So when the phone turns on, all my apps are showing and my setting are correct, however my pictures are not there nor are all my text message histories. And to tell the truth, the iCloud backing up is still kind of mystery to most iPhone uses for few people know exactly what it does and what it doesn’t do. Finally, do remember to back up your iPhone data regularly, everything you backed up to a server is under the mercy of others.
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This quick guide shows how to restore iPhone contacts or calendars from a backup created by CopyTrans Contacts. Carina is part of team CopyTrans since 2008 and is always happy to share her passion for web marketing, graphic design & social media. If you haven’t already, download and install the latest version of iTunes, available as a free download from Apple.
Open iTunes and using the supplied USB to Lightning cable, connect your new iPad to your computer. Although you’ve restored from a previous backup, there are still a few steps to finalize the setup process.
You’ll find a list of email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account.

As you put a checkbox next to media, you’ll see the storage bar at the bottom of iTunes that reflects the current amount of free storage.
Click back on the Summary tab and let’s look at the second grouping of options for Backups. At this point, you should have your preferred backup set and checked all of the boxes next to media to be synced to your device.
When it completes, you’ll need to finish a few steps on your iPad to complete the setup process.
Review the list of email addresses and phone numbers where fellow iOS users can contact you via iMessage or Facetime. This allows you to save passwords in Safari along with your credit card information making it easier to login to secure websites.
You can try getting backup the lost text messages and call history through restoring your iPhone 6s from iTunes backup. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically dives each day into the depths of the Internet searching for new cool stuff to be shared with you and her team.
I’d recommend enabling as it is required for using a number of apps that will provide you with a better overall experience. Since we restored from a previous backup, the process of restoring all of your apps will begin.

If you rollover the bar, it will illustrate how much is being used for music, apps and so on.
This is a free service to help you locate your iOS device should it be lost, stolen or misplaced. Check out our setting up an iOS device without a computer for more in-depth explanations of each setting. For one, you’ll be able to sync music, movies, photos and more from your computer to your new iPad. The process is the same as you click on the individual tabs for Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books and Photos. Music, movies and TV shows that you have set to sync to your device will also start to copy over.

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