Now that iOS 8 is finally here, many an iPhone user has eagerly swiped over to the update screen only to find that the greedy install package just won't fit. Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Here is a list of all the Video Star Power Packs, showing whichA effects are included in each pack and where to find them. When you tap on New FX, you will see a set of icons, each is a different category for a group of effects.
StripH Meters, StripV Meters, Bottom Meter, Bottom Flow, Box Meters, Box Flow, Side Meters, Side Flow, Center Bars, Center Burst, Freq Out! Color Go x4, Random x4, Random Color, Tinted Go, B&W Noise, Color Noise, Basic Patterns, Retro Patterns, Monochromes, Misc. Another thing to keep in mind is that due to their size, uploading HD videos will take longer than SD videos. As we mentioned before, recording a clip in Video Star is about more than getting the bits from the camera to storage.
720p and 1080p processing is lot more work for the video effects engine a€¦ 4 times and 9 times as much work, correspondingly. If you have an iOS device that can support HD recording in Video Star, you can purchase the a€?HD Pro Packa€? which youa€™ll find in the store (tap the a€?lightninga€? button on the Home screen).
In Settings (tap the a€?geara€? button in the bottom left of the Home screen) you will find a€?New Project Resolutiona€? with a selector showing a€?360pa€? and a€?720a€? and, if your device supports it, a€?1080p.a€? This setting controls the resolution used when you create a new Video Star project by selecting new music.
A You can also tap the a€?ia€? button at the bottom-right of each project on Video Stara€™s main screen to check the resolution of (and storage space used by) that project. A: While the front camera is often more convenient and fun to use, if you are trying for the best quality result in your video then you will get the best result by using the back camera. Every day we are asked the same question: How do I get my video featured in Video Star, Video Star Insider, or in the User Tutorials in the app? Each week in Video Star Insider we give a shoutout to some of the current MVCs and ECs we findA on YouTube. Each week in Video Star Insider we will give a shoutout to A great collab channelsA we found on YouTube.
The video has images or uses a song that that has objectionable material A (sexual content, nudity, violence, profanity, crude humor, drug and alcohol use).
Make it appropriate – We will never feature a video that uses bad language, not even slightly bad language. Do something original – There are great, amazing ideas for videos that have not been thought of yet, but you could invent them yourself. Have fun, and do what you love – If you really care about your video, that will translate to the screen. It is also true that when we release a new version of Video Star that we are looking for videos that show off the new features and effects. A: No hard and fast rule here, but there are a LOT of great Video Stars out there and we do want to show new stars when we find them. A: It is absolutelyA not required, but it also does not hurt your chances of getting featured.
Finally, regardless of whether one of your videos is ever featured in Video Star or not, we hope you enjoy making your own music videos and sharing them with your friends and family. Video Star and VideoFX Live are designed to help you make great videos quickly, but did you know you can also use them to create amazing photos? Step 5: You can view photos saved to Camera Roll using the Photos or Camera apps that are built into iOS. We plan a more thorough tutorial soon, but in the meantime here’s how to get going with the new Clip Mixer. Once the video is backed up, the icon will change to a grey color indicating that there have not been any changes since it was last backed up.
Icon button indicating this project has been backed up and has not had any changes since it was.
You are probably saying a€?that’s great but how do I get it back?a€? Well, that is just as easy. All Apple IDs come with a free 5gb, which is not a lot if you have a lot of videos, but you can either save just the most important videos, or you can upgrade the storage from Apple. If you don’t want to backup to the iCloud, you can always use the iTunes File Sharing. Now that they are backed up you can open Video Star and delete some of your older video projects.
Because the Windows version of iTunes works a little differently, restoring a project from a Windows PC involves an extra step. That’s it, a super simple feature, but one that can save your videos and save space at the same time: Enjoy! Sometimes, after restoring a project, you might not see it show up in Video Star right away.
You have the best video app in the universe, make videos around the clock, barely getting any sleep, but are having such a blast that it hardly matters.
You could go to the app store and leave a review, pleading for help, but you have a sneaking suspicion that no one can answer app reviews (and you are right). Before you delete the app, re-download it, and lose all of your precious work, let’s take a step back and review the situation. Here’s a quick picture illustrating how to find out how much storage space you have used and how much of it is still available. That last screen can take a while to create the list of apps, especially if you have a bunch, but then you’ll be able to see how much storage space each app is using. We’ve seen reviews on the app store of people making six videos the very first day they get the app, which could use as much as 1 GB depending on the length of the videos. A week of doing that and pretty soon your 8 GB iPod touch is running short on space … a sad situation for any aspiring video star! If you are sending videos to YouTube or the Camera Roll, there’s something else to consider when freeing up space.
OK, so this might sound like work and numbers, but trust us … managing the space on your iOS device is still easier and more fun than doing homework. It can be displayed at larger sizes on a computer monitor without looking blurry, or if shown at the same size as an SD video it will look sharper and crisper, since many more pixels are used for each frame.

HD video clips in Video Star take about twice as much storage as SD clips (about three times as much for 1080p clips). Those YouTube movies will look better than ever, but you will need to be a bit patient uploading them!
The images must be run through Video Stara€™s real-time video effects engine, shown on the preview screen, compressed into a movie file, and saved to storage. 720p clips are recorded with more bits and, hence, less compression, so they will look sharper even if coming from a 360p camera.
We announce the MVC theme on Fridays on Video Star Insider, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and the winning videos get featured A on Wednesdays in Video Star Insider.
Yes, it might have crazy effects or great hand drawn art or be an amazing production effort. And we will never feature a video that implies real harm to others, so no knives, etc, please.
It might never get featured, but you will have made something that matters to you and that you can show proudly to others.
We never look at videos that are emailed to support or our other email addresses, and would like the support email address to be used for support requests only.
But we can’t deny that some will get featured more than once since they do amazing work.
They help us make sure that new features and effects work great before they are released in a Video Star update. There are so many talented, creative people using Video Star every day, and we are thrilled to help make that happen. In fact, you can create photosA using the same awesome effects you use in your videos,A and share them easily to your camera roll and favorite social networks. Each time you send a project to iCloud, it creates a new version so you can backup different version of the same video, in case you are working on a project and want or need to go back to a previous version of it. To use it, connect your iOS device to a computer over USB, or if you enable Wi-Fi syncing, you’ll be able to transfer video projects in and out of Video Star using the File Sharing area of the Apps tab. Click the Apps title at the top (step 2) and scroll down to the File Sharing A section (step 3) and scroll the apps list until you see Video Star (step 4). The names are a little longer than you are probably used to seeing, since we added the date and time it was created. When Video Star is started up, it will convert the zip file back into a project package file, and you will be able to continue working on your project.
Believe it or not you can restore a project saved from you iPod right onto your iPad (and back). And then late one evening, your eyes a bit blurry from all of the dancing and jump cuts, you go to upload your masterpiece to YouTube and … it fails.
All it takes is a few simple workarounds, and you can have your iOS 8 and keep your data, too. And unfortunately some of the slower, older iOS devices cana€™t even manage 720p processing.
This blog post explains how we select videos to feature, offers some tips that can help your video be considered, and answers some related common questions.
YouTube has a new feature that lets you find out whether they will allow or take down a video that contains a particular song. Can we see you tapping the Stop button because you haven’t learned how to use AutoStop yet? We can only search for your YouTube videos easily if you upload them directly from VideoStar. In this article, we’ll walk through setting up, taking, and sharing QuickSnap photos.
It’s important to note that if you close this windowA without saving it to the camera roll or sharing it elsewhere, itA won’t be saved!
When you are done it will return youA back to this screen so it’s easy to share inA more than one place (for example, Camera Roll and Facebook).
Dona€™t exit out of Video Star while you are backing up your video because it willA interrupt the progress and not backup properly. Of course both devices should use the same iTunes account so you have access to all of your purchased effects (see Restoring Past Purchases). Yet buried somewhere in all of those tech specs was a VERY important number for your music video career: storage space.
If you have a 3 minute, 130 MB video you will need to have more than 130 MB available on your device to send it to YouTube. The Easy Way Since it's the install package itself that gobbles up so much space, the easiest way to get around the issues is to plug in your phone and update straight from iTunes. So one way to do it so it does not interfere with your using of it, is set Video Star to backup your video just before you go to bed.
Remember if you delete it from the iCloud and dona€™t have a copy on your device or anywhere else, it will be gone forever.
You could save finished projects to one folder on your computer and then reserve another folder for projects you are still working on. That way, your phone won't get stuck with having to bear the update's weight and you should have more than enough room for the measly 1.1 GB of iOS 8 itself. If we like a video, it is put into a pool where we check it further to see if we can feature it.
The Easy But Scary Way Of course, the above would work in an ideal world, but in reality, Apple's servers have been flooded. The next time you start the app you’ll be able to use it like it was never gone (see note below). And since people have been reporting problems updating straight from iTunes, your iPhone might have to end up shouldering the brunt of the install package. Do check out our blog posts and video tutorials (tap on thea?“on the main screen) for some help. The Slightly Less Easy But Safer Way If the thought of totally wiping your phone sends shivers down your spine, there are ways to clear up necessary space.

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