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In the last five years, 90% of companies began turning to (or at least began investigating) the cloud to build infrastructure, store data, address business continuity and disaster recovery issues, and to run applications. But while cloud deployments come with challenges such as legacy system migration and application integration, a€?users continue to report a wide range of benefits from cloud computing, led by the ability to cut costs,a€? notes the report. That the vast majority of companies of all sizes are considering cloud services (with many having begun to roll out some initial applications) presents an opportunity for VARs. As the leading Master Agent in the country, TBI and its provider partners offer the expertise and services you need to provide advice to your customers about cloud services.
About TBI TBI is the nationa€™s leading Master Agent serving more than 2,000 agents throughout the country.
Zultys Cloud Services offers industry leading communication flexibility through powerful features like voice, IM, email, presence, find me–follow me, call recording, contact center, voicemail and multi-location networking. Clarus Communications is a comprehensive technology services firm that is committed to helping our clients improve upon and achieve their technology objectives. Telecom Cloud Services for SOHO and SMEs29 June, 20150 CommentsThe number of cloud services providers are booming: in the beginning, big companies were the only ones to offer this kind of services, but nowadays all sorts of companies compete between them to manage our information by offering cloud computing as the main solution to optimize their clients’ operations.
Choosing the right companies to sell to is a crucial step in marketing your cloud services. The right prospects have clear needs, are willing to spend money on new technologies and have budgets to make it happen. Another way to profile your prospects and assess current customers is to follow the IT maturity model, which segments your base into five types: break fix, responsive, proactive, managed and utility customers. The first two--break fix and responsive--are usually not a good fit for managed cloud services because they tend to focus on maintaining their infrastructures instead of investing in new products or services.
In contrast, proactive customers, managed customers and utility customers present the best opportunities for your marketing efforts. When talking to prospects and current customers, sell them on the big-picture benefits of migrating to managed cloud services. Emphasize that your service eliminates unnecessary spending on infrastructure, guarantees service levels, and gives users secure access from any devices, anywhere. Mike Cullen is vice president of worldwide sales and business strategy for N-able by SolarWinds. I'd love a list for the UK - I've got a list of around 800 MSPs which I've scraped google for.
By understanding what type of companies buy into your service, you can better target the companies you have the highest chance of reaching. Your prospects and clients need to be educated on how your services work, and why it’s beneficial for them to buy into your recurring services.
It’s particularly important to make sure you offer solid information for trickier practice areas, like cloud services. Utilize professional marketing tools to deliver impactful marketing messages that build up the knowledge base around your value-added services.
Decision makers are notoriously busy people, and with everything their jobs entail, it might take a little bit of pushing to get them off the fence about purchasing cloud services from your business. To help you with that, you’ll need a professional quote and proposal tool that details out next steps, benefits, and costs. They won’t like having to wade through tons of information to determine that this is the best option for them. Overall, clients benefit from cloud services–it just might take a bit of convincing to show them that.
ConnectWise CloudConsole is the only multitenant cloud monitoring, management, and billing tool that reduces complexity and allows you to deliver a single invoice to clients.
In addition, the majority of companies that were reluctant to these new changes have already started to migrate to cloud services: 44% of companies that already had cloud services have hired more, 25% have migrated from a public cloud to a private cloud and 24% have moved from a public cloud to a shrinkwrap (on-premises software). Other companies, instead of integrating cloud services in their own core business, have seen that selling them to other companies can be a business opportunity. AppDirect, NEC, Parallels, JamCracker or Azure are the main and most famous global cloud brokers nowadays.
As it happens with any demand and offer marketplace, the digital marketplace is a place where users go to find services. All the applications are arranged on three columns: the first column is where the logo is, then we see the text column with the name of the application (and an optional tag for the trial), followed by a short description and a summary of what you can do with it.
Focused on business clients as applications in the digital marketplace may be, this doesn’t mean that their potential users must be “in the know” of how these applications work.
An easy login –  with not too many data asked and one which doesn’t send them through different screens. There are some companies that don‘t allow users to get a refund for the products or services acquired or to unsubscribe from a service, which creates a feeling of distrust and anger. Offering a trial period, as well as being a way to respect and protect consumers’ rights, is also a good marketing tool, because it helps users to overcome doubts and prompts them to take the final step: the purchase of a product or the engagement of a service. On the other hand, offering a trial is a good strategy to attract clients to consume a determined product, even if they were not initially interested in it.
Normally, companies offer a trial period of 15 to 30 days and, after that time, customers can decide if they want to acquire the product or unsubscribe from it, since there is no long-term contract. Providing dedicated support is a good practice to offer an added value to your product, since it increases the reliability in, and credibility of, the service, and can generate trust among your current and potential users.

Due to the boom of the internet, users have access to a plethora of information and document themselves before choosing a service. Dedicated support is an action that must last the whole process, from the moment a client looks for information about the services and products, until they buy them. Bundling products and services can be a smart strategy to boost your business since you can benefits from several commercial advantages. Also, the seller has to define their characteristics (description, target market, price, etc.) of the product or service very precisely, so that the clients can know in advance what they are acquiring and how much it is costing them.
But what is great about bundling is that it is an effective practice to differentiate you from your competitors, since clients will feel they are acquiring something new, original and fresh. Finally, clients prefer to acquire products jointly instead of separately if they can benefit from an important reduction on the final price.
Britain’s vote to leave the EU has cast a great deal of uncertainty throughout the economy and beyond.
BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device is the policy of allowing employees to use their own devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, in their day to day work. Here we’ll take a look at some of the benefits and how best to leverage your BYOD policy to revive progress on projects during Euro 2016 (or in fact any event which stalls employee productivity during office hours). To make the most of mobile devices, you need great software to ensure that wherever your users are working, and whatever device they’re using, they can get to all the tools and information they need, in a consistent, clean and responsive environment.
The cloud has completely revolutionised the way IT services are delivered, bringing a vast amount of choice to the market. For resellers, all that choice presents challenges with each customer different to the next.
Cloud and SaaS specialist intY is Symantec’s first UK-based aggregator partner for Symantec cloud solutions. Cloud and SaaS aggregator intY has signed an agreement with Microsoft enabling it to resell Office 365 through a two tier channel model for the first time.
The firm is one of just five worldwide – and the only one in the UK – that Microsoft has allowed to make Office 365 available through a recurring revenue resale model to partners.
Weather Investments has acquired intY, marking a strategic investment to accelerate the growth of cloud aggregation services across the globe. The intY management and operational team will remain unchanged, driving the business into its next phase of global expansion with its intY CASCADE platform.
SMBs want to control their workspace, choose which applications to use; bring their own device (BYOD) and they require technology that enable their staff to work anywhere at any time. If you have historically sold hardware and software, the cloud gives you a significant reason to adjust your business model and begin selling services. With extensive knowledge and industry expertise, TBI is a one-stop source for unbiased advice on a vast array of services from more than 50 providers of voice, internet, data, mobility, cloud, and managed services. Clarus proudly joins Zultys’ growing channel as a major addition with their network of over 500 agents throughout the United States.
Clarus is one of the industry leaders in the agent market and we are looking forward to making our comprehensive unified communications solution available to their sales agents” said Justin Bush, Vice President Agent Sales at Zultys.
Zultys Cloud Services is designed to boost productivity, reduce complexity, ease administration, reduce costs and provide high availability.
Trusted by businesses and partners nationwide, the team are experts in telecommunications, IP Phone Systems, and Cloud technologies. Innovative, reliable and scalable, Zultys IP phone systems integrate voice, video, data and mobility — in a single premise based appliance or in the cloud— to optimize collaboration for businesses of all sizes.
These companies typically view IT spending not just as a necessary cost, but also as a business investment. Typically, they use minimal IT processes and contact their MSPs only when they have problems. They understand the tight connection between having a highly reliable IT infrastructure and business productivity. While the cloud isn’t new to technology solution providers (TSPs), the benefits may still be unclear (or unknown) to your prospects and clients.
Pro tip: create a buyer persona that outlines the characteristics your ideal customer has to help you create targeted messaging for your marketing efforts.
By weeding through your existing clients and by carefully choosing the most qualified leads, you’re making sure you’re targeting only those who are ready and willing to opt into your services. Instead of immediately trying to close the sale, focus on increased awareness and education about the services you offer. Not only does it help your prospects and clients see the value in it for them, it also helps to establish your business as a trusted technology provider who’s in-the-know about the latest industry movements. Then use that same too to measure and analyze your marketing efforts so you can figure out what worked, and what needs improvement for next time. The key is responding quickly and providing them with a quote that’s easy to read and easy to approve. To answer this question, be prepared to explain your differentiators (what sets you apart from the competition).
So when you start the sales process with a deep understanding of their needs, and how your service provides value or solves problems for them, prospects are more likely to buy in. Meaning your clients or prospects could be looking at alternatives that give them the combined services they need.
In reality, you should think of how you can continue the relationship to improve the lifetime value of the client.
With new software emerging, it becomes easier and more effective to help your clients manage their entire IT operations.

Marines declaring that his specialty would be ‘Small Computer Systems.’ He achieved certifications in Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco.
More and more companies integrate Cloud services, not as a distinguishing mark against their competitors, but to fit in with technological changes. To do so, they create a Marketplace, this is, an electronic platform in which third parties include their cloud services to be sold. The third column is reserved for the pricing and two buttons, one to see the full profile and another one to compare the application with others. This is why simpler is better: a straightforward registration process and user area will make life much easier for users.
A trial period is a good way to avoid this, building customer loyalty as this way they are able to test the product or service and see if it meets their needs, thus saving money if it doesn’t. Competition is constantly increasing and you have to innovate if you want to make a difference.
One of the reasons why a customer will choose your service instead of another company’s is because you can transmit security, and this is achieved if they feel you are worried and understand them and you share their concerns to any problems that may occur. The main advantage for bundling products is that it is a successful way to upsell products in which a client may not be interested otherwise. In addition, it allows marketers to focus their strategy on a specific field and market and try to be the best in it.
It is an efficient method to strengthen the loyalty and trust among your clients and also to attract new ones.
However, here we find ourselves, still waking up every day, still going to work and still striving towards those goals we set yesterday, last week or last year. As a reseller you can easily find yourself selling a range of services from a variety of vendors, resulting in piles of invoices, support contacts, difficulties in provisioning and scaling orders. The program is designed to strengthen customer relationships and expand cloud sales opportunities by enabling partners to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support products and services. The partnership will allow Symantec cloud resellers access to Symantec’s cloud-based security and management offerings via the intY CASCADE aggregation platform, and a marketplace of cloud solutions.
Offering services allows you to be that much more a€?stickya€? to your customers who are looking for counsel on how to best transition their systems to the cloud with well thought out migration strategies and plans.
Agents work with TBI to simplify quoting, benefit from an award-winning support team, and earn high commissions. Cloud Services Solution has received the 2016 Customer Magazine Product of the Year Award, as well as being named 2016 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award by TMC, a global, integrated media company.
Louis area, since 2001, Clarus Communications is a leader in Business Telephone Systems, including Digital Phone Systems, VoIP Phone Systems, Hosted PBX Systems, IP Phone Systems, Call Center Systems, Used Telephone Equipment and Telephone System Repair. Clarus has relationships with over 60 different providers and the technical staff to ensure the right technology is in place for your company.
Zultys delivers a powerful, feature-rich communications system that is easy-to-use, deploy and maintain.
Plus, they realize that investing in IT is a way for them to invest in the future of their business. But, what they do care about is growing their businesses and hearing how IT services can make that happen faster and with greater predictability and ease. Cloud services are less tangible than other products, so it’s your job to market and sell your services in a clear way, that puts the benefits up front and center.
Utilize a quote and proposal solution that will make you look professional and give your clients a great experience, and one that will allow you or your sales team to access the information anytime, anywhere. Develop templates, resources, and guides that clearly establish how valuable your service is, and why it is worth the price. Consider scheduling quarterly business reviews to show proactivity or identify new service needs, and to ensure that all aspects of your service level agreement (SLA) are being met.
In this place, sellers and buyers are in contact until the commercial transaction is finished, always guaranteeing a secure operation. The more detailed the explanation of the product, the easier it will be for potential users to understand if it fits their needs. After this, companies can generate statistics relating to the number of product sales after the trial and draw conclusions on what they have to change to make it more attractive thanks to the feedback given by clients.
ISV companies must be able to explain how the product works and solve any doubts that the prospective client may have beforehand.
Therefore, it is a good way to expand your selling market, since potential clients will buy additional products or services to those they intended on buying on the first place.. These requirements are met with cloud applications and LuxCloud has the perfect solution to provision these services, automated and fast. This allows our clients and sales partners to have the best combination of price, value, connectivity and innovative services offered in the marketplace.
Mike joined IKON in 1995 as a result of an acquisition of Fulline Office Products, an office equipment company Mike co-founded in 1988. Visit Clarus Communications  or call us at 855-801-6700 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff so we can work with you on finding the right service for your business at the most affordable rates.
Orders escaping your grasp or customers disgruntled because you’re stuck at the pace of your distributor rather than the expected pace of the cloud industry?

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