Interested in becoming an Online Backup partner, and provide value-added backup and recovery services to your existing customer’s? Your team will handle the billing and first-level technical support and if you need additional assistance we are here to help. Our Online Backup Reseller Program will meet the requirements of most types of business relationships. Become an Online Backup Reseller today, and you too can begin earning an additional 20–30% of income off of your existing customers. Met onze app heeft u op uw telefoon of tablet overal toegang tot uw bestanden van uw backup of Cloud-Schijf. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Choose from our selection of professional templates to create a desired look and feel for your online backup business. We have a range of custom domains your business can choose from to promote your Online Backup Business.
Becoming an online backup reseller could be the right option for your business, but there are some points to consider in order to determine if it truly is the right fit. Below you will find a number of questions to consider, all which will help you determine if selling online backup is a fit for your business. Even if you’re not yet ready, know that your customers will be in need of anA online backupA solution in the near future.

What’s essential to understand is that everyone needs a secure data backup solution, so your business could be very successful in providing that option. Do you have a list of regular clients for whom you supply IT related services on a regular basis? One last question to consider in reselling online backup a€“ but definitely not least a€“ do you currently work and service clients in an area prone to frequent disruptions or natural disasters?
In all cases the revenues our program brings to you and the opportunity to provide great service to your customers and to gain new customers is there for the taking. Echt even helemaal weg van alle dagelijkse sleur, volop genieten van mooi weer in een prachtige omgeving, lekker eten, interessante uitstapjes, alles met het gezin of vrienden.
Given a range of varying layouts, colors, and navigations, any of our customized websites will provide a clean and crisp website front end. Once your website template is live, you can easily update and access your new webpage through our CPanel Control Panels. As an IT reseller, youa€™re poised to sell a product that is part of a $44 billion industry. As a matter of fact, the amount of digital information created and replicated each year is undergoing rapid growth and you may decide to provide a solution. Not only will your customers need this solution, but they will also want to consider the most secure options. If your customers are relying on you to select the right technical solutions for them, online backup is anA essentialA feature that should be in place.

These areas are definitely in need of a secure online backup solution, and can often need immediate recovery.
If you currently service clients in high risk or frequently disrupted areas, reselling online backup could be very successful for you, as disaster recovery is essential to any business. So join our partner resellers, and have a product completely branded with your name and company image with your logos and links pointed at our private domains, SSL secured and privately registered. But if you already have a domain, no worry, our system can work with any custom DNS setup you might have.
If, for example, you do not have a list of regular clients for whom you supply IT related services, then you might not want to consider reselling online backup.
Enjoy the rewards of owning your own Online Backup business, and let us manage the hardware and the technical side of your company. The security of the data is a very important aspect to consider, because you will be sending data to an office storage location. Should your data mistakenly fall into the wrong hands, it will need to be encrypted in order to prevent prying eyes from accessing your confidential information.

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