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We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. I wrote a short story for a competition (which I came nowhere in – was it the adverbs?) and had already re-read and corrected three times.
I spent 20 minutes weeding out these adverbs and now have only two left and both of these are used in speech which I think is defensible. I was amused (and I write amusingly first!) to find two other mistakes in the text and my short story is now 2004 words.
Tony Jones has dined with royalty, supped Slings in Singapore and been taught by several Nobel Prize winners (though he could have paid more attention). Who is Tony Jones?Writer and reviewer, I focus on science fiction and psychology (see About Me).
One color 8x10 screen prints, the light blue ink glows bright green when the lights go out! I run a screen printing studio out of my South Buffalo home where I makes limited edition art posters and small runs of hand screened apparel.
Want to show a quick slideshow to your friends and family of pictures contained within Photo Stream? By default this will go through all images contained within Photo Stream, that means every picture in the photos library of an iPhone and iPad, keep that in mind if you have pictures on any such device that you don’t necessarily want to share.
If you do find yourself embarrassed by some of the pictures in your iCloud stream, do yourself a favor and transfer the photos from the iOS device and then delete them all from Photo Stream. I would LOVE to be able to do this on my Mac mini which is hooked up to my TV as a media centre.
In iPhoto 11 I published photo’s to a new photo stream, not the default photo stream and under the same Apple ID. To me, not being an expert accountant myself, it highlighted one thing I needed to do if I ever started my own business – hire a skilled accountant, and potentially a bookkeeper too, to set up and run effective accounting systems. Do yourself and favour and implement effective accounting reporting and recording practices from day dot. I once had the pleasure of assisting a client in transitioning an archaic paper based inventory system into a digital system. Transitioning between accounting services, and bringing in your own team in-house, will also be a much smother experience. This is a serious problem for many businesses – it costs you money to provide the goods and services, on paper you’ve made money, but if you don’t get cash flowing in, you can be worse off than if you never made the sale in the first place.

Conversely, paying your creditors in full and on time is a good way to build trust between your businesses, and you can take advantage of discounts or incentives for early payment of debts.
My former boss at the computer store spent hours every Friday balancing the books at the end of the week.
Having a professional accountant managing the books saves you time better spent elsewhere – planning, getting leads, serving customers or being with your family and friends. Anyone who has made a decision knows it’s easier to make the right choice when you have access to useful, accurate information.
An accountant can not only record financial information, they can use it to generate reports, calculate useful ratios that reveal the true state of your business and develop projections on how the business will fare in the future.
William Cowie is part of the team at Inspire Education, a leading Australian provider of bookkeeping courses and accounting courses. I generated this list of Word keyboard shortcuts from a built-in macro called ListCommands, per instructions from Help Desk Geek. You'd think the human race would have sleep down to a science by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly (and so we need top 10 guides to getting better sleep).
If you've been waiting for a cheaper price on Google's Chromecast 2, well, you now have the pick of the electronic litter. Initially [sic] I didn’t follow this up but I have since found that many editors and successful authors such as Stephen King (a good piece here) explain why it should be considered. I did a simple check for adverbs by searching for ly and found 21 examples in a mere 1972 words!
It does tell me that my prose suffers from being too chatty as though I am speaking to the reader.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! My boss was a gentle giant of a man, smart, kind to a fault, hard working, uncomplaining and put in long hours to make his business work. He’d done his own books for years to save money, but small errors in accounting procedures and calculations had added up to a big mess. You might not be noticed for a few years, but eventually you will be – as my boss found out the hard way. You might be a small business today, but one day you could be huge, with enormous amounts of financial data to manage. The store hadn’t been operating that long but hadn’t invested in computerised inventory and accounting systems from the start. That means you have the tools to translate sales into real cash revenues for your business.

Not being an expert accountant, he hated the chore but slowly struggled through it regardless. Work out your opportunity cost for NOT having an accountant – what will those ‘savings’ cost you? His lack of expertise in accounting had cost him dearly in fines and repayments to the tax office. Part of the problem is we have outdated information and beliefs about this all-important health need. Harvey Norman currently has the device for $47, down from its retail price of $59, though it's certainly not the only store offering a discount. This can work but does mean the distinction between the body of a story and speech can be blurred. He’d started the business in his early twenties, had loyal customers, made a decent living and had won some local small business awards. If the weight of accumulated debt isn’t painful enough, the fines and penalties applied by the tax office will definitely ruin your day. There were over 100,000 physical items that needed to be entered into the database, which had to be done while the store was still operating.
Having good financial information available gives you the tools you need to plan and strategise for the short, medium and long term. Suddenly, the fee charged by his accountant seemed like a minor expense, compared to the certainty that his taxes would be accurately calculated and reported. On an initial scan two of them were the difficult adverb only and one of these cases might be used as a conjunction. It was a challenging task that took weeks to complete, and it cost the client a small fortune.
If you’re going to spend time proof-reading your work, rather than applying rigid and arbitrary received policies, use the time to slowly read it aloud. This at first led me to think that it was a clever parody or satire, because it specifically purports to be a repository of good writing practices, while not always demonstrating them. This is the beginning of a learning exercise, and you’re to be commended for performing it in public.
As well as the mechanics of writing, I’d be interested to read about what motivates you to write prose for publication and what sense of reward it gives you.

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