Thanks to the intuitive user interface of QTS, your NAS experience is smarter, smoother and spectacular.
QTS Storage Manager adds an easy-to-use web-based snapshot tool for you to easily backup and restore data on the TS-453A back to any point of time in case you lose any important data.
The TS-453A supports Qsirch, a proprietary near real-time search tool for quick file searching. Virtualization Station allows you to host virtual machines (VM) on the TS-453A, and access them via a web browser or VNC. The TS-453A also features the game-changing container technology for server virtualization. The TAS-168 is an all-in-1 network storage center for file storage, backup, remote access and multimedia playback.
The QTS operating system provides a web-based user interface to help you easily manage files on the TAS-168.
Qsync utility turns your TAS-168 into a safe, large-capacity data center for file synchronization.
In contrast to the bounded storage space and potential security issues with public cloud services, the TAS-168 is advantageous for establishing a secure and large-capacity private cloud. The TAS-168 is your private cloud storage that virtually enlarges the capacity of your mobile devices. By plugging in a USB keyboard, mouse and HDMI display, you can directly manage, edit and play files stored on the TAS-168 without needing an additional PC. Os servicos de armazenamento na cloud vieram revolucionar a forma como guardamos a nossa informacao digital.
Uma das melhores formas para fazer backup dos seus conteudos e ter um Network Attached Storage (NAS). O projecto Nas4Free tem com principal objectivo criar uma NAS (Network-Attached Storage) com todos os servicos que o utilizador necessita. O FreeNAS e uma solucao gratuita e livre de servidor NAS (Network Attached Storage) baseada no FreeBSD. Na pratica, com o FreeNAS, podemos ter o nosso proprio servidor de armazenamento, centralizado, e ainda uma interface de gestao web para efectuar todas as configuracoes e gestao dos mais diversos servicos.
Tambem tens alguns discos externos que tem funcoes de NAS embora normalmente nao sejam backups muito fiaveis visto que nao tem redundancia. CloudStack – Cloud computing software for creating, managing, and deploying infrastructure cloud services. The Foreman – Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers.
Cobbler – Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows for rapid setup of network installation environments. Cloudify – Open source TOSCA-based cloud orchestration software platform written in Python and YAML.
Syncthing – Open Source system for private, encrypted and authenticated distrobution of data. Ralph – Asset management, DCIM and CMDB system for large Data Centers as well as smaller LAN networks. Fabric – Python library and cli tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks. HDFS – Distributed, scalable, and portable file-system written in Java for the Hadoop framework.
Lustre – A type of parallel distributed file system, generally used for large-scale cluster computing. OpenAFS – Distributed network file system with read-only replicas and multi-OS support. TahoeLAFS – secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, peer-to-peer distributed data store and distributed file system.
XtreemFS – XtreemFS is a fault-tolerant distributed file system for all storage needs.
PowerDNS – DNS server with a variety of data storage back-ends and load balancing features.
Fusion Directory – Improve the Management of the services and the company directory based on OpenLDAP. Elasticsearch – A Lucene Based Document store mainly used for log indexing, storage and analysis.
Naemon – Network monitoring tool based on the Nagios 4 core with performance enhancements and new features.
Nagios – Computer system, network and infrastructure monitoring software application.

Opsview – Based on Nagios 4, Opsview Core is ideal for small IT and test environments. Thruk – Multibackend monitoring webinterface with support for Naemon, Nagios, Icinga and Shinken.
InfluxDB – Open source distributed time series database with no external dependencies. OpenTSDB – Store and server massive amounts of time series data without losing granularity. RRDtool – Open source industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. Cassandra – Distributed DBMS designed to handle large amounts of data across many servers.
CouchDB – Ease of use, with multi-master replication document-oriented database system.
ElasticSearch – Java based database, popular with log aggregation, and email archiving projects. Galera – Galera Cluster for MySQL is an easy-to-use high-availability solution with high system up-time, no data loss, and scalability for future growth. SQLite – Library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL DBS. MailCatcher – Ruby gem that deploys a simply SMTP MTA gateway that accepts all mail and displays in web interface. Docker – Open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. SSH Power Tool – Execute commands and upload files to many servers simultaneously without using pre-shared keys.
Bugzilla – General-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project.
Cerb – A group-based e-mail management project built with a commercial open source license. Otrs – A free and open-source trouble ticket system software package that a company, organization, or other entity can use to assign tickets to incoming queries and track further communications about them.
TheBugGenie – Open source ticket system with extremely complete users rights granularity. Sysdig – Capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze. Git – Distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) with an emphasis on speed.
Ganeti – Cluster virtual server management software tool built on top of KVM and Xen. Packer – A tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. HAProxy – Software based load Balancing, SSL offloading and performance optimization, compression, and general web routing. Varnish – HTTP based web application accelerator focusing on optimizing caching and compression. MoinMoin – An advanced, easy to use and extensible WikiEngine with a large community of users.
The revolutionary architecture of the TS-453A enables users not only to download rich apps from QTS App Center but also to develop or utilize IoT packages for Linux® and display them using HDMI output.
Duplicating will display the same content on both displays, and extended desktop mode allows users to display applications over two displays for improved multitasking convenience and productivity. Alternatively, you can choose to output the Linux® operating system desktop to use the TS-453A as a PC.
With the help of the new smart remote control learning function, you can pair up to three TV or stereo IR remote controls and program your frequently-used buttons and functions. With offline transcoding, even when you can only connect using a low-speed Internet connection, you can still enjoy smooth video playback via File Station, Video Station, and the Qfile mobile app by selecting a pre-rendered lower resolution video. Its modern flat design streamlines loading times, and the intelligent desktop allows you to find desired functions quickly, create desktop shortcuts or group shortcuts, monitor important system information on a real-time basis, and open multiple application windows to run multiple tasks concurrently, bringing greater working efficiency.
RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) supports real time or scheduled data backup to a remote QNAP NAS or FTP server and synchronizes files to a remote folder from a local folder with better backup efficiency. In addition to thumbnail previews, Qsirch now allows you to find and preview Gmail emails that are backed up on the TS-453A.
The TS-453A supports VMware VAAI and Microsoft ODX to increase performance by offloading server loading for ESXi server and Hyper-V respectively, and supports QNAP vSphere Client plug-in and QNAP SMI-S provider with enhanced operational efficiency and management in virtualization applications. Powered by an ARM® v7 dual-core processor with 2GB RAM, the compact TAS-168 delivers quiet and energy-saving operation as a home NAS, and serves as a personal cloud storage as well as media center for entertainment.

Compared to a traditional NAS cooling fan, the TAS-168 houses a compact and quiet exhaust that helps dissipate heat with less noise and dust. You can install various apps based on your needs to fulfill tasks like storage, backup, management and multimedia applications.
Any file uploaded to the TAS-168 will be made available for all linked devices, such as computers, laptops or mobile devices. Data, logs and ISO images of CDs and DVDs can be centrally stored on the TAS-168 and protected by an integrated antivirus solution.
The TAS-168's front-panel USB port features a one-touch-copy function for you to instantly back up data from external drives to the TAS-168 with just one click, or alternatively to back up data from the TAS-168 to external drives. Qfile allows you to access, upload, download, manage, and share stored files easily as if you are carrying all of your files in your pocket.
Actualmente sao varios os servicos que oferecem gratuitamente uns bons GBs, mas ha sempre quem opte, pelas mais diversas razoes, ter o seu proprio servico.
Assim como o  FreeNAS, o Nas4Free e uma excelente opcao para quem pretender, por exemplo, montar e administrar um autentico servidor de partilha de ficheiros. Suporta diversos protocolos e servicos de comunicacao como: NFS, CIFS, AFP, FTP e TFTP, autenticacao local de utilizadores, suporte a RAID (0,1,5), e com uma interface de gestao via browser.
Tal como outras solucoes existentes neste segmento, o Rockstor tem uma interface de gestao bastante em organizada e fluida, que permite gerir e monitorizar todos os recursos. O Openfiler tem suporte para iSCSI, NIS, LDAP, Active Directory, Snapshots e muitas outras funcionalidades.
Agora so precisam de ter o hardware necessario, este especial discos para armazenamento e se possivel um bom processador. From now on, you'll never again live in fear of losing or damaging your dedicated remote controls***. You can enjoy backup versioning to preserve a certain amount of versions, with options of simple versioning to schedule how many versions should be retained and for how long, or smart versioning with a rotation scheme that automatically replaces earlier backup versions.
Qsirch even remembers your search history allowing you to quickly navigate to files you've previously searched for.
Virtualization Station uses SDN (Software-defined Networks) and allows the TS-453A and VMs to share the same LAN port. Container Station also supports the Online Document app*, which allows you to directly view, edit and store files of various types anytime on your NAS, including Office documents, images and text files. With the tool-less design*, you can easily remove the TAS-168’s side cover to add or replace hard drives.
Qsync is especially useful for frequent travelers to manage files and always have the most up-to-date files on different devices. Simply plug in a keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor to the TS-453A, and use the Linux Station as if you were using a PC*. You can even watch YouTube™ videos, surf the web and manage the TS-453A using a web browser with multilingual keyboard input.
The TS-453A also supports the rsync protocol to back up data to another remote server on a scheduled basis.
Qsirch is a huge productivity boost that greatly reduces the time spent looking for files on the NAS, allowing you to focus on other tasks. No longer constrained by physical network performance, high-speed Virtual Switches greatly increases data transfer between VMs as well as between VMs and NAS through the internal interface. All of your photos, music and videos can be indexed by the built-in Media Library, and easily managed and shared with the Photo Station, Music Station and Video Station. Qmanager lets you monitor & manage the TAS-168 remotely and efficiently without turning on your PC, and you can enjoy and share music, photos and videos on the TAS-168 anywhere and anytime with the Qmusic, Qphoto and Qvideo apps. You can also operate the Linux Station as a remote desktop via web browser for instant management**. HD Station supports multi-tasking and user authentication so only authorized users can access the stored data.
The revamped Qsirch 2.1 adds a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to search for files on your NAS when you use Google Search. You can also download VMs on demand from online VM markets and import them to the TS-453A without any complex procedures.

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