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The mobile phone – at the center of our livesThe mobile phone has become a central and highly emotional device in end users' lives.
Join the expanding numbers of Happy Customers who now benefit from Monster Cloud Online Backup. The average computer user will likely tell you they’re afraid of a hard drive crash erasing all their important files, photos, music, videos and more. If your computer’s hard drive fails, you’ll have immediate access to your data from a modern web browser on another computer. Because your data is stored off-site, if your computer crashes, is destroyed or stolen, your data is still safe on the service’s secured servers. You won’t need to make a second copy of your files but can simply edit them and both the remote and original local copy are kept in sync.

The Information Security Unit provides a variety of cyber security and data privacy training, both technical and non-technical, to staff and faculty groups, both small and large. E-signatures Overview: What You Need to Know!PAYMENT CARD INDUSTRY DATA SECURITY STANDARDS (PCI DSS) IS THE NEW NORM FOR BUSINESSFREE Laptop Security SoftwareStay updated! However, many may also admit that they don’t regularly back up their data, even though they’re aware their priceless personal files and valuable multimedia collection could be gone in an instant. Several online data backup services offer a mobile app, allowing you to access your files from your mobile devices. There are several reasons for using an online data backup service, including not needing to burn CDs or DVDs of your data. We welcome having the opportunity to help you with the following, but not limited to: Management general awareness of current threats and risks Data classification and handling Data privacy protection College information protection policies and practices Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) tools and techniques Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) tools and techniques Mobile, cloud and social media current risks and best practices, and Data backup strategies. Online data backup services are an excellent, easy and secure way to back up your data automatically at an off-site location.

Think about how secure you need to be and then compare the pros and cons of iTwin for you (and your staff) vs other solutions. Having an external hard drive is an essential part of any backup plan, but using an off-site data backup service will keep your files safe if disaster strikes your home.
These services are easy to use, and you won’t feel like you need an advanced degree in computer science to schedule your backups.

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