The gaming gods have listened, and this is turning out to be the most glorious of birthdays. There's much more good news, though: you'll now be able to store screenshots in the vastly superior PNG format, which means no more nasty compression. Other improvements include an Events facility, which will update you on new content and updates to your most played games, YouTube Gaming compatibility, and the ability to favourite friends, which will surely come with online notifications. It sounds like a pretty fantastic update to us, but we've included the full list of improvements courtesy of the PlayStation Blog for you to peruse. Events: A new hub for events has been added, giving an overview of activities taking place in the games you play most, as well as official broadcasts.
Favourite Groups: Favourite Groups has been added to the Friends app, letting you add new or existing groups as a Favorite Group and quickly access groups of people you like to play games with frequently. Communities: PS4 users will have the ability to create communities based around shared interests, like games, genres and more. Sharing video clips to Twitter: Users will have the ability to share video clips directly to Twitter. Now Playing: The Now Playing screen will display more information about what your friends are doing, and you'll be able to quickly jump into a party, request a screen share, or jump to PlayStation Store to buy a game your friend is playing. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. Would love for them to add the ability to change our user names but I'm happy with what we are getting!! I wonder if youtube gaming will fix the kinks with its content id system, a guy got his audio blocked by ingame music in dying light and well that seems like a not so great thing. Online storage increase was long overdue so I'm not going to commend them for being two years late, but that community thingy! I'd love to be able to delete game installs separate from dlc and updates it would help create so much HD space. I think the only thing missing from my wish list is the ability to pin or otherwise customise the PS4 main menu.
I still want custom backgrounds, especially with .png screenshots.Other than that, nice update! If I still had a PS4 there's a couple of those additions that would be getting a smile from me. This looks cool, I just want the ability to put whatever games and apps on the bar as I want. It sports the Razer look, and the upcoming Core graphics amplifier could give it the Razer chops, too.
Razer's first foray into non-gaming hardware manages to outshine most of the established competition, and it's (surprise!) affordable too. Actually, when I say a€?many design cues,a€? I mean a€?all the design cues.a€? The Stealth may occupy Razera€™s MacBook Air slot, but it eschews the tapered look of most laptops in that tier.
We reviewed the $1,399 model of the Blade Stealth, which features a 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) IGZO touchscreen. Also, the keyboard keys use a normal typeface for oncea€”not the a€?VIDEO GAMES, RIGHT?a€? typeface currently found on the Blade, Blade Pro, and BlackWidow. The main question about the Blade Stealth is how it stacks up against others in its price range. For example, the XPS 13 put out some particularly good numbers in PCMark 8 Work Conventionala€”its score was 2,887, while the Blade Stealth clocked in at 2,426. At first, we thought Razer might be throttling the processor to keep the Blade Stealth cool on your lap. Ita€™s also possible that it's standard behavior for the i7-6500U to step down during low-intensity tasks.
Our second hypothesis seems supported by the results of our processor-intensive Handbrake test, during which we have Handbrake encode a 30GB MKV file into an MP4 using the Android Tablet preset. That extends to gaming as wella€”the little youa€™ll be able to manage with an ultrabook, at least.
The Blade Stealtha€™s only major downside (at least, for our review unit) was battery life. The Blade Stealth is an excellent ultrabook, even if thata€™s all you ever plan to use it for.
Wea€™ll be sure to test the Blade Stealth again when Razer gets around to releasing its Thunderbolt 3 graphics amplifier, the Razer Core, but suffice it to say the Stealth is a smart buy regardless of whether you want it for semi-mobile gaming in the future. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. When your smartphone costs a bomb, amazing, sleek looks, amazing specs and a great camera are a given. The OPPO A37 comes in two colours – a soft, matte gold and a grey and just like the OPPO F1 Plus (reviewed here), is heavily inspired by the iPhone in terms of design and UI. The OPPO A37 also helps keep personal and professional life separate since it is a Dual SIM phone. Both of the SIM slots support 4G networks with top speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Using millions of users facial datas, OPPO has designed 7 different levels of intelligent beautify, with two modes for different skin tones.
The rear camera of the OPPO A37 gives crisp clear pictures with rich colour tones as you can see in the unedited pictures above.
While talking about features of a smart phone, we usually tend to overlook or forget that the basic feature of a smartphone is the, well, phone! If you want a phone that looks like an iPhone 6, has similar user interface, is powered by Android, has dual SIM as well as expandable memory takes amazing bright selfies that make you look flawless and fits into your budget as well, then the OPPO A37 is a great buy at ?11,990! READ  L'Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner Review and SwatchesWhat are your views on the OPPO A37? The HP EliteBook 840 G1 has down-to-business looks, a great design, robust performance, and all the correct options for a business laptop. Sometimes ita€™s clear from the very first look that a laptopa€™s designers understand their market. The EliteBook 840 G1 is styled in silver and gray, with a matte top surface that looks nice when ita€™s clean, but that readily shows fingerprints.
HP delivers non-touch 840 G1s with a matte display surrounded by a largish flat-black bezel, rather than the glare-prone, glossy setups that many consumer models employ. As I mentioned earlier, this laptopa€™s eraser-head track stick is its one truly sour ergonomic note. The EliteBook 840 G1 delivered a respectable 5 hours and 36 minutes of life using its standard battery.

The laptop garnered a laptop WorldBench 9 score of 64, which is right around where a Core i5 laptop with an SSD should sit.
Video at 1080p resolution played smoothly as you could wish, and the audio through the speakers was quite nice thanks to the DTS Studio Sound enhancement utility. What a difference a discrete GPU makes: Integrated graphics are fine for most business apps, but they still suck when it comes to games. HP touts its Sure Start self-healing BIOS, which is basically a backup of the BIOS that can be restored in if the BIOS is corrupted by malware.
Approximately 18 months passed between the release of the 840 G1 and ita€™s 8470 predecessor, which is a decent lifespan. The 840 G1 has distinguished, get-down-to-business looks, a great design, robust performance and all the correct corporate options.
Microsoft has made it easier for gamers to afford its new Surface Book while still enjoying the power afforded by a discrete graphics card. The new $1,699 model doesn't offer as much storage as the $1,899 Surface Book: It has a 128GB SSD instead of the 256GB you get from the higher-priced configuration. Giving would-be Surface Book owners a lower-cost option that includes discrete graphics should broaden the appeal of Microsoft's new laptop. Moreover, a new Communities feature on the system sounds like it's going to allow us to create a Push Square section, where we'll all be able to get together to share screenshots, usernames, and much more.
Last but not least, you'll be able to upload short video clips to Twitter, and both the Now Playing and Live from PlayStation facilities are getting an upgrade. There's no word on a date for this just yet, but the Japanese giant is looking to beta test it soon. We'll obviously update you as soon as we learn more about when this is kicking off around the globe.
For instance, you may see an update for a double XP weekend, a special enemy appearing at a scheduled time, or seasonal events like in-game towns being decorated for the winter. Live streams will be viewable across YouTube, including on the new YouTube Gaming mobile app and website. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players and the ability to join parties or games.
Now you can send a 'Request to Watch' notification to a player, which will start a live broadcast or Share Play invitation to the person playing. With this update, you'll be able to send stickers to friends through the messages.Great idea - I use a live chat system in work for customers who come through the internet and don't want to call (this is happening more and more now) I have fifty odd automatic responses such as 'Hello your through to ____ how can I help' and 'Would you like to reserve the car you are looking at' etc etc you get the picture. Managing cloud save files were a nightmare on some games, I'm looking at you Witcher 3 & Dragon Age!!
I can't be bothered to put in an old game for a quick blast when I have to download a 7gb patch. Use the PS4 everyday and have never thought any one could care less about seeing my screenshots or clips on YT and Twitter in fact I know that friends wouldn't give 2 hoots. Instead, the Blade Stealth features the same sleek, black MacBook Pro-esque design of its larger siblingsa€”scaled down to hold a 12.5-inch screen instead of the standard Bladea€™s 14-incher. Ita€™s beautiful, albeit surrounded by an unsightly black bezel that seems especially conspicuous when placed next to Della€™s XPS 13. Razer claims the 1440p version reproduces onlyA 70 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum, as opposed to the 4K modela€™s 100 percent, but unless youa€™re doing high-end color work you probably wona€™t care.
Razera€™s included its Chroma per-key RGB backlighting in the Blade Stealth, meaning you get access to the full suite of crazy (and not-so-crazy) effects found on the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Spectrum Cycling, Breathing, Reactive, and a handful of others. Default settings for both the pointer and scrolling sensitivity were too slow, though the fix takes an easy thirty seconds. Ia€™m not a fan of the Blade Stealtha€™s power cable though, which ends in a thin USB-C plug that sticks straight out from the machine when inserted. After all, Razer has a certain reputation (deserved or not) for padding the prices of its premium products, and this is its first foray into lower-cost hardware. We were at a loss to explain this disparity at first, given that with better hardware, youa€™d expect the Blade Stealth to score higher.
But if the company did choose to do that, the throttling is happening at fairly low temperaturesa€”our graphs show the i7-6500U stepping down when it hits 50 degrees Celsius, which isna€™t that high. The Yoga 900 (which is also equipped with an i7-6500U) and Della€™s own XPS 13 Gold (which features a similar i7-6560U processor) posted lower benchmark scores than the Core i5 XPS 13 in the same PCMark 8 test.
The Blade Stealth finished its task in 6,255 seconds (about an hour and 44 minutes), while the XPS 13 took 6,839 seconds (about 10 minutes longer).
The Blade StealthA was consistent with other HD 520-equipped laptops, scoring 3,413, while the XPS 13 and Yoga 900 netted 3,444 and 3,121 respectively.
Our battery rundown clocked a mere 5 hours and 37 minutes of screen-on timea€”which, while expected for a 4K UHD panel, still means a lot less usable time away from an outlet. Ia€™m not a fan of the USB-C charger method, at least in its current (read: flimsy) incarnation, but otherwise this is a feisty machine at an incredibly low pricea€”especially given the fact ita€™s, you know, made by Razer. But what about when you are on a budget and yet want a phone that not only looks awesome and has some really good specs but also helps you take incredible selfies? In fact, from a distance, it would be a bit difficult to tell the OPPO A37 apart from the iPhone 6.
OPPO A37 has ColorsOS3.0 that is essentially Android but with the look, feel and easy navigability of the iOS making this phone really easy to use, even for novices.
This allows for more light to enter the camera, so you can take a bright and natural-looking selfie even in low-light conditions. The A37’s real-time beautify feature gives you natural-looking, eye-catching shots that are so beautiful that you don’t need to retouch them or use any filters! The OPPO A37 sports an 8 Megapixel Rear Camera, featuring an Ultra-HD shooting mode, for capturing exceptionally clear and detailed photos. The short-throw keys provide merely decent tactile feedback when typed lightly, but scooted up against the magnesium chassis, you get a nice bounce and excellent aural feedback when you apply more force. HP persists in rendering it from a slippery material that even with a pebbled and concave top allows your finger to slip off. The EliteBook 840 G1's Laptop WorldBench 9 score of 64, which is right in line with our expectations. A headset jack, two more USB 3.0 ports, a full-sized DisplayPort, a super-slim docking port, and a drop-jaw gigabit ethernet port on the right side.
It also has a 720p webcam bordered by dual-array microphones and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivty.
An optional 5400 mAh battery slice adds another 1.35 pounds and a half-inch of thickness, but it more than doubles the laptopa€™s usable life away from an electrical outlet from a respectable 5 hours 36 minutes to a whopping 12 hours 47 minutes.

The Intel HD 4400 graphics doesna€™t cut it for most top-shelf games past 800 by 600 resolution, although it managed just over 30 frames per second on Grid 2 at 1024 by 768. My only caveat is that if an eraser-head is your preferred cursor-control tool, be sure you try before you buy. You now have the option to add Nvidia GeForce graphics to the $1,499 base model of the 2-in-1 device for an extra $200.
But this new configuration should appeal to those with plenty of external or cloud storage. More importantly, it draws another distinction with Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro, which seems to be the Surface Book's main rival. What the 13-inch MacBook Pro doesn't offer, however, is discrete graphics -- it's got an integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100 GPU.
If you want to tackle a big multiplayer raid, but don't have enough friends, this could be a great way to connect with other likeminded players. Despite sharing many design cues with Razera€™s standard Blade and Blade Pro gaming laptops, the Blade Stealth is an ultrabook. At $999, ita€™s probably the better valuea€”with the significant caveat that we havena€™t tested it ourselves. The resulting keyboard is extremely fast for typing, but with woefully stilted tactile feedback. Ita€™s not necessary in the least, and it does mean Razera€™s sort-of bloated Synapse software runs at boot, but it turns heads. F1 is Mute, F6 is Play, et ceteraa€”but ita€™s impossible to tell in the dark, because Razer only backlit the a€?F1a€? part, while the a€?Mutea€? icon next to it is dark. I just cranked up the sensitivity by a few notches (which you can do through Synapse or Windows 10 itself), and the trackpad is smooth and precise enough to handle it.
Ia€™ve been unreasonably paranoid about snapping the cable in half with a careless motion, given that it doesna€™t easily pop out of the slot when jostled. Razer has an ambitious future plan to release the Razer Core, a Thunderbolt 3-enabled graphics amplifier, so you can augment the Stealth with a desktop graphics card and use it as a pseudo-gaming laptop. Microsofta€™s Surface Pro 4 has 8GB of RAM and a 2736x1824 screen, but just an Intel Core i5-6300U. Ultrabooks arena€™t known for being powerful workstations, and ita€™s doubtful thata€™s what youa€™re buying this machine for.
For contrast, the Surface Pro 4 and its 2736x1824 screen made it to 6 hours and 26 minutes, while the 1980x1020 XPS 13 hit 8 hours and 17 minutes. It is slim and lightweight and looks like a high-end phone rather than the entry-level one that it is. The chassis is magnesium and the keyboard is fabricated from aluminum, making the unit tougher than most and endowing it with a sturdy feel. IT types who spend a lot of time repairing laptops be warneda€”examining the 840 G1 might make you giddy.
Drop-jaw means that the lower portion expands to accept an RJ-45 connector, then contracts to about the height of a USB port when you unplug the cable. Previously, you would have had to buy the $1,899 Surface Book to get a notebook with the same graphics card. Microsoft will continue to sell a $1,699 Surface Book with 256GB of storage but with integrated Intel HD Graphics, for those who prioritize internal storage.
Casey worked in publishing and product development at Rizzoli and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, respectively. It's cool I can use one to clone my internal, but it'd be even better if I could use one to expand my storage without removing my internal. What would really go well with that is the ability to automatically save screenshots onto an inserted memory stick.
Whoever Sony have as there man who 'listens to what the customers want' should be fired as he clearly isn't doing what's he's paid for.
But the Core isna€™t out, nor does it even have a release date, so therea€™s no sense banking on that functionality at the moment.
And while the XPS 13, the Blade Stealtha€™s strongest rival, has a brilliant bezel-free screen, the $999 model only packs a 1920x1080 screen with no touch capabilities and a Core i5-6200U.
In fact, when we tested the XPS 13 and Blade Stealth side by side, the XPS 13 won out on certain menial tasks. Whata€™s more important is that theA Blade Stealth hangs right in the packa€”certainly with machines at the same price, and in many cases with ultrabooks a few hundred dollars more expensive.
If battery life is a concern, the 1440p version of the Blade Stealth may be more your thing, as it should have similar performance to this 4K UHD model given its specs. Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen two selfies I posted recently where my skin is looking absolutely incredible!
The large pixels also work to bump up the dynamic range and give pictures a vivid depth and detail. HP says the laptop has passed a number of MIL-STD 810G tests, including drop, dust incursion, and vibration.
You can also add features such as vPro support, TPM (Trusted Platform Module), biometrics, larger hard drives, and so on, which will boost that price tag.
Henry joined Tom's Guide and LAPTOP having written for The Content Strategist, Tech Radar and Patek Philippe International Magazine.
I have a 1TB in there already, but it won't last forever with all the great games coming out that have tons of replay value that I won't want to remove in case I want to play them. Though to be fair, Microsoft do own One Drive and have a lot more background in this regard. Dollar-for-dollar, the Blade Stealtha€™s specs are a better buy, but its benchmark performance varied. Read on to know more about this entry-level smartphone that looks like a dupe of the iPhone 6 and to see my selfies…. It comes pre-fitted with a scratch-guard on the screen, a transparent silicone back cover, charging cord and adapter as well as earphones. He divides his free time between going to live concerts, listening to too many podcasts, and mastering his cold brew coffee process.

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