Apple’s iCloud email is a great free service that is configured automatically on Macs and iDevices. Instructions vary based on the specific software, but the following information should allow users to configure iCloud IMAP access in almost any modern operating system or email application. Apple makes iCloud email setup on its own devices a breeze, but with a few minutes you can set up your iCloud email almost anywhere and have access to it on the PC at work, an Android tablet, or a Linux workstation. ICloud is a service that allows users of Apple’s devices to store different kinds of data on remote computer servers so they are able to download it to multiple devices without the need to be connected to a computer by a cable. Syncing data for email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders (to-do lists) and more.
Now, while this all might sound a bit complicated for some, the truth is that Apple has made it in a way that it can all work seamlessly and with minimum effort on the user’s part.
Once this setup is complete on all your devices, iCloud will start doing its magic and all your settings, purchases, music, iOS apps, backups and more will be safe and up to date on all of them in real time. It only takes a few minutes to move in to your new smartphone, as long as you push the right buttons.
Switching phones has always been kind of a pain, and smartphones didn't so much make things easier as create different problems along the way. The biggest challenges when moving from iOS to Android is making sure you're not jumping through hoops on the simple stuff. If you're not using Apple as your email provider, iCloud isn't likely to have what you're looking for.
Now that your phone parts do everything you want them to do, you can worry about photos and music.
On the next screen user will see their phone number and also the email address that they use with their Apple ID.
By default the user will be reached both by their phone number and email address with new iMessages.
With Send and Receive selected the user will see their phone number and email address used with their Apple ID on the next page.

Hey troy, by following this step i have Set Up iMessage to my iPhone, Thanks for helping dude…! Software updates will also be delivered over the air with no computer required, Apple said. And while the software has been specifically coded with the A4 and A5 chips in mind, Apple did not want to leave the 3GS behind.
If you work on multiple platforms or with non-Apple email programs, however, you’ll have to manually configure access. If you receive an error, double check the settings above, and make sure your username (your full iCloud email address) and password are correct.
Visit our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group and have the tech support brilliance of the entire Mac Geek Gab community at your fingertips! However, when asked what this relatively new service from Apple is, things get a bit more confusing. There select Store at the top of the window and check all Music, Apps and Books check boxes.
If you're an iPhone user planning to grab a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge, it's not going to take you long to notice how moving from one ecosystem to the other isn't exactly as simple as entering in a username and password. Fortunately, almost all of the popular iOS mail apps and services have Android counterparts. Photo backups can happen right an your phone with apps like Dropbox, Flickr, Google+, Box, or any other free backup service.
What you'll want to do next is take a look in the Google Play Store and search for apps you enjoy on your iPhone to grab for your new phone. Follow these setup instructions below to start syncing your iMessages across all of your devices. Also, new conversations will be started from a users phone number and this can be changed to the email address if the user wishes. As long as you still have your iPhone nearby, all of this stuff is a breeze once you know what buttons to push.

For example, you iPhone relies heavily on iCloud to make sure your contacts, calendar, and email are all accessible from all of your Apple devices.
For this, a quick search in the Google Play Store will reveal whatever app you are looking for, be it Mailbox, Outlook, Yahoo, or something else. You'll find Google+ is already on your Android phone, however, so the fastest way to have your photos move from one device to another would be through the auto-backup feature on Google+. If you've got questions regarding photos on your new Galaxy S6 you can take a look at our Android Photography series, and of course don't forget to head to the Galaxy S6 forums to introduce yourself.
This would make a lot more sense to post on launch day when a lot of people are actually receiving their device or a few days before when the ever welcome early shipping notices start pouring in (hopefully myself included) instead of three weeks before.
While Android does not support iCloud directly, there are a few easy ways to get your data from iCloud to Google.
Since these apps usually store all of your email for you, you usually only need to login to get what you want. We've got a quick guide for anyone having problems getting messages off of the iPhone, but you should also decide between using Hangouts with SMS integration or just a standalone texting app before going further. The same could be said of Google Drive, if you have documents on your phone you want to move to your Galaxy S6. These apps can be installed on your iPhone, used to backup files and photos, and they will simply appear on your Galaxy S6.
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