This tutorial assumes that you have a fully functional Raspberry pi-2 or 3 with Raspbian installed and a 8 GB Micro SD card Minimum!. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi I would personally recommend buying the Raspberry pi-3 kit.
These instructions are for mounting an NTFS formatted hard drive for maximum capacity storage, and allowing ownCloud to store files onto it.
This process only applies if you are planning on connecting to the Raspberry PI ownCloud from the WAN (outside the network) using mobile devices or tablet. Now we need to add the WAN IP to your trusted IP list and not to be overwritten by ownCloud.
Here add the WAN IP (External IP address) you just got from the router to the trusted domains array.
Now port forward SSL port 443 to the Raspberry PI internal IP (LAN IP) address and save settings.
Feature There was an article a while back, in Scientific American I think, that posed the question: given a super-powerful computer, with infinite computing power shoe-horned into a coke can, what would you do with it?*The arrival of the Raspberry Pi (RPi) prompted a similar sort of question: given an (almost) disposable PC with late-1990s power, what would you do with it? Yes, yes, we all know it supposed purpose is to teach kids to code, but I mean, come on, where's the fun in that? This is a popular meme, so there are lots of workthroughs and examples out there, including some IKEA modders. You're locked in the server room; you could email for help, but there's no terminal to hand. 3 - You can do it in software, but, DISCLAIMER that's a jailbroken Kindle, which can be easily bricked.
Don't limit yourself to just RPi sources: there are lots of easily adapted self-build laptop workthroughs. Here's one that makes good use of the RPi's other special characteristics: it's really small and physically lightweight.
GPIOs make it easy to hook it up to external sensors directly, or there are weather station boards to available to build. BarracudaDrive has a pre-built image to download, and clear instructions for getting things up and running. As someone clearly on the mortally-wounded side of morbidly obese, I have found it personally upsetting that one can't as yet purchase a set of speak-your-weight bathroom scales featuring a choice of 'No coach parties, please'-style repartee. Asterisk, the well-known open source telephone tool, will quite happily compile and run on an RPi, handling up to ten calls (or conference participants) without apparent strain.
If you do manage to hook up your RPi to the POTS line, you can even run a fax-to-email service. There's a dedicated site for all things RPi-Asterisk related, with regular updates, and a helpful blog.
As written, it plays .WAV files, but you might try hooking up a microphone to turn it into a live transmitter. To begin, you must visit the site  Squeezeplug and download the latest version of the image.
Once this is done, just insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and then continue with the following steps.
Raspberry Pi has 6 small amps and 6 pairs of speakers, so it is possible a complete audio system in 6 rooms for less than 500€.

This article is a translation of the original written by Cedric Locqueneux in your blog Maison et domotique. An even easier way to turn your raspberry into a Squeezebox player is to download the piCorePlayer and burn the image to your SD-card.
It is very small only about 30 MB (inclusive linux) and is running in RAM, so just pull the power, there is no risk of corruption of your card, as no writing to the card is done. This is by far the best way to have a self hosted, secure personal cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet access. If you haven’t installed Raspbian then check out my guide on how to install Raspbian via NOOBS.
Now we need to get the gid, uid and the uuid as we will need to use them so the pi will remember it even if we plug it into a different USB port. We need to get the UUID of the attached external hard drive so the Pi can remember this drive even if you plug it into a different USB port. Then copy the light blue letters and numbers of the sda1 entry usually located on the bottom. Add the following line to the bottom of the file, updating the UUID with the values you got from the above step 5.
Accessing Raspberry pi ownCloud From outside the network: open your browser and enter the WAN IP address. Because we installed SSL for more security you might get a certificate error, simply add the certificate to your exception list to proceed.
You should be presented with a simple setup screen, Here enter a username and password to create an admin account. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
If the target audience are anything like my two iPod junkies, then just learning to writing code is only going to interest the tiniest minority.
Get hold of an off-the-shelf arcade joystick and some arcade buttons, and with the judicious use some resistors as voltage dividers to tie them to the GPIO inputs on the RPi. So hanging it on the ceiling next to a projector isn't going to cause the office Stealth & Safety crew too many sleepless nights. The RPi makes a great data-logger, and you don't even need a network connection, just a large enough SD card. Nope, thanks to apps like OwnCloud and BarracudaDrive, you too can jump on the latest bandwagon for under ?30. Getting your landline connected to your RPi may take some fiddling, and you'll need some external hardware. Turns out that with some pre-compiled C and a short piece of wire, you can trick the RPi's GPIO pin four into broadcasting FM Radio. African branch, obviously.Get Cracking!There should be something here to whet the appetite. With the size of an audio tape, it has become very popular since its launch just over a year ago.
Besides the whole system is easily integrated into home automation systems from home with the direction of the HTTP requests.
I’ve read the description saying it’s a media server from logitech on Wiki, but really, what does it do ?

In those pre-Sunday Licensing days, we could sneak in early, he would stick some free credits on for us, and three of us would have a quick Space Invaders tournament. As a first project, it's good practice, and novices will learn a heap of stuff: downloading and compiling source, Linux command line tools, configuration etc. It's clear that there's more to RPi than vegging in front of a XMBC enabled TV, and a plenty of areas to interest the non-scriptkiddie in your house. In this tutorial we will learn about Squeezeplug distribution that transforms the mini-computer in a Squeezebox for only 40#.
And all this with the flexibility of Squeezebox, which has nothing to prove (by remote control, via HTTP, etc.). Which is important, because your average Linux head isn't going to persuade ten year olds to start pootling around with Scratch. And once it's up and running, you can contribute your data to shared sites like the WeatherUnderground. It is but the work of a moment (ahem) to whip up a RPi connected set of scales, and some Python scripts to play and display the appropriate (health warning) message. You can also use the server with Raspberry Pi server with, for example, an external hard drive connected by USB. But if a ?29 PC is merely the gateway to doing other more exciting STUFF, then they may have to learn some coding to get it all to work.In their defence, the average(?) Linux head is inured in a culture of solving common problems, talking about them in forums, and posting fairly detailed workthroughs.
Thanks to the recent explosion in hobbyist electronics - Adafruit and Arduino, I'm looking at you! The sales pitch is that it avoids the possible privacy issues of Box, Dropbox, iCloud and their ilk, but it also helps to get around over-enthusiastic firewalls at work.
In case you want to do multiroom with several Raspberry Pi, just specify the IP address of the first device to act as a server.
What's more interesting is seeing the crossover between Linux heads, open source electronicistas and a wide range of niche hobbyists.
It's also forms the basis for some other types of projects (see below), where having a web page that can display data from the RPi's GPIO inputs is half the battle. Plus, turns out a cloud server on the local network is really just a self-important NAS server. Before you know it, you'll be configuring voice-gaol, caller id, and cheesy country and western hold-music. RPi is seeing action with groups from Apiarists (do you know the current state of your hive?) to Xenophiles (SETI, anyone?).
There's a variety to choose from 1.5in up, so a Nintendo-scale 'nanobook' isn't totally out of the question. Yachtsmen and Zumba DJs take note.There's a large amount of overlap between the elements within projects, so starting with a web server will get you on the road to a weather station and so on.

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