchasesa€? button. If you decide to select Not Now, you can change this later in the iCloud system preference by clicking the Find My Mac box.

A window will appear, with an Apple ID listing on the left, and an Add Family Member button on the right. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. The kids can then use the family credit card to purchase apps, music, videos, and books for their device. The easiest way to set up "Ask to Buy" is to enable it when you create their account in Family Sharing. Have them enter their password to connect their account to your family, or wait for them to accept the invitation.
They will be added with full access, so you'll need to tap on their name to set up Ask To Buy.
You and any ot her approved parent or guardian will then get a notification asking to purchase the app.
She's written several books on the topic, and is probably working on another one right now. Parents can control what the kids buy, and Family Sharing can be used with photos, calendars, and more.Wea€™ve gone over the details of Family Sharing, the risks, and how to activate Family Sharing on an iPhone or iPad. If you want more info about Family Sharing, click the Details button, which will open your browser to Applea€™s Family Sharing website.Click Continue and wea€™ll go to the next step.

Click Continue for the next step.(If you want someone else to be the organizer, click Continue anyway.
This will take you to a window where you enter the Apple ID name and password of the person you want to be the organizer. This will launch a browser window with Applea€™s website on family purchases and payments.Click Continue. When you click Continue, you can either enter the Apple ID password of the new member, or you can send an email invitation. That app (or song, video, tv show, or book) will then show up in their purchased section of the iTunes store. You can also use Family Sharing on a Mac, as well as set up a Family Sharing account.This how-to takes you through the steps of setting up Family Sharing on a Mac.
Herea€™s how to find your Apple IDYou can create Apple IDs for children under 13, but first, you must create a Family Sharing account.You will also need a credit card that will be used as the Family Sharinga€™s method of payment.

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