Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Sometimes, research papers can be overly monotonous owning to their excruciating detailed analysis and reporting. Before you go gaga over dragon-like ants, we are sorry to disappoint you that the ants don’t look anything like Daenerys’ dear Viserion or Drogon.
Since we are not a scientific journal, nor anyone of us here is qualified scientist, we shan’t dig into the scientific details of these tiny animals.

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However, if you are interested, then grab yourself a hot cup of joe, or whatever is your cuppa, and starting your long, magical ant-astic journey HERE to learn more. Instead of naming the eusocial creatures as dragon ants or worst, something scientifically geeky, the team decided to name them, with reference to their body colors, Pheidole viserion and Pheidole drogon, after the two Game Of Thrones stars. For us, we are just delighted that Game Of Thrones’ characters are being honored in real-life – BUT only because dragons.

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