Photoshop Template, Video Template, Flash Animation, 3D Model, Website Template, Footage, Stock Graphic and Vector. It is an online service where students can post their work, receive bids and assign it to the most favourable writer.
Such flexibility has attracted over 10k authors so far, who work on around 57k subject lines. The commissioning policies at StudyBay can generate around 40-60% commission on the orders referred by you. StudyBay owns a bulk of promotional material for targeting the audience with some actionable measures. Out of the above-stated options, order forms and landings have proved to be quite promising at pitching sales, but results vary at sub-levels.
Users can also post their own banners, as long as it does not violate the ethical standards of this niche. A word of advice; StudyBay has some great sales figure across English speaking nations like US, UK, Australia and Canada. Jitendra Vaswani is also a frequent speaker & having 5+ yrs experience of in Digital Marketing field.
Right now, I am making a list of programs that offer recurring payments and I have added it to the list.
Get Traffic Hacks for 100 % Free & Also Get My FREE SEO E-book worth 50$.Grow Your Website Traffic upto 200% in 30 DaysReady to start growing your website traffic? Jitendra's talent, skill, and style make him one of the most qualified digital marketing gurus in India, and in my opinion, shortly in the world. Jitendra Vaswani skills always inspire me to work more better and Jitendra helped me to get connected to influencing people in digital marketing industry.
So finish that commute and grab another vanilla latte, because it’s time to learn how your affiliate program can utilize social media to its maximum value. Unfortunately, many people in charge of affiliate programs believe that they do have to be some sort of Facebook whiz or Twitter wizard, and as a result end up ignoring the platforms completely. Social media works through “updates,” short little messages that you broadcast to everyone in your group. Social media is free, and completely easy to experiment on—so no worries if you don’t get it right at first. Of course, as the affiliate program manager, you don’t have to actually do any of the work on social media—that will be up to your affiliates.
For starters, once you sign up with LeadDyno, we’ll provide you with the affiliate links your affiliates need for sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and different social media sites—you don’t have to do any of that yourself. The good news is that doing this work only takes a one-time investment of your time: writing a basic, short script that your affiliates can then use in their own affiliate campaigns. Since status updates on social media are so quick and short, writing these scripts is incredibly easy. An affiliate who can’t his or her own performance is essentially doing their job blind, whether they’re running AdWords campaigns or promoting your product on Facebook. Tracking variables like visitors, leads, and purchases will help your affiliates understand exactly how effective their campaign has been. For a more detailed rundown of this process, be sure to check our Facebook Ad tracking page. LeadDyno comes built-in with the tools your affiliates will need to dominate the space of social media. That’s not to say that running social media campaigns will be difficult from your position as affiliate program manager. If you’ve ever been on Facebook and said to yourself, “hey, I almost want to click that,” then you know the power of advertisement via social media. We created LeadDyno because we wanted easy affiliate tracking software for ourselves, and for our affiliates who help us sell our product and promote our website. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. The users visits are recorded and you can view monthly reports for Hours, Day, Date, Month and for Year.
The script keeps track of the Number of downloads for your files and controls the number of downloads depending on your wish. You can add the Feedback form to your website so that users can send you various feedback as what they think about your website or if they want state a problem or query or just simply want to contact you. Forgot Password PHP Script on asking the Username from user sends the password to the users email account on checking if the username exists or not and if the email address exists or not for that username. Add to your site to Invitation Form from where users can invite their friends by filing the form. Fake Login Prevention is a PHP & MySQL script that tries to avoid fake login by a user. KB Messages PHP Script Compose Inbox Outbox displays the messages send with in a community like a forum, or messages send with in any community site from a user to another are displayed in a very formal and easy to use way.
And one of the coolest feature of the script is that if you want to display different new for different part of site or if you have many sites then by the same MySQL table you can feed news to different sites by selecting the site code. In Pagination you can distribute number of records on different pages and specify links so that user can go from one page to next page.
But what when there are large number of pages say 1000 and a user wants to go to page number 400 then according to simple pagination he can click on Page 5 then page 7 then 9 (when there are 5 pages being shown) and page 5 then 12 then 19 (when there are 15 pages being shown) etc. Picture Gallery PHP Script helps you to display the pictures, photos in your website in an organised way.
Also, when a user votes, a cookie is established at users end for a specific time, so that a user can’t vote again (for the same item, if that user has already voted for the item and the IP removing time period has passed) until he deletes the cookie at his end. This script can be used anywhere for vosting and can be use to rate items, articles, listings etc.
Pull Down Menu is a PHP & MySQL script that shows how a webmaster can include the data from the database in the Form type Pull Down Menu so that a user can select the data coming from the database. A PHP script which not only redirects to you to a page (or refresh the same page) after a pre-specified time (in seconds), but does this work for a particular date time that you specify and you fetch the date from the database if you want to.
This script can be used in the downloading, quiz pages, time restriction pages for redirection.
TicTacToe Game in PHP where user competes with computer and can choose Easy or Hard Mode to play.
Easy mode is a random move by computer where it tries to stop user from winning and in hard mode computer tries to win as well. A great script for the MYSQL users to show the upcoming Birthdays on their site and also can show the Upcoming Birthdays in the Users account.

A nice script for the MYSQL users to show the upcoming Birthdays on their site and also can show the Upcoming Birthdays in the Users account. With this script you can show the number of Users online on any page and also the number of users online on site. This script can be use at any page to count Number of Users online and Maximum Users online. A few more automated checks to verify everything is OK and the new link automatically appears on your links page! You can completely customize the look of the message board by editing header, footer and style files! Unlike other graphical hit counter scripts PHPGCount will work even on servers that don’t have GD library enabled (this library is usually required by other scripts).
Mobirise Website Builder – Create mobile friendly, refined-looking website in no time!
You can see the full length chain at the top and right side of the white section on the preview above and at the bottom of the grey rectangle.
You can use it every time you want to share your website on social media, newsletters or any other places, just to see which way is making more sales, more profit. Any further purchases from the same client will fetch you with 15-20% of the rebilling amount.
Once the authentication has been processed, you are provided with referral links to StudyBay’s resources like order forms, banners, landing page etc.
You can choose from across CTA buttons, widgets, banners, landing, the list of keywords, order forms, pop-ups and a lot more.
Targeting their common issues and running local domain extensions could give you a head start. The page is smartly categorized for a transparent display of transactions and eliminating maximum queries. A quick overview of your orders and profits have also been pinned to the top right of the screen.
This one stop shop gives away the number of clicks on your referral links, orders executed, orders paid and the net revenue generated. A large database of different affiliate options and their respective referral links is present here. Before someone finds it organically or gets approached by your rivals, it would be wise to join StudyBay’s free affiliate program.
I know Jitendra from DomainX event , he was very active there and I was really impressed by networking & business skills he have. Being able to consistently generate enough quality content to earn a loyal and enthusiastic audience separates the men from the boys and Jitendra is clearly one of the up and coming young men in the global blogosphere. We had a great time and it was fun doing the interview together as he is both friendly and tenacious. We have met at DomainX event in Bangalore 2015 and as of since I follow his blogs and work. The words are so ubiquitous that they’ve become as much a part of our morning routines as vanilla lattes and commuter traffic.
And the popularity of social media in this day and age has all but assured that turning to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will offer you and your affiliates countless opportunities to find new leads, new customers, and new opportunities.
Luckily, with how things are set up at LeadDyno, you don’t have to know very much at all about social media in order to get your affiliates up and running on the most popular platforms of today. Sure, there are lots of ways to optimize your social media plans, and there are some genuine wizards out there who really know their stuff. That’s why it’s essential to have an ad tracking tool that’s always accurate and always up-to-date. They can then use this information to gauge whether they need to change their strategy or simply need to invest more money to make more money. Sign in like you normally would, and—voila!—you’ll have the visitors, leads, purchases, and cancellations your Facebook campaign has generated.
But it will take a little upfront investment on your end to ensure that these tools are ready to put to work. Best hand picked collection of design related resources, useful tools, tutorials, tips etc.
You can include this counter anywhere in the footer of the page and the footer can be included in every page.
It keep tracks of total downloads, downloads today, yesterday, in this week, in this month. A user who tries to login again and again with a wrong password will after sometime will not be able to login that account for a pre-specified time. An activation and confirmation mail is send during subscription and unsubscription respectively.
With the combination of Send(compose), Inbox, Outbox(Sent messages) the script if very helpful with it’s easy to use features. Generally what user see is First, Previous, Next, Last links along with few page numbers like 1,2,3,4,5 and if he is on page 9 then something like 7,8,9,10,11 or 9,10,11,12,13 etc. You can display the available pictures with the use of MySQL and without using the directory read function. Some times the problem lies in arranging the select element of the form and the option attributes.
The script also displays the Maximum number of users that has been online on a page and also on site with date. If you want to know what your visitors think about your website this is the perfect guestbook for you. It will process emoticons (smileys), send you an e-mail notification when someone signs your guestbook, you can delete inappropriate messages, manually approve new posts, limit the length of comments, the number of emoticons per post and more. You can either simply add code to the header and footer or have complete control over the look and feel by modifying the template files.
It comes with an admin panel where you can view link statistics: how many times a link has been clicked (both numerical and graphical display of stats), link with most clicks and average clicks per link. In the LinkMan admin manager panel you have a special tool that will crawl all URLs where your reciprocal link should be. You can also easily edit header and footer of the links page so it will completely fit into the rest of your website!
It is ideal for webmasters who don’t need or want big (and usually empty) forums on their sites, but are instead looking for a smaller, simple yet effective message board.
It stores all posts as HTML pages so it doesn’t take up much of the server resources (what is usually the case with larger flat-text database message boards) so it is ideal for shared hosting.

RandIm supports file extension filtering so it can be used to randomly pick other file types too! I'm very passionate about following topics as web design, social media, internet marketing. Full details of CodeCanyon vBulletin Referral Links 4817495 for digital design and education.
This flyer can also be used in Prom Parties, Event Parties, Holiday Parties, Club Parties, Birthday Bash, etc.
The big chain that you see on the left was built with individual layers provided just for the preview image.
When user comes to your website via entry link you shared, this plugin saves a cookie to a browser so when user is making an order later on, we can track where from and when customer came to your website.
For example, students can crunch out the estimated pay for their work by specifying the assignment type, academic level, word limit, and deadline. An illustration of each status type is provided to the bottom of the page to avoid misconceptions.
Banners, forms, mobile forms, landings, links, and keywords are all distinctly provided options.
Right from the withdrawal id to the payment amount, method, dates and their status on clearance; no detail is left untouched. With such a self-explanatory interface, things couldn’t be any easier at setting up an affiliate and earning commissions from it.
He has the passion and tireless drive it takes to cover all of the bases and continually deliver fresh, valuable information that helps his readers make money and keep coming back for more. Forward thinking and constantly comes up with smart and creative ideas to promote my business. Heck, they’ve gotten so popular that social media now spans entire generations and continents. But once you get set up with LeadDyno, you’ll learn that those essential facts are about all you need to know before you get started. Make sure to create scripts that your affiliates can use in order to make the process as easy on them as possible. Heck, once you sign up, you can easily give out affiliate links that can be transferred to Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets, and LinkedIn updates. And oftentimes, these leads come more pre-qualified than most web traffic because sites like Facebook do a good job in showing its users only the ads that will interest them the most.
We all love to use many of the open source frameworks and code snippets to make our lives easier. It is a 3 level referral system and user can view Referral Tree having users who comes in these 3 levels.
Choose the Tree Depth (or the Tree height to be displayed) on a page and the Family Tree is displayed just simply by calling a function.
The pictures are displayed in an organised manner like the number of pictures to be displayed per page, number of columns to be displayed. Only one vote per IP can be voted (within a pre-specified time), but many a times it may happen you have many users from 1 particular IP and if one user votes then others from the same IP are not able to vote from that IP.
Only one vote per IP can be voted (within a pre-specified time), but many a times it many happen you have many users from 1 particular IP and if one user votes then others from the same IP are not able to rate from that IP. You can also easily add, edit, reset or remove links in the admin panel or even display the number of clicks on any web page.
If a reciprocal link isn’t found LinkMan will automatically remove the missing link from your links page. I consider to be myself very social person and would love to meet a lot of new, different thinking people. AI CS3 Document EPS CS Document CMYK & 8211; 100 % Vector (Re sizable) 4 Variations Free Fonts used Enjoy, vote if you like it.
Add links to your Facebook fan page or alternative profile, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and other web pages. He had worked with top brands like Firstcry,Zopper, Railyatri & various others international brands. I will surely recommend Jitendra for his outstanding reporting services and digital services. Our cooperation is growing every month, hopefully we'll get more & more successful business together. But if you can craft a social media update message that is unique and interesting, your affiliates will stand a much better chance at getting the clicks they’re after.
After all, your affiliates are human—if you make their job easier, then they’re more likely to sell your product. You don’t have to be intimidated by social media if you’ve never used it for business purposes. Even the users can select the option of selecting the number of pictures per page, columns per page.
User can also choose to get reminders on particular day of week, date of month and month-date of year. This guestbook comes with IP banning, valid XHTML code, a bad words filter that replaces nasty words with * * * and a security switch that prevents flooding (submitting the same message over and over again)!
It even comes with a bad words filter which replaces all bad words with **** in new posts and a powerful SPAM filter. Also, they accept traffic from almost any forum, social page, advertising network and website.
Just Mention the Start Time and End Time and the News Priority and you will see that News starts scrolling at the start time and stops at end time.
The votes get store with time of vote but all those votes which crosses the time limit you specify are removed.
You can choose which type of download you want like: A user returns back to page again after clicking download or a new window open. The priority helps where to display the News either in Horizontal (High priority) or Vertical (Low priority).
So, links shown will be of Page 1,2,3,497,498,499,500,501,502,503,998,999,1000 and pages between 3-497 and 503-998 range with some page number difference.
With the use of database the webmaster can choose which pictures to display and which not without deleting any pictures from the directory.

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