Storage devices, such as CDs, USB sticks and external hard drives, have been many people’s option of choice for backing up important data for a long, long time. Cloud storage keeps your data secure far from the original files and, in general, stores your documents on multiple servers, in multiple locations – if one copy is somehow damaged, there will be yet another copy waiting on another server.
These days, no storage device can really compete with the convenience and security that online cloud storage can offer.
Today, many businesses choose to host some or all of their applications in the cloud – such as HR and CRM systems. Public Clouds, such as those provided by Amazon, Microsoft and Google, are owned by the provider and made available to the general public. Private Clouds are managed by a third-party organisation and are tailored for a client based on their specific needs.
There is an increased level of security since a private cloud can only be accessed by the designated people in the organisation. You also have more control with a public cloud as you can control what it looks like and how it is used. You don’t have to worry about maintenance as this is carried out by the provider, ensuring performance stays high. A private cloud solution can be more costly at first due to high upfront costs due to the specific nature of their design. Gaining access to your data from anywhere in the world is not as straightforward as when using the public cloud. Our private cloud solution is a fully managed, customisable infrastructure, based in our Irish data centre, providing a dedicated, secure, virtualised hosting solution.
Founded in 2005, Action Point provides IT and Software Development services across Ireland, Europe and the USA.
We design and implement a full range of IT Services from outsourced helpdesk and support to advanced monitoring and preventative maintenance to complex infrastructure solutions.
Cloud storage is the latest and greatest way to keep all of your files, pictures, music and videos safe and secure.
Right now you probably backup your data on external hard drives, disks or flash drives, that is, if you back up your data at all.
The best part about backing up your data in the cloud is that you can access your files from anywhere in the world! With physical backup methods you have to drag all of your drives with you if you plan to work away from the office. Prices vary from one company to another, but since it is such a fiercely competitive business, they try to remain affordable. Now that you know what cloud storage is, and how beneficial the service is for everyday use and for businesses, why not give it a try? TweetIBM celebrates the 50th anniversary of the mainframe with the gift of 21st century relevance-- the IBM Enterprise Cloud System, a first System z-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. A single IBM Enterprise Cloud System supports up to 6000 virtual machines within a secure multi-tenant environment.
To further celebrate the anniversary IBM also reveals 3 unique mainframe-using research projects.
The final project is a mother-to-child HIV research partnership with the Ghana government and Yale using data gathered from mobile devices. Mainframes still find use in many small yet vital tasks, including airline reservations, cash machine withdrawals, credit card payments and banking transactions.
World's Largest Free-Standing Video Wall TotemMesse DA?sseldorf's north entrance hall now features a€?the world's largest free-standing video wall totema€? with a height of almost seven metres. Scala Goes to London for 2014 Conference On a rare glorious spring morning Scala held its 2014 Conference, this time at the Timber Lodge in the recently opened Olympic Park as part of London Digital Signage Week. IP Camera Sales: Close to 50% of Total CCTV SalesDuring 2014, the global value of IP camera sales will reach the tipping point when compared with analogue CCTV cameras, according to IHS (formerly IMS Research).
The Samsung CLX-6260FW Color Multifunction Printer is a well-rounded color laser MFP with a solid feature set, and good speed and output quality. The Samsung CLX-6260FW Color Multifunction Printer ($999.99 direct, 4 stars) is a well-rounded color laser MFP for a small office or busy workgroup, with good speed and output quality and a solid feature set.

The CLX-6260FW has a good range of connectivity choices, including USB, Ethernet (including Gigabit Ethernet), Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct, which simplifies printing from mobile devices.
Output QualityOverall output quality was slightly above par, thanks to better than average graphics. It's easy to recommend Samsung CLX-6260FW Color Multifunction Printer to offices looking for an MFP for fairly high-volume color printing. When they first appeared, they solved a serious problem with hard disk failure, which caused a whole lot of valuable data to be lost over the years. Unfortunately, there are many potential disasters that are as likely to affect a peripheral device as they are your computer. With cloud storage, there are few disasters short of an asteroid destroying the surface of the earth that could remove your access to your files.
With cloud storage, you can grant other people access to specific files among your storage and work on them simultaneously from any location.
Check out our Top 5 table below to find some of the best cloud storage providers available and find out for yourself just how much safer your documents can be. Access to a private cloud is limited to the organisation and it can be either owned, operated and managed by the organisation, a third party or a combination of both, and can exist on or off premises.
With this option an organisation can choose to run some applications on the public cloud while leaving others within the private cloud.
Our in-house expertise, coupled with partnerships with leading cloud technology providers, allows s us to custom build a cloud solutions that creates true value for your business. Our team is highly skilled in delivering business solutions that utilise the latest technologies and which service a wide variety of industries. When you store your info in the cloud, your data is safe and secure for as long as you maintain your account. Millions of people don’t think about backing up their files, and when tragedy strikes, their precious memories are lost forever. In the first place, you or your employees have to remember to back everything up, every day. This is not only a huge hassle, it also increases the chance that something could happen to your data. Before you invest your hard earned money, you want to be sure that the product is worth the price.
Most companies have free trial offers and some offer small free plans that allow you to use the service without paying anything at all.
It combines System z hardware with IBM storage and cloud management, and customers can configure it with automated cloud orchestration and monitoring capabilities. The first helps state and local agencies migrate IT operations to System z-based cloud environments.
It was released on 7 April 1964, and was the first machine allowing processor upgrades to make of code and peripherals from a previous model.
They also have a legacy on modern PCs in the shape of the "escape" key found on most (if not all) keyboards. Although it's not the fastest mid-range color MFP we've encountered, it's not too far off the pace.
Text quality was average for a laser, good enough for any business uses short of demanding desktop publishing applications requiring very small fonts. Quality was a bit inconsistent, with some prints approaching true photo quality while others a little below the quality you'd expect from drugstore prints. Its speed is competitive, it has a good range of connectivity choices, and its overall output quality, led by above-par graphics, is good. They were a light in the darkness that most of us grabbed onto with gratitude – but are they really still the best option? A natural disaster such as a tornado, fire or flood will destroy any storage device stored nearby, while a thief is as likely to raid your drawers for external devices as they are to run away with your computer tower. Not to mention that you can set an online cloud storage to automatically back up your data, which means you will never need to rely on your memory to make sure your files are secured. Cloud storage allows you to restrict a person’s access to the files you want to share, without having to delete everything else from your external hard drive before you hand it over.

The applications which contain more sensitive information or are resource rich can stay behind the private cloud and applications such as email can be hosted in the public cloud. Our professional services team are happy to assist you in figuring out what would best suit your business – talk to us today.
Most businesses do backup their data because they can not afford to lose important information such as tax records and customer files. How many times have you had to run to the office because the boss needs to see the file you were working on? Not to say Facebook or your email provider aren’t secure, but when it comes to sensitive material, you want to be doubly sure. There are literally thousands of online storage service providers available these days, and the number of new companies climbing on board is steadily rising. ZipCloud has added a new feature not seen with other online storage service providers, or any other type of company for that matter – anytime money back guarantee.
The second involves two health projects dealing with HIV and rheumatoid arthritis analysis.
On top is a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning, copying, or faxing multipage documents. Another thing I found annoying are the five moderately loud beeps it emits when you wake the printer up, open the paper drawer, or do other things to change the MFP's state.
The only issues of note were dithering (graininess) in some illustrations, and a few backgrounds had a somewhat uneven fill.
A monochrome image showed a distinct tint, and there was notable dithering and some loss of detail in bright areas in several prints. When online storage can keep your data more secure, safer from theft and disaster and accessible to those people you would like to share it with, is it time to move away from storage devices and embrace the cloud? With online cloud storage, no disaster that befalls your home or office will affect your important documents, because they are encrypted and secured far, far from your location.
Unlike desktop apps – web apps don’t need to be installed directly onto your computer, so you don’t have to maintain and install costly hardware and applications, saving you both money and time.
A hybrid cloud solution allows a company to utilise the type of resource best suited to each specific task or application. With cloud storage, you can access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection, and you can send these files to anyone you choose. All of that is stored in the cloud on your email provider’s servers or the social network servers. Companies like MyPCBackup and ZipCloud provide among the highest industry standard security available. For example, Google and Dell have recently joined the club with their own online storage service.
Most companies will let you try the service for a couple of weeks or a month, but with ZipCloud, you can cancel anytime you decide you no longer want to use the service and the unused portion you paid, will be refunded. The front panel holds a 4.3-inch color touch screen, an alphanumeric keypad for entering fax numbers, and a few other physical buttons such as On, Off, and Wake.
Graphics are fine for PowerPoint handouts, even those going to people you're trying to impress, and good enough for basic marketing materials.
Photo quality is probably good enough for client newsletters, but not for marketing materials. Backups are performed automatically, if you so choose, and all data is safely locked away in their secure facilities.
All of your data, from the time it leaves your computer, while in storage and all the way back to when you restore, your data is safely encrypted.
That is why they are called accidents, because you don’t plan for it to happen to you.

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