In fact, many users experienced various problems with the iCloud restore not working properly, such as unknown errors as mentioned above, image disappearing and so on.So they are seeking an easier and effective way to have their pictures be transferred. With Phone Transfer, iDevice users can easily transfer their images, music, videos and even contacts, text message between iCloud and mobile devices. Once subscribed on TransPhone, you would receive the free Newsletter once a week about the newly released products, new features of latest version as well as other interesting offers from TransPhone or its partners.
Note: Apple reserves the right to delete iCloud backups of your iOS device after 180 days of inactivity, as mentioned in their support knowledge base.
Once logged into your iCloud account, select your iCloud backup from the drop-down menu and then click the download button.
To recover your photos, contacts, calendar data, SMS, videos, recordings, notes, call history or any other data, simply click on the blue link corresponding to the type of data you want to recover from your iCloud backup. Please note that the iPhone Backup Extractor will only be able to download complete iCloud backups.
How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps! Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today? The restore process will copy settings, texts, recent call lists contacts apps from your old iPhone backup to your new iPhone. To the best restore the most recent version of the app that you deleted is to re-download it.
The second option for restoring deleted apps from App store allows you to reinstall any app that was discontinued.
If Wi-Fi sync is enabled, your iPhone will download the app even if it's not connected to your computer.
Note: This is the trickiest method which if you are not cautious you will end up losing your data. Restore From Backup is a technique that you can use to restore everything in your iPhone into the last condition, as it was when the last backup to iTunes was made. Not only want restore the Apps, but also would like to recover the data of your Apps from iPhone? It’s never fun to accidentally delete a contact that is needed, let alone multiple contacts or even an entire address book. We’ll cover four ways to get your address book or an individual contact restored to iPhone, read through each of them to understand their efficacy and determine which is most likely to work for you. Though Contacts syncs through iCloud, Mac users can use the inevitable syncing latency to their advantage and often retrieve deleted contacts by going to the Contacts (or Address Book) application. The reason to turn off wi-fi quickly is to prevent Contacts from syncing changes with the iPhone. When this method works, it’s extremely simple and quite fast, but there is no guarantee here. If it’s a single contact, find out if a friend, family member, or colleague has the contact information, then just have them share it with you, it will be much easier and faster than any of the other methods of retrieval. Losing important contacts is a major pain, and though it’s a recoverable problem, it does emphasize the importance of regular backups, both locally to a computer, and to iCloud. A quick side note: there are a million and one third party apps preying on the desperate and claiming to be able to recover deleted contacts.
Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have a trash bin in which your deleted data can be stored.

You can log in your iCloud account in your computer and then find your contacts from backups and download them to your iPhone. Actually, you can recover only contacts from iTunes backup by using this, instead of recover everything! Before you give your iPhone away or sell it, be sure to erase everything and reset your iPhone so you won’t have your identity stolen. People who buy used phones often mine them for personal information so they can steal your identity so they can empty your bank account, run up charges on your credit cards or apply for loans using your Social Security Number. Once done setting up what gets backed up, go to Storage & Backup at the bottom of the screen. Apple assures us that your data will be safe in iCloud and you can restore from your iCloud backup. If you want to keep your data and apps, then choose Reset All Settings which returns your iPhone settings to the factory default without erasing any of your apps or data. The other two apply only if you want to quickly get your phone up and running using the backup you created above using iCloud. The video below shows you how to transfer purchases to your computer, this is also handy if you need to sync with a new computer.
With your phone plugged into your computer and iTunes running, make sure you backup all your data as per the instructions above. Once iTunes finishes either downloading or updating the phone, then click the Restore button (4 above) and it will ask you if you want to either Backup or Don’t Backup. If you plan to give the phone to a friend or family member who will use this computer and iTunes installation, then you may want to go ahead and set it up as a new device. I have an Iphone 3gs that will not turn on, will not accept a charge, and will not turn on if I replace the battery. THANKS FOR THE SHITE ADVICE – NOW MY IPHONE IS LOCKED ON EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might find that even though you have selected to backup your pictures, they aren't accessible to be browsed through.
Our application helps recover data from iCloud backups and you will be able to extract your photos, videos, calendar data, SMS, recordings, voicemails, notes, application data and more. Note that you’ll need at least a Personal subscription plan to unlock the iCloud backup downloader feature. The downloading process may take up to several hours, depending on the size of your backup and how fast your internet connection is. Just open App Store on your device and Search the app that you want to reinstall into your iPhone. Click on the device (iPhone) and then click on "Apps" tab from the sidebar -> Click on Install button next to app.
All you need is to sign in to you iCloud account and look for you apps from the iCloud backup file. The way above is not available, but there is a way working for you, but you need to install a third-party tool first: iRefone data recovery.
If you find yourself in a situation where you have deleted contacts from your iPhone that you then must recover, you can often get them back by performing a variety of tricks. This insures that if you somehow make things worse, you’ll have a Contacts backup to return to. Of course this won’t be an option if nobody else has the addressee information though, making this perhaps the least universally applicable option.

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If you accidently delete data on your iPhone, you may need to restore to recover deleted data from iPhone. If you don’t mind using a computer, the traditional method of plugging the iPhone into a USB port using the sync cable works.
This doesn’t work for videos, so if you bought any TV shows or movies using your phone, then you will have to back them up first to your computer. You will see the amount of storage you have in total followed by the available storage left.
Better yet, just turn it off and let the recipient choose unless you feel the need to set things up for a friend or family member who might not understand how to do it. To use the third option you must do a backup using iTunes, so proceed to find out how to do that now. Then, with your device selected (1 in image below) and the Summary tab selected (2 below) first click Check for Updates (3 below), if you want to restore your phone using the latest version of iOS. Since you already backed things up, you don’t really need to now, but you can for an extra measure of precaution. Though you can recover the deleted messages to computer for record keeping and convenient reading, it would be great if the deleted text messages can be recovered to iPhone.
Yes, you can selectively recover data from your iCloud backup, and we'll show you how, in this article. We offer full integrity of data and your iCloud backups will not be affected while using the iPhone Backup Extractor. Restoring from iTunes and iCloud requires that you had previously backed up your data in them. You will have to tap both Photo Stream and Documents & Data to turn those two items on in the screens shown after you tap them. If you want to do the same for extra protection, then skip down to the section Backing Up Data Using iTunes. How can I sell it and still know for sure that someone isn’t going to somehow fix it or take my information off of it? You will not be charged for the apps that you had paid for as long as you use the same iTunes account that you previously used in purchasing the app. I first choose Transfer Purchases… to make sure iTunes copies any movies, video, music, apps or books I bought on my device over to my computer. This step isn’t really necessary, but I like to do this first if Apple just shipped a new version of iOS. When the transfer finishes, then I makes ure I have a good backup by choosing Back Up from the right-click menu.
At his point you can choose one of three options, setting the phone up as a new phone, restoring from iCloud or from iTunes. This article mainly talks about some reasonable tips to help you undelete the apps back to your iPhone smoothly.

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