Let the iCloud restoration begin and finish itself, this may take a while depending on how much stuff you had backed up and how fast the internet connection is. The appearance is slightly different from various versions of iTunes, but the process is always the same. If you find that the last synced time is not particularly recent, you just need to backup your iPhone more often!
Note this process is the same regardless of the iOS version and iOS device, though it may look a little bit different depending on the versioning.
Restoring from a backup can be a meaningful troubleshooting trick if you’re experiencing many unexplained problems with the iPhone. BEWARE: restoring from a backup to a different device than the original backup device (like if you upgrade or get a AppleCare replacement) will NOT restore your non-apple application data. It says I need to put a password, I put my password in my iTunes account but it didn’t work.
I upgraded to ios5, then do the restore from backup but it asks for password to unlock the backup file and actually, I did not set a password for it and don’t know what to do.
Ho w do you stop that going on and why doesn’t it look for old entries and ask to update I now only update on my contacts on the phone but would love to know how you can replace all the ones on the computer with the ones on the phone, cleanly. With iPhone Backup Restore you can make a backup of all the applications such as Calendar, Bookmarks, Accounts, Address Book, Voice Mails, Cydia Sources, Call History, Keychain and many more. I recently had my iPhone replaced due to a sticky power button but had a few problems when restoring from my iCloud backup. The second problem was a little more fiddly, and I still don’t really understand what the problem is.
The result was that my apps would start downloading and as soon as the progress bar filled, the app icons would flash white and the app would disappear. Some data was not restored, for instance, apps that were removed from the App Store for legal reasons.
I tried the suggested, syncing the iTunes, but that just gave me a new copy of the apps with all my app data missing. Thanks great tip, I had to replace my iPhone 5 (volume up broke) and the iCloud restore gave me the incomplete error. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance.
Despite your best efforts, there are a host of things which can potentially go wrong during either update method. If your iPhone was automatically placed in Recovery Mode after the upgrade, you would need to restore it via iTunes. If after upgrading to the new iOS your iPhone was restored to factory settings, swipe your finger from left to right upon prompt and select the language and country. From the next screen, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup” and select an iCloud backup entry to restore from.
Once the restore is complete, apps which you previously downloaded or purchased off the AppStore will automatically begin to load. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. I had to have a new phone due to hardware issues, my previous backup was done on ios7, but because the new phone didnt have this as default i cant figure out how to get both ios 7 AND restore from cloud back.
Hi Hannah, what was exactly the trouble you experienced while trying to restore from iCloud?
Stacey, if you backed up your iPhone via iCloud too, you can try and restore from it instead as described in the article above. Tara, this is usually caused by a temporary trouble for iTunes connecting to the Apple servers or by inconsistent Internet connection on your side. Hi Lyn, unfortunately, you cannot downgrade your iOS version once you’ve installed iOS 7.
Hi Jenni, you need to restore from a previous iCloud or iTunes backup as described in the article above. I have updated my iphone 4gevy sim to ios7 but now my phone is not working its jst showng da Apple sign Again & off wht to do ??
Thanks for replying, Entire world is waiting for the official statement ?? Let us keep our fingers crossed ?? It will be an awesome phone. Last week, when I was scanning the text messages and deleting some unimportant ones, my iPhone asks me if I wanted to deleted the messages, I hit ”Yes”. Step 2 After a few minutes, all the data in your iPhone backup will be listed in organized categories on the left sidebar. Step 1 Connect your iPhone 4 to the computer with an USB cable and then launch Leawo iPhone 4 Data Recovery.
Step 2 After entering the DFU mode, the program will automatically begin scanning of the iPhone 4. However, owing to many unexpected reasons, like wrong deletion, data damaging, formatted memory card or USB hard drive, or even due to a stolen or broken device, our important notes are gone and they seem to disappear forever from our devices.

Here are top 5 solutions for iPhone notes recovery, they may suit different notes loss conditions respectively.
Gmail email is a very common storing place for notes, usually you may have added your notes to the Gmail account without even knowing it. Step 3 Then you’ll be led to the Setup Assistant, sign in to iCloud, tap “Restore from a Backup”, then choose from the list of your backups in iCloud. To merely recover deleted notes on iPhone without removing other data on your iPhone, you have to see solution 4 and solution 5 introduced below.
Step 1 Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery program on your computer, and enter “Recover from iTunes backup” mode. Note: If you have backed up since the notes were gone, you will not have the notes on the updated backup. Step 1 Connect your iPhone to the computer, launch Leawo iOS Data Recovery, and click “Start” to start scanning. You can also refer to the specific guides about how to recover deleted notes from iPhone with Leawo iOS Data Recovery. If you are using Mac, please download Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor for Mac on your Mac to use.
Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor will detect all iTunes backup files automatically on computer. 1) Click "Extract" button to extract and save the files from iTunes Backup to a folder on computer. 2) Choose SMS Messages, Contacts, Notes, Calendar events, Bookmarks or Call History section and then click the "Restore To Device" button.
What restoring from a backup does is pretty straight forward: it clears everything off the device, installs a clean version of the iOS system software, then recovers all personal stuff to exactly what it was like from the last backup. Typically this is done anytime an iPhone has been connected to a computer through a USB cable, assuming auto-sync has been enabled. Keeping frequent backups is a good idea across all devices, whether its your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or whatever. If things are just running weirdly, battery drains exceptionally quickly, apps are crashing or just aren’t working properly, and when there is quite clearly a problem with the iOS system software or some specific settings on the device. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The restore is the one that worked for me, but it was pretty scary going through all the other options first and none of them working! Questio I put my sim card inside the slot and it is searching’s for an internet signal how do I get it to find I try and let it find it by itself and try to type it in with no success. The most prominent case is the attack of viruses which can just remove all the saved data of your iPhone. This saves from any kind of previous damages also as you will have the backup saved with you. I managed to solve them all so I thought it might help a few others if I described my findings here. Wait a few minutes and then attempt the restore again while connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. It is therefore important to take time and back up iPhone information and settings right before upgrading.
We’d advise you to also back up iPhone contacts, calendars, music, apps, videos and photos to your PC as separate files so that you can restore these whenever you want. This article will help you find the steps to resolve most iOS upgrade errors involving iTunes.
Recovery Mode is a particular state of iOS devices which have encountered software- or app-related trouble.
Refer to this troubleshooting article for a detailed procedure on how to get the iPhone out of recovery mode after iOS upgrade. Once the device appears in iTunes, click on it and from the Summary tab click the “Restore Backup…” button.
He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography.
To restore from iCloud backup, you’d need to reset the iPhone to factory settings (which will remove all settings and delete all data from the device). You need to make sure to back up the iPhone via iTunes as described above before resorting to restoring. We ourselves are following the latest news on the Internet and we’d be delighted to get more details from Apple! But what you should know is that all the previous data of your iPhone will be replaced by the iTunes backup in this method. When you choose output folder location, you’d better tick the checkbox to automatically open output file after recovery. After that you should activate DFU mode of iPhone 4 by referring to the guide on the main interface of Leawo iPhone 4 Data Recovery.

Actually, the lost notes don’t disappear completely from our devices, we have some ways to recover notes from iPhone.
You should update your device to the latest iOS, so you can restore from a recent backup of another device, such as a lost or broken device.
Also, you need to enter correct passcode on iPhone if your iPhone is protected with a passcode. This is one of many reasons why making regular backups is recommended, particularly if you’re participating in any major iOS upgrades, adjustments, or tweaks (jailbreak or otherwise), because it lets you return to the last guaranteed functioning state of the device, with all of your data, apps, and customizations intact. In most cases, a complete restoration will resolve such a problem, but if it doesn’t then you may need to take further actions through the official AppleCare line or Genius Bar.
If you already have that checked, then all you do is use your password that you set for it. So everyone prefers to have this as there is also a facility of doing iPhone Backup Restore in which backup files of iPhone can be easily restored. In the end only about half of my apps were restored – the rest appeared to be deleted. If the data that was not restored also exists in your iTunes library, you can sync it back to your iOS device via USB cable sync as a work around.
Once the homescreen appeared again, I immediately tapped on one of the apps that previously failed to restore. This mode is instantly recognizable from the iPhone screen once it shows a USB cable, and an arrow pointing towards the iTunes icon. You can also restore from iCloud backup which does not require plugging the iPhone to a computer but you must have an active Internet connection. Also, connect the iPhone to a power source since the restore process can quickly deplete the iPhone battery.
I’d strongly advise you to take the iPhone to your carrier company and troubleshoot the matter with them. It was not until that moment that I realized that what I just deleted were the important ones that I hadn’t intended to remove. Then find the “Devices” column on the left sidebar, and right click your iPhone shown on the “Devices” column and choose “Restore from Backup”, then choose a backup to restore. We take notes of class lectures, flashy ideas, important memos, and many more things that can be forgotten with time passing under the circumstance of not taking a pen along with us. Please note that no matter which solution you choose,  sooner is better than later, rush to recover deleted iPhone notes ASAP. If you have set a Gmail account, the synced notes are actually stored as email in the notes label of your Gmail, which provides a possibility to restore iPhone notes from Gmail. Luckily Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor makes it possible and very easy to restore data from iTunes backup files.
Therefore ita€™s always recommended to the iPhone users to create a backup of data and have them saved in any other storage media drives. As we discovered, a recent backup of the iPhone serves as a much needed insurance against failure. This meant that we needed to manually restore the iOS data back to the newly-updated iDevices. It will then say I need to charge it, but waiting 5-10minutes (in some cases) means I can turn it on again and it has battery life still.
The most importantly, never backup your device with iTunes once you have realized your data loss, or your recovery of deleted SMS will fail. I last recall the rep telling me in order to first access or unlock it was to input a simple four digit code but don’t remember if it was my last four of social or last four of ph # but at the time I did it n it worked.
The iPhone Restore Backup restore all files along with the previous settings at the time of restoration of the files. Next, follow the directions from the above tutorial to restore the backup to your new iPhone. Videos, Photos, SMS messages, Contacts, Calendar events, Recordings, Voicemails, Notes, Bookmarks and other app data) from iOS 7 iTunes Backup. Now that I need iOS 5 I must restore n backup but since no password was recognized so I had no choice but to go with set up as new iPhone n now I backed up pics, music but NEED my notes n contacts. Once the first app had succeeded all the other apps followed without me needing to tap on them individually. One can simply perform backup of files and than can restore the whole data that can include all different types of files such as videos, images, word and other files. This transfers all data and after the process is completed than make a double check on the settings on both the iPhone and in iTunes.

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