Users are then linked to a set of instructions to set up the iCloud service, but the page that the link directs to is not yet available on Apple’s website, which suggests that Apple likely sent the emails out inadvertently, likely during the testing process. Additional notes are provided in the email describing iCloud and how it works, explaining how it keeps content synced between all of your devices, including documents. Glenn is Managing Editor at MacTrast, and has been using a Mac since he bought his first MacBook Pro in 2006. Just like any other email account, you can set up an iCloud email account on Microsoft Outlook. 4.On the Add Account wizard, click on the tick button for Manual setup or additional server types. 11.Put a check mark on Remember password and Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA). 14.On the Outgoing Server tab, put a check mark on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. 15.Still on the Outgoing Server tab, click on the tick mark for Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
16.On the Advanced tab, enter 993 on Incoming server (IMAP) then choose an SSL connection from the drop-down box. 17.Still on the Advanced tab, enter 587 on Outgoing server (SMTP) then choose Auto connection from the drop-down box. My interest in this topic stemmed from an initial problem when I was importing new contacts. Step 4: Click the contact card from the list of contacts that you want to use as your contact card. You should now have a silhouette to the right of the contact card that you just selected, and iOS will use the information on that card to pre-fill any information that requires a contact card. Whether you want to share a contact card with someone or backup all your Mac contacts to your computer, there is an easy way to go at it.
2) Click on the Share icon located at the lower right corner of the contact card you want to share (see the red border on the image above). 4) Type in a recipient’s email address, add text to your email if you want to, then click Send. The method described above is great for sharing a contact, but what if you want to export this contact to back it up to your computer for example? 1) On your Mac, go to the Contacts app and click on the contact you want to export in order to select it.

3) This will open up a dialogue box where you will be able to choose where you want to save the contact card. 4) Once the contact card has been saved to your computer, you’re free to do whatever you want with it.
4) A dialogue box will appear prompting you to choose a location where to save the exported contacts on your computer. 5) You can now keep this file as a backup on your computer, or you could for example import it into Gmail or any other email client. 3) You will now have the option to save the .abbu file of your exported contacts anywhere on your Mac. Not sure what your setup is but if you use iCloud for both your Mac and your iPhone, they should be synced on both devices, meaning if you delete on one, it will be deleted on the other too. The steps below will assume that the song was purchased with the same iTunes account that is currently set up on your iPhone.
Would you like to download more of your music to your iPhone, but you do not have enough space? Using the right configuration and settings, you can now start sending and receiving email messages from your iCloud email account on Microsoft Outlook. You can choose any name that you want as this tab does not affect the connection in any way. If you have problems with any of the procedures above, let us know in the comments section so that we can help you.
The comments and forum posts are property of their posters, all the rest ® 2003-2015 by QD Ideas, LLC. This is the information that it will use to automatically populate certain programs and settings.
Once selected, the contact will be highlighted in blue, as you can see on the following screenshot. This will allow you to quickly search for any song that you own in iTunes and download it to your device. Our complete guide to deleting iPhone 5 items will show you how to get rid of some of the apps and files that might be taking up a  lot of that space.
If you were able to create a free iCloud email account and you want to configure your iCloud email into Microsoft Outlook, then this tutorial is for you. However, if there is an error encountered, try to put your full email address and see if it fixes the problem.

But if the default contact card is incorrect, or if you want to change it to some new information, you may find yourself wondering how to set a new default contact card in iOS. It wasn’t immediately obvious how to change this setting so, after some digging, I found how I needed to go about using a different contact. Once selected, the name will be highlighted in blue, as you can see on the screenshot below. Alternatively, they will be able to easily add this contact to Gmail, or to their Mac or iPhone contacts.
In this example, we selected two contacts, but you’re free to select as many as you want. The universal way will allow you to export all your contacts to a .vcf file, which will then be readable by virtually any operating system or mail client in the world. Once you have selected once contact, press the Command + A keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
Note that the contacts will be exported to a .vcf file, which again, is a standard format recognized by all computers and email clients. This may be due to a feature that is turned off on your iPhone which would otherwise show all of your cloud music in the Music app. Songs with a cloud icon next to them are songs that you own in iTunes, but that have not yet been downloaded to your device.
So continue reading below to learn how to make that change and have your default contact card switched to the new information of your choosing. Simply follow the information below to learn how to make that change on your own MacBook Air. This will open your Mac’s Mail application, and the contact card will be automatically attached to the a new email. If your goal is to export all your contacts and maybe share them in the future with someone else who might not own a Mac, this is the way you want to go. This limitation makes it hard for me to recommend this file format as an export option, and I do prefer exporting as a .vcf file, as described above.

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