Now that we have knew that there is recovery software for us to recover deleted text messages from iPhone. After the several minutes' scan, you will see all the lost messages listed in the left by categories: Call History, Contacts, Messages, Notes, Photos, etc.
Since you can preview the detailed messages, you can only tick the important ones you want and ignore the ones you don't need anymore. When scan is done, you can see the recoverable files including messages displaying on the left in categories. Now you may be soaking yourself in the happy recovery, I will give you some other tips for your data recovery. Here I recommend you iPhone Data Recovery software which is powerful and widely used by many people all around the world.

If you made backup just not long ago and there isn't any important new SMS added since the last synchronization. Have you ever hoped for a "recycle bin" in your iPhone just as your PC, so that you can easily find your deleted messages from the bin? It is so powerful that can recover deleted SMS even you never backed messages up, it recovers deleted SMS messages directly from iPhone.
But sometimes we won't avoid it absolutely, so we can keep a good habit to make backup regularly and frequently so that we can find the lost data easily.
If have a hard drive problem or accidentally delete a file some day, chances are you’ll be able to easily restore from your latest Time Machine backup.
But there isn't such one indeed, there is a data recovery tool which enables you to recover deleted iPhone text messages either wihtout iTunes backup or from backup.

Keep in mind that before you connect your iPhone to the computer, turn off the automatically detecting function in iTunes, or else all your lost data won't be recovered in this way. I backup to iTunes when I’m about to upgrade to a new iPhone simply because the restore will be faster. Something happened to their iPhones (they got wet, dropped, stolen, etc.) and ended up getting a replacement.

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