One of the biggest problems for people who aren’t very tech savvy is getting network devices configured and running on their home LAN – let alone setting up remote access, if the device is capable of such a feat. Cloud Engines today unveiled the Pogoplug, a small device that connects external hard drives to the Internet, making personal files instantly shareable and accessible.
According to the NPD Group, consumers have purchased over seven million external hard drives in the past year alone.
Easy Installation – The Pogoplug connects directly to any home network and requires no special technical knowledge to setup firewalls or other configurations. Full Web Access – All the files from an external drive can be viewed or downloaded through any Web browser, with no need to download or install extra software. Access Your Data Anywhere – As long as you have an Internet connection, access your files with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder while the drive stays safely at your home. Safe and Simple Sharing – Easily share personal content, including video and photos, with friends and family with no uploading. Founded in 2007 by experienced entrepreneurs from the digital media and security industries, Cloud Engines is located in San Francisco, California.

Halo: Reach Cheats - Gamesradar - In level 8 there is a place you have to go to called club Errera. Pogoplug enhances the mobile lifestyle by providing seamless access to digital content from any computer or mobile device around the globe.
The Pogoplug is the perfect accessory to any external hard drive or USB thumb drive, adding desirable functionality at an affordable price, with no monthly service fees. The company was formed with a mission to change the way personal content is stored and distributed over the Internet.
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Users simply plug the Pogoplug into an electrical outlet, connect the supplied Ethernet cable to their home network router, and attach their external hard drive. Soon, Pogoplug will connect directly to popular sites that offer backup, file synchronization, photo printing and more.

There are some great treatments for hair growth that will help you to have healthy and thick hair. Another great feature is that Pogoplug has an open web services platform that any developer can code for and create hooks that can share your drive’s content directly with popular backup, file synchronization, and photo printing sites. The only thing lacking from this $99 adapter ($79 if you pre-order it before March) is UPnP AV server and maybe SAMBA share functionality so it can work with LAN connected Linux PCs as well. Content is accessible with any Web browser, Microsoft Windows® Explorer, Mac Finder, and through the Pogoplug iPhone application.

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